Essay on Importance of Newspaper


“No social media can replace newspapers in today’s scenario.” Isn’t it correct?

The newspaper is considered to be the mirror of the world. It is a printed paper which brings to you all the important facts and happenings that take place globally. A newspaper is that piece of information, exposure, cartoons, stories, and whatnot that would bring actual facts and required details about anything that is happening around the world.

However, due to the digital technologies, people are now moving for online live videos and news on various digital devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. Yet, there are many reasons why one should select newspapers instead of the digital devices.

Let’s check out some of the important points you need to know that would reveal the importance of newspaper for different aspects in this modern life.

Importance of newspapers for education

When it comes to education, newspapers play a vital role in the development of the knowledge the students gain. It gives the students different ways to learn about important concepts and current topics that are trending in the financial market and development of the country. It also helps the students in understanding the impact of what is going in the society whether it is social, political, entertainment, sports, etc. The students would be aware of the current ministers ruling the country, and other changes that take place in the country.

Importance of newspapers in the commercial market

Be it a small retailer or a huge business tycoon, they all need to be updated with regular changes in the monetary and commercial markets, the economic trends, new business laws, market prices, various policies, dates of festivals, and much more. This is possible through newspapers. This helps them in preparing the stocks, decide the price of the goods and services, know the demand and supply ratio, etc. All these assist them in achieving their revenue margin they have decided. Hence, the businessman and even the shopkeeper need to read newspapers for increasing their opportunities to earn more.

Importance of newspapers for politicians

For the politicians, the newspaper is the best source to remain updated with any kind of latest details in every field. It is the newspaper which helps them in understanding the condition and the demands of the people with ease. They get the information of every crisis in the country or any particular location, the action, and reaction of other politicians on various matters, etc. It is through the newspapers they get multiple topics to debate on. They also use the information in the newspaper to make headlines for the opposite parties or even for branding their political party in a democracy. Hence, they also go through each and every line in the newspaper.

Importance of newspaper for career-oriented people

Be it a fresher or someone who is seeking some better opportunities, newspapers come with amazing career building options for them. Every sector, whether private, public, government, or even the recruitment agencies give advertisements for the recruitment options in the newspaper. The job seekers keep themselves updated with the government and private job opportunities through the newspapers. The newspapers also provide a special column or page for such job-related classifications.

Importance of newspapers for teachers

Just as the newspapers are essential for the students for obtaining knowledge, it is similarly important for the teachers too. The teachers use the information in the newspapers to explain their students’ various concepts in detail with proper examples. Also, some college teachers use the information of the newspapers to generate topics for debate for the students. In this way, they not only guide the students but also help them understand the matter and help to gain detailed information for the same on various grounds like personal, social and economic. Through the newspapers, the teachers can also prepare the students of economics properly to help them learn the topic in detail.


Hence, whether the reader is a small learning student, a housewife, or any professional level individual, newspapers help each and every individual in different ways. Whether it is a Hindi newspaper, or English newspaper, one must go reading it every day to learn something new out of it and understand the importance of newspaper in the modern time as well. Why do you read newspapers? Do share with us.

By Venu

Importance of Experience in Life – Essay


“The definition of life lies only in the experience you get.”

When it comes to what is essential in life, knowledge, and experience both give a tough debate against each other.

No doubt, knowledge holds a vital role in the life of anyone, but without putting that knowledge into action, and getting an experience out of it, it is of no use. It is also highly observed that people with knowledge but without experience are less capable of achieving goals compared to those having experience.

Still, do you need valid reasons why one should concentrate on experience and not on knowledge? Here are some of them:

Have checked on reality

When one has an experience of anything, it means the person has gone through the required understanding the work requires. Has faced every reality that is necessary to begin and complete the task. The more experience you have, the more you are near to the reality and opportunities of gaining good skills from it. This means you have already been through the reality side of the task when you say you have the experience.

Learn what you are and where you are

No doubt, knowledge gives you all the bookish details and concepts, but experience helps in determining where you stand. It also helps in knowing weakness and strengths you are having. Hence, when given the same work repeatedly, you will come to the concepts you can apply and how you can deal with your strengths and weak points that help in performing in a better way. This also helps in improving your status and weak points.

Grab more opportunities

Be it a small post or big one, the employers always want their employees to be experienced in the work they are going to perform at the office desk. Hence, for getting the desired job done, it is essential to have some experience of the same. By the word experience, the employers want them to understand their work, how it works globally, and develop all the skills which are not possible to learn from bookish knowledge. Hence, not only the knowledge but the employers are also looking for an experience that would also help them grab more and more opportunities.

