Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Hello everyone. A warm and good morning to all of you. Today I am here to speak on grandparents’ day. Thank you for giving me the privilege for speaking on such a beautiful topic.

Today is grandparents’ day and we have our grandparents with us here to celebrate this special day. We often hear our parents complain to their parents that they love their grandchildren more than their own children! Well, it is of course true! Grandchildren share a special bond with their grandparents. No wealth in the world can compare the joy and happiness that is seen in this special relationship. Both parents and grandparents see their childhood through their children and grandchildren respectively!

Grandparents are usually the best buddies of their grandchildren. While some children are lucky in having both grandfather and grandmother living with them; some might have only one surviving grandparent. Whatever be the case, grandparents are probably the best teachers, personal game centers, and partners in crime, library, best support, great cooks and what not. They are just like magic, who have solutions to all kinds of problems. They have spent considerable amount of time on the world and gained different kinds of experiences. Therefore they have immense power of judgment and can guide accordingly.

There are paternal as well as maternal grandparents and children who are blessed from both sides are truly lucky. However, in many places grandparents don’t live together with their children and grandchildren. But that does not reduce the love and care that they have for them. Getting unconditional love and immense pampering from grandparents is something that all grandchildren love. They know that grandparents are the safe refuge in case they have committed a mistake. Grandparents will make the grandchildren understand their mistake and teach them not to make the same mistake again.

On grandparents’ day, I would like to wish all the grandparents present here. Wishing them a long and healthy life. Keep blessing and loving us as always!

By Maanasi