Essay on English Language and Its Importance in Our Life

Meaning of English Language

Language is defined as a system of communication that consists of sound and symbols used people of a certain region or country to talk or write. English Language, therefore, is language that is widely used in England. It is believed to have started in the 5th century, when there German tribes (Saxons, Angles, and Jutes) invaded Britain. The tribes crossed from northern Germany and before their arrival, the inhabitants of Britain were speaking a Celtic language. In fact, the name English, originated from Angles, which means the speech of Angels.

The language has, however, spread across the globe and is now one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. It is the primary language in countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (and all its colonies), New Zealand and the United States. It is also the second language in several multilingual countries that include India, Philippines, and Singapore.

Importance of English Language in Our Life

  1. There are about 400 million native English speakers while those who can speak the language are about 1.6 Billion making it the best for travel.
  2. Since the headquarters of most huge businesses are in the UK or USA, English is the default language for business.
  3. Actors in Hollywood, a powerhouse of world-class entertainment, use the language confirming English is the main moviemaking language.
  4. The language uses words from other cultures like Romans, Vikings, and French and as such make it easy to understand other languages.
  5. With over 750, 000 words, the language give you flexibility; there different ways to describe the same thing.
  6. Many reference materials are written in English and as such learning, the language gives you limitless sources of information
  7. English is a common foreign language; people who come from different countries normally use it to communicate.
  8. Syllabi are in English because it is the dominant language in science. Most of the studies and findings are in English.
  9. At University level students are required to study in English so their contribution can be accessible to international students.
  10. Web pages written in other languages only give you the option to translate to this widely spoken language.
  11. English is a language of the press. More newspapers and bulletins are written in English than any other language.
  12. Mastering the language enables you to assist your children who are required to complete their homework in English.
  13. English is a language of aviation. If you are considering a career in the field learning the language will make your work easier.
  14. Since many customers use the language, it increases your career employment opportunities and career prospects tremendously.
  15. The language is most often used for a broad range of software programs and making it essential for the technologically minded.
  16. Learning the language enables you to pursue a career in some of the most prestigious universities in the world.
  17. If you are planning to start and run a business learning the language allows you to reach international customers.
  18. Learning the language enables you to take full advantage of globalization and student exchange programs.
  19. The language allows you to understand popular songs (American and British) that play on international radio and TV.
  20. By enabling you to communicate with students in other countries the language gives you an insight into different cultures.


Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you can opt to move to or even further your education in any of the prestigious English speaking universities. The language also enriches your travels and allows you to utilize to the maximum the internet resources. So, get a college or school that teaches the language and start your classes. Your career prospects will increase tremendously.

By: Joni Kim