Don’t only look for paid experience, unpaid is equally important

Many people don’t accept small posts just because they compare the value of money with the experience they would get. The reality is that there should be no such comparison. Not only good paid experience is important, but the unpaid is equally important as it would help you with one or the other valuable lesson that would be helpful in future. Sometimes people ignore or leave the job finding it boring. But you never know the experience from there would be useful in which form and where. So, grab whatever opportunity you get for improving the experience levels.

Helps you differentiate

When you have handled different projects in the past, it makes you capable of distinguishing in different situations properly. When you have related experience, you would be able to take proper decisions and stand out of the remaining ones. This would help you in crafting a different story about yourself and come out with something new and innovative. When you are capable of differentiating among various concepts, you would be able to understand the situation well and work on it giving desired results with ease.

Helps to build a strong network  

Gaining knowledge would surely increase your area of understanding, but the experience would help you build a strong network with different people. You would get into contact with more people, and this would help you build up a strong network that would help you in getting advanced experience in one or the other way. This would also protect you from making silly mistakes with your career.


So, this is some common points that are widely debated while talking about importance of experience in life. So, what do you think? What is essential in your life, knowledge or experience? Don’t forget to mention your comments.

 By Venu

Speech on Importance of Time Management in Students’ Life

Speech on Importance of Time Management in Students’ Life

Good morning to all of you. My topic for speech today is quite interesting and informative at the same time. It is importance of time management in students’ life.

Student life is perhaps the best part in one’s lifetime. Apart from studying well and getting proper grades in examinations, there are not many responsibilities that a student has to bear. There are no burdens and regular responsibilities of adult life. However, there is one important thing that students have to manage well and that is time. This time management for students is important for their own selves and their personal development. Students get matured with passage of time and their time management abilities also improve with the same.

Leaning effective time management helps students in many ways. There is development of sense of responsibility. All of us have 24 hours in a day, but some of us use the time more effectively and usefully than others. This is possible due to time management skills. Do not procrastinate jobs. Because once you have that habit as a child, you will retain the same as an adult.

With effective time management, it is possible to find time for all your favorite activities. This will keep you happy and motivated. Otherwise you might waste all your time in studies and your favorite activities will take a complete backseat. Some students even do a part time job while studying and this is all possible because of effective time management.

Learning is also more effective with time management. Since your time is allotted for each work and activity, you can concentrate on each work well. So when you sit for studies, you can learn better and quicker as your whole concentration is there on the studies only. This lesson is also very important for the upcoming life, for your career and professional life.

It has been said that students who have good time management skills become quite successful in their lives.

By Maanasi

Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Hello everyone. A warm and good morning to all of you. Today I am here to speak on grandparents’ day. Thank you for giving me the privilege for speaking on such a beautiful topic.

Today is grandparents’ day and we have our grandparents with us here to celebrate this special day. We often hear our parents complain to their parents that they love their grandchildren more than their own children! Well, it is of course true! Grandchildren share a special bond with their grandparents. No wealth in the world can compare the joy and happiness that is seen in this special relationship. Both parents and grandparents see their childhood through their children and grandchildren respectively!

Grandparents are usually the best buddies of their grandchildren. While some children are lucky in having both grandfather and grandmother living with them; some might have only one surviving grandparent. Whatever be the case, grandparents are probably the best teachers, personal game centers, and partners in crime, library, best support, great cooks and what not. They are just like magic, who have solutions to all kinds of problems. They have spent considerable amount of time on the world and gained different kinds of experiences. Therefore they have immense power of judgment and can guide accordingly.

There are paternal as well as maternal grandparents and children who are blessed from both sides are truly lucky. However, in many places grandparents don’t live together with their children and grandchildren. But that does not reduce the love and care that they have for them. Getting unconditional love and immense pampering from grandparents is something that all grandchildren love. They know that grandparents are the safe refuge in case they have committed a mistake. Grandparents will make the grandchildren understand their mistake and teach them not to make the same mistake again.

On grandparents’ day, I would like to wish all the grandparents present here. Wishing them a long and healthy life. Keep blessing and loving us as always!

By Maanasi

Speech on Festivals of India

Speech on Festivals of India

Hello everyone. Wishing all of you a very bright good morning. Today I will be rendering a speech on a very interesting topic, which all of you are surely going to like. The topic is ‘festivals of India’.

