Essay on Media and Its Importance

Media – Essay

Media originated from word Medium. In layman terms, media is a medium for communication and conveying to large masses. Newspapers, internet, radio, television are major forms of media. Media is not limited to internet only. Other forms are equally popular, though the internet is getting much attention nowadays. If we combine all forms, Media is that much pervasive, masses use it in a way or another.

It is said that human is driven by instincts, majors are hunger and thrust. In addition, we innate hunger of knowledge that is, Knowledge of our surrounding, Information we don’t know, places we haven’t visited and entertainment by different means. It acts as a driving force to fetch us to media and make it part and parcel of our daily lives. Media is connecting us with the whole world by letting us reach more corners than we could ever imagine.

Importance of Media

If we communicate with each other, it means to speak and to listen. A sound communication means to let happen both things. In the case of media, it is one way almost every time. Still, it gets more heard, and it has touched more souls than actual communication. Before the advent of media, the distance was a barrier, the culture was a barrier and language too. Media let us embrace every community, every society without any friction. We sympathize people in distress, empathize who are in trouble and cheer with victorious ones. We are making humanity greater than obstructions. Media let us fulfill the dream of “The World is One Family.”

By letting us get involved with a form of media, i.e. internet or newspaper or television or radio, we enter inside a new world. A world with a plethora of data, information, and knowledge. More we dwell more we get. Media educates us, about our planet, our nature, flora, fauna, climate, and history, contemporary. It’s like an opening a reservoir of knowledge to get educated.

Media is also a way to express talent we carry within. Finding our talent, defining ourselves, reaching to masses and getting appreciated. Million people have redefined themselves with the aid of media. It acts as a platform to those people who are discovering the meaning of their life. It let us build our opinion on pressing matters. If Democracy is a living body, media is a soul to it. It acts as the voice of oppressed, rays for justice an eye-opener to us on social and personal matters. Media has always fought against corruption, and it uncovered too many scams. It has always acted in favor of individuals to save their rights and to stop injustice.

One of the many advantages of media is the business promotion. One can use the media to get this advantage. Advertising in media enhances business to gain customers and increase its sale. Media just acts like a bridge between business and its customers. In addition to this, the media also helps in raising social issues to bring a revolution in this stereotype society. With this, we can feel the importance of the media.

Social media is also gaining popularity these days. It has reached every corner of this globe. This also acts in the same way as other media works.


The importance of media is apparent, serving many of great causes that include emancipation of knowledge, fighting with corruption and injustice, working or providing a bridge for fraternity, giving a platform to talented people, a medium to make our opinions or views. But in many cases, media does not do justice with its role. We set very high standards for media. We have firm faith in media and almost every time we follow it steadfastly. But, many times they present twisted stories that do not hold any water.

It’s high time for us and for media too, to do introspection. Media has to meet its high standards rather than promulgate unworthy content. It’s our responsibility too, to contemplate before making a prejudiced opinion which leads us to negativity.

By Venu

Essay on Homework and Its Importance


Just remember your childhood days. Did you like when your teacher gave homework?

Homework is given to the students to check out their performance at home. Those who love doing homework and studying at home would surely love to go for homework. However, if they hate studies at home, it is going to be hectic for them to complete the given task. Parents think homework is given to the kids to keep them busy throughout the day at home.

So, what do you think? Does homework help the kids in any way? Or is it merely a task to keep them busy at home?

Importance of Homework

Here, int this essay, are some points that would reveal the importance of homework in the life of the students:

For better retainment

Analysts say that whatever youngsters learn in the classrooms, they tend to overlook if they don’t overhaul. Likewise, updating inside 24 long stretches of learning is a conventional method to retain. Henceforth, homework identifying with whatever youngsters learn in class will assist them with revising. Absolutely, there are subjects that need modification. In this way, homework must be given.

Opportunity to learn beyond the syllabus

No doubt, homework is given from the syllabus only, but sometimes, the projects and other assignments are assigned to the students help them in gaining some extra knowledge that is beyond their curriculum. Homework ought to incorporate surfing past simply the syllabus. This is an incredible method to learn common issues like current issues. As a matter of fact, the syllabus is a limited supply of learning. Be that as it may, kids being sufficiently productive to suit enough learning, ought to get such an introduction. This generally fulfills the reality regarding why homework is useful for kids. Furthermore, in the event that regardless it doesn’t read the following point to be certain about the reality.

Parents and their kids should spend quality time together

By and large, what happens is guardians sit with their kids to assist them with their homework. This is an extraordinary method to know the youngsters. Guardians ought to invest quality energy with their youngsters. This gives the guardians a chance to screen what their child realizes at school. There are no preferable instructors over guardians themselves. What’s more, on the off chance that they don’t discover time to do as such, they should employ guides to give thoughtfulness regarding their youngsters. The explanation for the equivalent is that later the kids form into better people and furthermore the homework completes in an appropriate way.


Homework is a technique that helps the students in developing on their own way. It gives them an opportunity to learn beyond the bookish knowledge and gather many useful skills. So, encourage your kids to go for homework instead of running away from it as this would help them gain some extra knowledge and skills that would be beneficial in the future. So, one must understand the importance of homework.

