Essay on Importance of Newspaper


“No social media can replace newspapers in today’s scenario.” Isn’t it correct?

The newspaper is considered to be the mirror of the world. It is a printed paper which brings to you all the important facts and happenings that take place globally. A newspaper is that piece of information, exposure, cartoons, stories, and whatnot that would bring actual facts and required details about anything that is happening around the world.

However, due to the digital technologies, people are now moving for online live videos and news on various digital devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. Yet, there are many reasons why one should select newspapers instead of the digital devices.

Let’s check out some of the important points you need to know that would reveal the importance of newspaper for different aspects in this modern life.

Importance of newspapers for education

When it comes to education, newspapers play a vital role in the development of the knowledge the students gain. It gives the students different ways to learn about important concepts and current topics that are trending in the financial market and development of the country. It also helps the students in understanding the impact of what is going in the society whether it is social, political, entertainment, sports, etc. The students would be aware of the current ministers ruling the country, and other changes that take place in the country.

Importance of newspapers in the commercial market

Be it a small retailer or a huge business tycoon, they all need to be updated with regular changes in the monetary and commercial markets, the economic trends, new business laws, market prices, various policies, dates of festivals, and much more. This is possible through newspapers. This helps them in preparing the stocks, decide the price of the goods and services, know the demand and supply ratio, etc. All these assist them in achieving their revenue margin they have decided. Hence, the businessman and even the shopkeeper need to read newspapers for increasing their opportunities to earn more.

Importance of newspapers for politicians

For the politicians, the newspaper is the best source to remain updated with any kind of latest details in every field. It is the newspaper which helps them in understanding the condition and the demands of the people with ease. They get the information of every crisis in the country or any particular location, the action, and reaction of other politicians on various matters, etc. It is through the newspapers they get multiple topics to debate on. They also use the information in the newspaper to make headlines for the opposite parties or even for branding their political party in a democracy. Hence, they also go through each and every line in the newspaper.

Importance of newspaper for career-oriented people

Be it a fresher or someone who is seeking some better opportunities, newspapers come with amazing career building options for them. Every sector, whether private, public, government, or even the recruitment agencies give advertisements for the recruitment options in the newspaper. The job seekers keep themselves updated with the government and private job opportunities through the newspapers. The newspapers also provide a special column or page for such job-related classifications.

Importance of newspapers for teachers

Just as the newspapers are essential for the students for obtaining knowledge, it is similarly important for the teachers too. The teachers use the information in the newspapers to explain their students’ various concepts in detail with proper examples. Also, some college teachers use the information of the newspapers to generate topics for debate for the students. In this way, they not only guide the students but also help them understand the matter and help to gain detailed information for the same on various grounds like personal, social and economic. Through the newspapers, the teachers can also prepare the students of economics properly to help them learn the topic in detail.


Hence, whether the reader is a small learning student, a housewife, or any professional level individual, newspapers help each and every individual in different ways. Whether it is a Hindi newspaper, or English newspaper, one must go reading it every day to learn something new out of it and understand the importance of newspaper in the modern time as well. Why do you read newspapers? Do share with us.

By Venu