As we all know, India is a country, which is known for its diversity in all aspects. And this is applicable for the different kinds of festivals which are celebrated in the country. Each state in the country celebrates its own set of festivals and there are festivals, which are celebrated all over the country. There are cultural significances of the festivals. These festivals are celebrated since historical times. There might be changes in the ways the festivals are celebrated, in the pomp and the grandeur, but the actual meaning of the festival remains the same.

The festivals of India are also divided based on religions. People from different religions stay in the country peacefully and each is free to practice his own religion. India is a nation where Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as Christmas, Easter, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Muharram, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Purnima, Guru Nanak Jayanti and so on. This is one of the best instances of ‘unity in diversity’ in all aspects truly. The most interesting part is that people from different religions are also seen to enjoy festivals of other religions in the country. This is the reason our nation is called ‘secular’.

There are festivals in India, which are specific to the seasons in the country. Different states celebrate different festivals in this category. It is obvious that the regional flavor is quite strong in these festivals and that is what makes them so unique and special.

Festivals of India have strong religious as well as social significance. A sense of unity and togetherness prevails during festive times and people are seen enjoying with family and friends at these times. Differences and enmities are overcome and people come together for universal brotherhood and the sake of friendship.

By Maanasi

Speech on Dr Radhakrishnan

Speech on Dr Radhakrishnan

Good morning everyone. I am here today to render a speech on the famous Dr Radhakrishnan. I am sure all of us here have heard the name as we celebrate Teacher’s Day on the birth anniversary of this great teacher and author all over India.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5th September 1888 in Tirutani in the household of a poor Brahmin family. His father was Sarvepalli Veeraswami and his mother was Sitamma. Dr Radhakrishnan completed his education mostly on scholarships. His early education started at Gowdie School and for higher education, he went to Lutheran Mission School in Tirupati. He then joined Voorhee’s College in Vellore and later changed to Madras Christian College. Philosophy was his major subject and he did his Bachelor’s and Master’s in the subject.

On completion of his Master’s degree, Dr Radhakrishnan accepted a job of Assistant Lectureship at Madras Presidency College in the year 1909. He mastered classics of Indian Philosophy with the study of Bhagvad Gita, Upanishads, Brahmasutra and studies of Madhava, Shankara and Ramanuja. Not only this, he worked towards acquainting himself with Jain and Buddhist philosophies. He also made sure that he read philosophical commentaries of Kant, Plotinus, Bradley, Plato, Bergson etc., along with reading and understanding Existentialism and Marxism.

He worked as a Professor of Philosophy in various prestigious colleges in India. He also published a book ‘Indian Philosophy’ and it was considered as a philosophical classic and literary masterpiece. He was also summoned to Oxford University for delivering speech on Hindu philosophy. Indian philosophy found a permanent place on the world map with endeavors from this great scholar. He became the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University and Benaras Hindu University in 1931 and 1939 respectively.

In 1952 he was elected first Vice-President of India and served two terms in the post. He became President in 1962. Dr Radhakrishnan was awarded with the highest Indian civilian award The Bharat Ratna in 1954. This great scholar and eminent Indian philosopher, author and teacher left for his heavenly abode on 17th April 1975. Let me conclude my speech by saying, let us follow the teachings of this great teacher and make our world a better place to be.

By Maanasi

Smartphones: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones


Do you own a smartphone? Has your smartphone become your best friend or your lifeline to the entire world? A phone that performs many different functions like a computer, many people love their smartphones because of the features and the many different downloadable apps they have access to. Since the introduction of the first telephone many years ago, the new phone of today’s world has become the lifeline to the world as we know it. Smartphones are used by people of all ages in our day to day lives. So, whether you use your phone for school or work, the creators of the smartphone and the apps that come with it have found a way to make it available and usable by everyone. The future of the phone and what significance it will have in our lives is still being explored, with many people being anxious to see what creators will do next.

Advantages of a Smartphone

Having a smartphone may be overwhelming to some, but the advantages of having one is plentiful. From talking and texting to getting newsfeed notifications, many people of this day and age are reaping the benefits of having a phone that provide them top of the line features for what they want and need in a phone. However, along with having newsfeed notifications, there are other advantages to having a smartphone as well. Some of these advantages include:

