Essay on Character Building and its Importance

Meaning of Character Building

Character building refers to taking part in activities that improve certain useful or good traits like endurance, self-reliance, and courage. Irrespective of your experience or age, building character is important. It is a lifelong process that enriches experiences and leadership.

It entails constant and continuous dedication to development, growth, and maturity. You should start building your character immediately.

Character building should be done proactively through deliberate and planned activities within and outside your home and school. This way, you will instill true character at a deeper level that enables you to automatically display positive behaviors.

Major pillars of character include being fair, responsible, caring, honest, courageous, trustworthy, respectful, You can acquire all these pillars by selecting one at a time and emphasizing it in your life. Your character has a huge influence on your success; everyone has the capacity to develop and foster good character.

Importance of character building

  • Peace of mind; with character enables you to take pride in the knowledge that your actions and intentions are honorable.
  • Builds trust; people with good character lead to meaningful relationships founded on openness, mutual respect and honesty.
  • Leverages failures; it enables you to understand that misfortunes and failures are great learning experiences.
  • Sustain during difficult times; when the going is tough people with strong characters are able to keep going.
  • Good reputation; character building enables you to command a good reputation that will enable you to attract great opportunities.
  • Reduce anxiety; it allows you to carry less baggage meaning you are more comfortable and accept responsibility.
  • Give you strength when facing opposition; it enables you to stand for what you believe in regardless of prevailing conditions.
  • Personal objectives; having a positive attitude when carrying out a difficult activity helps you achieve your objective.
  • Improves leadership effectiveness; leaders with good character are extremely effective and rarely force people to provide results.
  • Build confidence; character building eliminates the need to worry about your actions being disclosed publicly.
  • Increases your popularity; people like to associate with people of good characters because they are deemed reliable and responsible.
  • Leadership positions; good character forms the basis for promotions to higher ranking positions at your workplace.
  • Positive Role model; character building gives you an opportunity to set an example, and standard for excellence, for others.
  • Encourage purpose-driven life; building character drives you to make an impact and do the right thing instead of trying to impress others.
  • Benefits the society; people with good character possess all the qualities that enable them to take up social responsibilities.
  • Prevents trouble; pillars of character building makes you remain on the safe side of the law meaning you are not a threat to peace.
  • Foundation for a prosperous business; customers prefer to buy from businesses with people who do the right thing.
  • Gives you influence; being helping you win the trust of others, strong character enables you to influence others.
  • Prolongs life; building character helps you avoid unnecessary risks that expose you to diseases that can ruin your life.
  • Hives you humility; once you build your character every time you achieve the success you are able to continue being humble.


Building character benefits you in many ways. Besides helping you attain difficult personal goals good personal character makes you trustworthy and admirable. It also makes you follow all the rules that exist thus keeping you from trouble. While it calls for a level of discipline and self-control the resulting improved life and social acceptance are worth the sacrifice.

By: Joni Kim