By Venu

Essay on Integrity – Meaning and Importance

Integrity – Meaning

What is the one word you would use for integrity? Freedom from corruption, honesty, freedom from motive, or something else? For some people, integrity is performing a right activity against something wrong, while for some it is a way they dictate their life. But what does the word actually mean?

Integrity is similar to values just like intelligence, courage, and persistence. It is the choice of values you select for living your life for creating your own personality and character. Again, integrity is the foundation or the base of your character that helps in the enhancement of values in your life.

Confused with too many synonyms related to the word? Let’s make it simple. Integrity is, to be honest in every moment with everybody. And to initiate this, you need to be honest with yourself first. It is not the cup of tea of every individual to live a life that comes with high values and high virtues too. No matter whatever the situation is you need to be honest with yourself, and this wouldn’t allow you to fail with others. People having integrity are best, honest and true in whatever job given to them. Their level of integrity helps them with excellent work for every occasion too.

Importance of Integrity

Still looking for reasons that help to know the importance of integrity? Here are some that would be helpful to you.

Lead your Heart

Integrity stands on three fundamental pillars namely leading, working and living. This means integrity doesn’t include questioning yourself but listening to what your heart tells you and do the correct thing connected with it. While following these three pillars of integrity makes your life simple and easy to live with absolute peace. Such people are open books for the people to read with no secrets or lies for any matter to hide. They are quite open to the people around them too and carry out similar relations with everyone. Henceforth, this means while leading your heart for making important decisions for your life, integrity would always keep you safe and secure from any kind of failure as you carry out no secrets or malicious behavior to hide from others.

Helps in gaining the trust of others

When anyone would start working or acting with integrity, they are inevitably going to win the confidence of others. This not only comes with an impact on the people you trust but also on special people you are connected to work closely with. This is vital particularly for those in places of the initiative. Others consider you to be reliable and responsible for your activities. Trust creates, individuals, feel safe in your quality, and you gain impact. Again, this is also important for various corporate executives too for taking the maximum out of their employees without any hurdle.

Gives you popularity

When everyone notices your nature of integrity, you are surely gaining the position of being a role model in their lives or offices. Even if you will not like becoming the role model of someone, you would be placed to that position because integrity is the shadow of ethical leadership which includes the clients, companies, stakeholders, communities, churches, families, etc. that are visualizing you as the role model to many. And when you reveal your integrity, you are sure to win respect and trust of other people connected with you. This not only gives you popularity but also helps you in getting good prospects for your career benefits.

Uprightness in your eagerness

Your uprightness is showed in your eagerness to hold fast to the qualities that are most critical to yours. It’s anything but difficult to make guarantees yet frequently difficult to keep them. In any case, each time you keep a guarantee that you’ve made, it is a demonstration of uprightness, which thus reinforces your character. As you act with uprightness in all that you do, you will locate that all aspects of your life will move forward. You will start to pull in the best individuals and circumstances into your life. You will end up being an exceptional individual and an achievement in all that you do.

So, what is your experience in the case of integrity? Has it been tested to its last limit? Write to us.

By Venu



“The nation’s greatness can only be judged in a manner how its animals are treated;” these are the kind words of our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Wildlife is a broad term which is not only concerned with the undomesticated animal species, but it contains everything which is related to our ecosystem such as flora and fauna, microorganisms and other species.

Wildlife- A Vital part of the Ecosystem:

Earth is the only planet in our galaxy to support habitat for life. Wildlife is found in all ecosystems, be it a desert, water bodies or green land, grass forests or rainforests. Wildlife doesn’t signify the animal living in forests, but it signifies about every undomesticated life surrounding us, starting from microorganisms, birds, fishes, and many more species. In order to have a right balance in our ecosystem, their survival is important.

Conservation of Wildlife to maintain the balance:

The gene pool we have with us now needs to be conserved to understand the evolution of life and maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. Depletion and extinction of any species result in the degradation of the rich gene pool which took thousands of years in the process of evolution to provide us with this rich gene pool.

Plants- the major player in the ecosystem:

Starting with the production of food and water, plants play an important role in the water cycle in every ecosystem. They create the right balance and are responsible for the amount of rainfall in a particular area. As far as food production is considered plants provide mankind with various food resource. Even a little imbalance can create havoc results in the whole ecosystem.

Let’s take an example of scavengers they are considered as the cleaning agent in our ecosystem. They thrive on the dead and decaying organisms. By doing so, they clean our environment, add to the health of other organisms in our surrounding and contribute to a disease-free environment. Starting from animals in the Land like hyenas, aerial scavengers such as vultures, aquatic animals like sharks and even microorganisms convert the decaying part of the living organisms into nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer for the plant thus contributing towards the nitrogen nutrient cycle. Now due to various man-made reasons, the scavengers are facing the verge of extinction resulting in the imbalance in the ecosystem. The dead and decaying animal bodies are rotten in the open resulting in health hazards for life being around. Man is facing a natural disaster caused by the imbalance created in exchange of selfish needs of mankind.

