Importance of Experience in Life – Essay


“The definition of life lies only in the experience you get.”

When it comes to what is essential in life, knowledge, and experience both give a tough debate against each other.

No doubt, knowledge holds a vital role in the life of anyone, but without putting that knowledge into action, and getting an experience out of it, it is of no use. It is also highly observed that people with knowledge but without experience are less capable of achieving goals compared to those having experience.

Still, do you need valid reasons why one should concentrate on experience and not on knowledge? Here are some of them:

Have checked on reality

When one has an experience of anything, it means the person has gone through the required understanding the work requires. Has faced every reality that is necessary to begin and complete the task. The more experience you have, the more you are near to the reality and opportunities of gaining good skills from it. This means you have already been through the reality side of the task when you say you have the experience.

Learn what you are and where you are

No doubt, knowledge gives you all the bookish details and concepts, but experience helps in determining where you stand. It also helps in knowing weakness and strengths you are having. Hence, when given the same work repeatedly, you will come to the concepts you can apply and how you can deal with your strengths and weak points that help in performing in a better way. This also helps in improving your status and weak points.

Grab more opportunities

Be it a small post or big one, the employers always want their employees to be experienced in the work they are going to perform at the office desk. Hence, for getting the desired job done, it is essential to have some experience of the same. By the word experience, the employers want them to understand their work, how it works globally, and develop all the skills which are not possible to learn from bookish knowledge. Hence, not only the knowledge but the employers are also looking for an experience that would also help them grab more and more opportunities.

Don’t only look for paid experience, unpaid is equally important

Many people don’t accept small posts just because they compare the value of money with the experience they would get. The reality is that there should be no such comparison. Not only good paid experience is important, but the unpaid is equally important as it would help you with one or the other valuable lesson that would be helpful in future. Sometimes people ignore or leave the job finding it boring. But you never know the experience from there would be useful in which form and where. So, grab whatever opportunity you get for improving the experience levels.

Helps you differentiate

When you have handled different projects in the past, it makes you capable of distinguishing in different situations properly. When you have related experience, you would be able to take proper decisions and stand out of the remaining ones. This would help you in crafting a different story about yourself and come out with something new and innovative. When you are capable of differentiating among various concepts, you would be able to understand the situation well and work on it giving desired results with ease.

Helps to build a strong network  

Gaining knowledge would surely increase your area of understanding, but the experience would help you build a strong network with different people. You would get into contact with more people, and this would help you build up a strong network that would help you in getting advanced experience in one or the other way. This would also protect you from making silly mistakes with your career.


So, this is some common points that are widely debated while talking about importance of experience in life. So, what do you think? What is essential in your life, knowledge or experience? Don’t forget to mention your comments.

 By Venu