Essay on Effort and Its Importance

Meaning of Effort

Effort refers to a vigorous or determined attempt at doing something. It implies using energy so as to accomplish a certain objective. In the technical world, the term effort is used to mean a force exerted in a process, or by a machine. Any great achievement can also be considered an
effort because it describes how hard you are trying to attain a goal. Something that is easy to do does not take much effort but if it is extremely hard it requires a great deal of effort. Even if your attempt does not work out the fact you tried and used some energy implies you made an effort.

Continuous efforts and not just the strength or even intelligence is crucial to unlocking your potential. This means trying, regardless of your ability is vital to attaining success in anything you endeavor to do. Without effort, you cannot achieve anything in life.

Importance of Efforts

  1. Without effort, all other positive attributes that include integrity, tolerance, and compassion would be of no value.
  2. Progress and achievement that is founded on effort will stand the test of time and give us lasting success.
  3. Effort sees you through life’s ups and downs and ensures you stay on course until you arrive at your destination.
  4. It builds confidence. Continually putting efforts in your work and focusing on your objective strengthens self-confidence.
  5. We tend to get a lot of gratification in an achievement that working extremely hard for and used a lot of energy to get.
  6. Putting maximum effort to everything you do enables you to understand and appreciate others regardless of their outcome.
  7. Even with the latest and most effective strategies to succeed if the effort is lacking, you will get nowhere.
  8. Struggling through all odds enables you to learn valuable lessons from the many challenges that life brings your way.
  9. Struggle makes us role models to other people who are unable to focus, concentrate and dedicate their energies to worthy courses.
  10. Effort teaches you the value of patience, perseverance, and dedication, all of which are important attributes.
  11. Putting maximum energy and staying on course increases your mental toughness and leads to self-improvement.
  12. It opens new opportunities. Those who put efforts have realized that exciting opportunities always come their way.
  13. The best things in life don’t happen by magic; they require continuous effort irrespective of pitfall along the way.
  14. The attribute continually propels us and hence plays a crucial role in reducing our weaknesses and shortcomings.
  15. Effort rewards with much more than success and improved life; it increases your motivation and inspiration.
  16. It draws attention. Want to stand out? Put maximum effort and stay on course and people will easily notice you.
  17. If you would like to explore your potential simply to give your whole in everything you set yourself to work on.
  18. Effort enables you to fix things in your life like an unhappy relationship and laziness and turn things for the better.
  19. It gives you a competitive edge and a means to stand out from the crowd. This way you get a competitive advantage
  20. Do you want to bless others? Put maximum effort and the outcome will enable you to put a smile on the face of another person.


In the present world where people believe they can achieve everything they want without putting any effort, doing the opposite and proving everyone wrong sets you apart. It also enables opens new opportunities, transforms your life and gives you influence. So, if you are competing for
anything with a number of people the best way to beat the competition is to put maximum effort.

By: Joni Kim