  • Use of a Camera – While phones in the golden years used to be used for only talking to others, today, smartphones comes with a camera and video features. Many iPhones even come with camera apps where designs and colors can be added into these memorable moments.
  • Fast Communication – Smartphones provide fast communication between you and the rest of the world. The phone has come a long way from the time of having a cord to connect to the phone and the wall in order to keep contact, but with smartphones being the new introduction to the world for communication, the way to communicate is continuing to strive to be faster.
  • Web Surfing – The introduction of smartphones has also brought the ability to use the internet to consumers. Whether you are looking for the next mom and pop’s restaurant or reading reviews on a book or movie, web surfing on a smartphone is a thriving popular hobby that many people enjoy. Many people have also enjoyed using Instagram, Facebook along with other social media sites on their phones to connect with the world.
  • GPS Tracking – Along with keeping in touch with others and surfing the net, smartphone users have the opportunity to find their way around town or new cities with the GPS Tracker feature. With the GPS Tracker feature on your phone, you are guaranteed to never get lost again. This is a feature that has grown to be a smartphone favorite over the years.
  • Privacy Options – Using a smartphone not only gives you the opportunity to look on the internet and use the other features, such as the camera, you are also able to set a password for your phone as well as set privacy features for the websites you join if you don’t want others to see it. For some, this may be a tedious task, but for children, it keeps them safe and keep internet hackers and attackers from getting to them.

Disadvantages of a Smartphone

While having the world at your fingertips with an smartphone has its many perks, there are also disadvantages that put many at pause when it comes to having a smartphone. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Expensive – These new and unique trending phones may have the world running to get this new way to communicate, but it does not come cheap. Depending on the kind of smartphone you get, depends on how much money you are going to spend.
  • Health Issues – Smartphones are known to cause health issues in people who use them. Sleep deprivation and stress are some of the other problems that many have encountered.
  • Distracting – If you are having to finish an important project for work and school, it may be hard to focus on because of the distraction of the smartphone. Unavoidable distractions is another problem that this unique phone causes.
  • Security – When using a lot of apps or websites while on the go, you are at risk of identity theft and hackers getting into your accounts to get all of your information. Although it is usually urged for users to log out of websites and apps when they are finished using them, if they are not logged out of, there is a high risk that secured information will be open for anyone to see.
  • Smartphone Etiquette – Many people find it hard to be in certain social surroundings or events without their smartphone or using their smartphone.


Since the introduction of smartphones to the world, people have seen the world in a completely different way. From making calls to others around the world to finding out about the most unique facts, smartphones have become the most intriguing and useful device of all time. The future for what lies ahead for smartphones will only bring more anxiety and advanced ways to know what is going on in the world. Waiting to see how far communication will go with smartphones will only continue to bring a new love of communication.

By Leatra

Essay on English Language and Its Importance in Our Life

Meaning of English Language

Language is defined as a system of communication that consists of sound and symbols used people of a certain region or country to talk or write. English Language, therefore, is language that is widely used in England. It is believed to have started in the 5th century, when there German tribes (Saxons, Angles, and Jutes) invaded Britain. The tribes crossed from northern Germany and before their arrival, the inhabitants of Britain were speaking a Celtic language. In fact, the name English, originated from Angles, which means the speech of Angels.

The language has, however, spread across the globe and is now one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. It is the primary language in countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (and all its colonies), New Zealand and the United States. It is also the second language in several multilingual countries that include India, Philippines, and Singapore.

Importance of English Language in Our Life

  1. There are about 400 million native English speakers while those who can speak the language are about 1.6 Billion making it the best for travel.
  2. Since the headquarters of most huge businesses are in the UK or USA, English is the default language for business.
  3. Actors in Hollywood, a powerhouse of world-class entertainment, use the language confirming English is the main moviemaking language.
  4. The language uses words from other cultures like Romans, Vikings, and French and as such make it easy to understand other languages.
  5. With over 750, 000 words, the language give you flexibility; there different ways to describe the same thing.
  6. Many reference materials are written in English and as such learning, the language gives you limitless sources of information
  7. English is a common foreign language; people who come from different countries normally use it to communicate.
  8. Syllabi are in English because it is the dominant language in science. Most of the studies and findings are in English.
  9. At University level students are required to study in English so their contribution can be accessible to international students.
  10. Web pages written in other languages only give you the option to translate to this widely spoken language.
  11. English is a language of the press. More newspapers and bulletins are written in English than any other language.
  12. Mastering the language enables you to assist your children who are required to complete their homework in English.
  13. English is a language of aviation. If you are considering a career in the field learning the language will make your work easier.
  14. Since many customers use the language, it increases your career employment opportunities and career prospects tremendously.
  15. The language is most often used for a broad range of software programs and making it essential for the technologically minded.
  16. Learning the language enables you to pursue a career in some of the most prestigious universities in the world.
  17. If you are planning to start and run a business learning the language allows you to reach international customers.
  18. Learning the language enables you to take full advantage of globalization and student exchange programs.
  19. The language allows you to understand popular songs (American and British) that play on international radio and TV.
  20. By enabling you to communicate with students in other countries the language gives you an insight into different cultures.


Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you can opt to move to or even further your education in any of the prestigious English speaking universities. The language also enriches your travels and allows you to utilize to the maximum the internet resources. So, get a college or school that teaches the language and start your classes. Your career prospects will increase tremendously.

By: Joni Kim

How to Save Earth – Essay

How to Save Earth – Essay

Saving the earth means protecting the earth and its atmosphere. Over the years, people around the world has seen changes on Earth that has left many in shock, grief, and worry. From global warming to water droughts, some feel that Earth is beyond help or saving, while others are scrambling for a plan to save it.

Protecting the Earth and its atmosphere, people must do their part to help save the planet. Whether recycling or using energy efficient light bulbs, making sure that we all protect the atmosphere is a must for all living things in the world to survive. Showing generations under us is something that should be considered when taking on the responsibility of protecting the planet.

Without knowing the basic steps of how to help with protecting the earth, many living things in it may die or come close to the brink of extinction. Good practices of world saving techniques is what is needed in every generation around the world.

Ways to Save the World

As the years go by, the world becomes more concerned about how to protect the atmosphere. There have been many ways discovered as to how the world can be better protected. Some of these ways include:

  • Turning Your Computer Off At Night – With your computer being turned off at night, less power is being used. You are also saving money from not using as much power. This helps with having that money to use in other places as well as saving power in your home.
  • Recycle Glass – Unrecycled glass can be dangerous to the environment, with it taking up to a million years to decompose. Recycling glass will keep water pollution down by 50 percent if it is recycled after being used.
  • Wash Laundry Sensibly – When doing laundry, you should always try to wash whole loads of laundry and wash on the warm cycle instead of on the hot cycle. Making the change from hot to warm, can help with saving around 100,000 barrels of oil a
  • Keep Your Vehicle Maintained – If you keep the filters clean and tires properly inflated, then your vehicle will be more fuel efficient. Keeping the trunk of your car clean also helps with saving fuel, because the more weight that is in your car, the more fuel it uses.
  • Recycle Your Cell Phone – With many people replacing their cell phones every year, some of these cell phones usually end up in landfills. This is dangerous to the environment because the toxins from a leaked cell phone battery pollutes the soil. Finding a recycling program for used cell phones in your area will be good and it will cut down on the pollution or the contamination of the ground.
  • Don’t Use Plastic Bags – Plastic bags are not recyclable or biodegradable and are a danger to all living sources, especially the plants and animals that live in or around water. Plastic is left in the landfill and oftentimes ends up in the oceans and in our food sources. Using bags that are reusable or buying cloth grocery bags from the store will cut down on plastic being a danger to the planet.
  • Use A Laptop, Not A Desktop – Using a laptop is more energy efficient than using a desktop. Laptops are also good because of their extended battery life.
  • Recycle Old Appliances – It is important to recycle appliances because they have plastic, glass, and other nonbiodegrable materials in them. So it is very important to recycle them if they are not being used. This help protects all living things as well as the Earth.

More Ways to Save Earth

  • By Second Hand Things – Buying second hand clothes and other items, cuts down on the demand of manufactures having to make clothes. This also reduces the amount of clothes being found in the landfill.
  • Get Your Bills Online Instead of by Paper – By receiving your bills online, you are reducing trees being cut down, certain chemicals being used to print the bills, and also fuels being burned to deliver them. This helps with protecting the Earth even more as well.
  • Use Recycled Paper – The use of recycled paper is not only cheaper than regular paper, it also cuts down on deforestation. Recycled paper brings down the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Change Your Light Bulbs – Using compact fluorescent light bulbs lasts a lot longer and uses even less energy than a regular light bulb.
  • Use a Bike Instead of a Car – There is less fuel being burnt in the atmosphere when you use your bike instead of drive a car.
  • Compost – This is effective for fertilizer for gardening and it cuts down on wastes in landfills.
  • Use a Programmable Thermostat – Using a programmable thermostat saves energy if you reduce the heat or air conditioning on it.


Saving the planet is hard work, but making the effort to make sure that you are recycling, using organic products, or saving energy, puts you on a path to help protect the earth. Keeping yourself educated on how you can do more with recycling is a good start. Taking time to educate others is even better, because the younger generations will know and learn how to appreciate the earth and all living things in it.

By Leatra