Speech on Family Bonding

Speech on Family Bonding

Hello everybody and a very good morning to all. It is a great honor for me to stand here and talk something on family bonding.

We all know that our society and societal structure has been evolving and changing with time. The concept of family is also changing and so is the meaning of family bonding. Previously, there would be large joint families with many members living in the same house. Each family was kind of a community in itself, where people had close bonds with one another.

But now there are small nuclear families, the father, the mother and one kid. Both parents are generally busy with their jobs and works and all kinds of chores. The child too is made to keep busy with various activities. The essence of family bonding is practically absent in most homes as each one is engrossed in one’s selfish word. The inter-connectivity does not take place at all.

However, family bonding is very important and needs to be there in every home. It gives a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and security. It is from the family that first values are learnt and it is in the family that we can take refuge in times of problems. Until and unless there is family bonding, this sharing and caring is not possible.

In this hectic schedule, you will have to put in efforts for family bonding. Parents have to make sure that they take out time in the day when they can spend quality time with their kid. They should share their experiences, joys, sorrows and all kinds of emotions in the family as that will help in understanding each other better. A child that grows up amidst family bonding knows the value of the same and grows up as a happy child. Go on vacations together, spend time together as much as possible and see how beautifully the bonding flourishes. Along with giving safety and security, family bonding gives the much needed warmth in relations.

By Maanasi