Smartphones: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones


Do you own a smartphone? Has your smartphone become your best friend or your lifeline to the entire world? A phone that performs many different functions like a computer, many people love their smartphones because of the features and the many different downloadable apps they have access to. Since the introduction of the first telephone many years ago, the new phone of today’s world has become the lifeline to the world as we know it. Smartphones are used by people of all ages in our day to day lives. So, whether you use your phone for school or work, the creators of the smartphone and the apps that come with it have found a way to make it available and usable by everyone. The future of the phone and what significance it will have in our lives is still being explored, with many people being anxious to see what creators will do next.

Advantages of a Smartphone

Having a smartphone may be overwhelming to some, but the advantages of having one is plentiful. From talking and texting to getting newsfeed notifications, many people of this day and age are reaping the benefits of having a phone that provide them top of the line features for what they want and need in a phone. However, along with having newsfeed notifications, there are other advantages to having a smartphone as well. Some of these advantages include:

  • Use of a Camera – While phones in the golden years used to be used for only talking to others, today, smartphones comes with a camera and video features. Many iPhones even come with camera apps where designs and colors can be added into these memorable moments.
  • Fast Communication – Smartphones provide fast communication between you and the rest of the world. The phone has come a long way from the time of having a cord to connect to the phone and the wall in order to keep contact, but with smartphones being the new introduction to the world for communication, the way to communicate is continuing to strive to be faster.
  • Web Surfing – The introduction of smartphones has also brought the ability to use the internet to consumers. Whether you are looking for the next mom and pop’s restaurant or reading reviews on a book or movie, web surfing on a smartphone is a thriving popular hobby that many people enjoy. Many people have also enjoyed using Instagram, Facebook along with other social media sites on their phones to connect with the world.
  • GPS Tracking – Along with keeping in touch with others and surfing the net, smartphone users have the opportunity to find their way around town or new cities with the GPS Tracker feature. With the GPS Tracker feature on your phone, you are guaranteed to never get lost again. This is a feature that has grown to be a smartphone favorite over the years.
  • Privacy Options – Using a smartphone not only gives you the opportunity to look on the internet and use the other features, such as the camera, you are also able to set a password for your phone as well as set privacy features for the websites you join if you don’t want others to see it. For some, this may be a tedious task, but for children, it keeps them safe and keep internet hackers and attackers from getting to them.

Disadvantages of a Smartphone

While having the world at your fingertips with an smartphone has its many perks, there are also disadvantages that put many at pause when it comes to having a smartphone. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Expensive – These new and unique trending phones may have the world running to get this new way to communicate, but it does not come cheap. Depending on the kind of smartphone you get, depends on how much money you are going to spend.
  • Health Issues – Smartphones are known to cause health issues in people who use them. Sleep deprivation and stress are some of the other problems that many have encountered.
  • Distracting – If you are having to finish an important project for work and school, it may be hard to focus on because of the distraction of the smartphone. Unavoidable distractions is another problem that this unique phone causes.
  • Security – When using a lot of apps or websites while on the go, you are at risk of identity theft and hackers getting into your accounts to get all of your information. Although it is usually urged for users to log out of websites and apps when they are finished using them, if they are not logged out of, there is a high risk that secured information will be open for anyone to see.
  • Smartphone Etiquette – Many people find it hard to be in certain social surroundings or events without their smartphone or using their smartphone.


Since the introduction of smartphones to the world, people have seen the world in a completely different way. From making calls to others around the world to finding out about the most unique facts, smartphones have become the most intriguing and useful device of all time. The future for what lies ahead for smartphones will only bring more anxiety and advanced ways to know what is going on in the world. Waiting to see how far communication will go with smartphones will only continue to bring a new love of communication.

By Leatra