Deforestation is another major reason for the natural disaster. With less number forest we have fewer animals, we have less oxygen in our environment. The ozone is depleting resulting in global warming.

Wildlife- A Rich Gene Pool:

The wildlife have a rich gene pool for the future mankind to be proud of. They are part of our culture and heritage. The elephants and horses were part of several temples rituals in various parts of India till now. From this, it can be easily understood why animals play a significant role in our life.


Just as pet animals are part of our household and we take care of their well-being, similarly spreading the awareness and creating a livable surrounding for wild animals is part of our duty. To maintain the balance and create healthy surrounding for a living being should be the prime motive for the Government also. Steps from both side from the active citizen and from Government should be taken. We should spread awareness in our society for wildlife conservation. The endangered species which are the part of the wildlife must be protected by the government. For our awareness, only our ecosystem will be protected.

Few words best express the rule to be followed for balance in our ecosystem:

Be kind to every kind, not just mankind…

By Venu


Speech on Family Bonding

Speech on Family Bonding

Hello everybody and a very good morning to all. It is a great honor for me to stand here and talk something on family bonding.

We all know that our society and societal structure has been evolving and changing with time. The concept of family is also changing and so is the meaning of family bonding. Previously, there would be large joint families with many members living in the same house. Each family was kind of a community in itself, where people had close bonds with one another.

But now there are small nuclear families, the father, the mother and one kid. Both parents are generally busy with their jobs and works and all kinds of chores. The child too is made to keep busy with various activities. The essence of family bonding is practically absent in most homes as each one is engrossed in one’s selfish word. The inter-connectivity does not take place at all.

However, family bonding is very important and needs to be there in every home. It gives a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and security. It is from the family that first values are learnt and it is in the family that we can take refuge in times of problems. Until and unless there is family bonding, this sharing and caring is not possible.

In this hectic schedule, you will have to put in efforts for family bonding. Parents have to make sure that they take out time in the day when they can spend quality time with their kid. They should share their experiences, joys, sorrows and all kinds of emotions in the family as that will help in understanding each other better. A child that grows up amidst family bonding knows the value of the same and grows up as a happy child. Go on vacations together, spend time together as much as possible and see how beautifully the bonding flourishes. Along with giving safety and security, family bonding gives the much needed warmth in relations.

By Maanasi

Essay on Effort and Its Importance

Meaning of Effort

Effort refers to a vigorous or determined attempt at doing something. It implies using energy so as to accomplish a certain objective. In the technical world, the term effort is used to mean a force exerted in a process, or by a machine. Any great achievement can also be considered an
effort because it describes how hard you are trying to attain a goal. Something that is easy to do does not take much effort but if it is extremely hard it requires a great deal of effort. Even if your attempt does not work out the fact you tried and used some energy implies you made an effort.

Continuous efforts and not just the strength or even intelligence is crucial to unlocking your potential. This means trying, regardless of your ability is vital to attaining success in anything you endeavor to do. Without effort, you cannot achieve anything in life.

Importance of Efforts

  1. Without effort, all other positive attributes that include integrity, tolerance, and compassion would be of no value.
  2. Progress and achievement that is founded on effort will stand the test of time and give us lasting success.
  3. Effort sees you through life’s ups and downs and ensures you stay on course until you arrive at your destination.
  4. It builds confidence. Continually putting efforts in your work and focusing on your objective strengthens self-confidence.
  5. We tend to get a lot of gratification in an achievement that working extremely hard for and used a lot of energy to get.
  6. Putting maximum effort to everything you do enables you to understand and appreciate others regardless of their outcome.
  7. Even with the latest and most effective strategies to succeed if the effort is lacking, you will get nowhere.
  8. Struggling through all odds enables you to learn valuable lessons from the many challenges that life brings your way.
  9. Struggle makes us role models to other people who are unable to focus, concentrate and dedicate their energies to worthy courses.
  10. Effort teaches you the value of patience, perseverance, and dedication, all of which are important attributes.
  11. Putting maximum energy and staying on course increases your mental toughness and leads to self-improvement.
  12. It opens new opportunities. Those who put efforts have realized that exciting opportunities always come their way.
  13. The best things in life don’t happen by magic; they require continuous effort irrespective of pitfall along the way.
  14. The attribute continually propels us and hence plays a crucial role in reducing our weaknesses and shortcomings.
  15. Effort rewards with much more than success and improved life; it increases your motivation and inspiration.
  16. It draws attention. Want to stand out? Put maximum effort and stay on course and people will easily notice you.
  17. If you would like to explore your potential simply to give your whole in everything you set yourself to work on.
  18. Effort enables you to fix things in your life like an unhappy relationship and laziness and turn things for the better.
  19. It gives you a competitive edge and a means to stand out from the crowd. This way you get a competitive advantage
  20. Do you want to bless others? Put maximum effort and the outcome will enable you to put a smile on the face of another person.


In the present world where people believe they can achieve everything they want without putting any effort, doing the opposite and proving everyone wrong sets you apart. It also enables opens new opportunities, transforms your life and gives you influence. So, if you are competing for
anything with a number of people the best way to beat the competition is to put maximum effort.

By: Joni Kim