Essay on Integrity – Meaning and Importance

Integrity – Meaning

What is the one word you would use for integrity? Freedom from corruption, honesty, freedom from motive, or something else? For some people, integrity is performing a right activity against something wrong, while for some it is a way they dictate their life. But what does the word actually mean?

Integrity is similar to values just like intelligence, courage, and persistence. It is the choice of values you select for living your life for creating your own personality and character. Again, integrity is the foundation or the base of your character that helps in the enhancement of values in your life.

Confused with too many synonyms related to the word? Let’s make it simple. Integrity is, to be honest in every moment with everybody. And to initiate this, you need to be honest with yourself first. It is not the cup of tea of every individual to live a life that comes with high values and high virtues too. No matter whatever the situation is you need to be honest with yourself, and this wouldn’t allow you to fail with others. People having integrity are best, honest and true in whatever job given to them. Their level of integrity helps them with excellent work for every occasion too.

Importance of Integrity

Still looking for reasons that help to know the importance of integrity? Here are some that would be helpful to you.

Lead your Heart

Integrity stands on three fundamental pillars namely leading, working and living. This means integrity doesn’t include questioning yourself but listening to what your heart tells you and do the correct thing connected with it. While following these three pillars of integrity makes your life simple and easy to live with absolute peace. Such people are open books for the people to read with no secrets or lies for any matter to hide. They are quite open to the people around them too and carry out similar relations with everyone. Henceforth, this means while leading your heart for making important decisions for your life, integrity would always keep you safe and secure from any kind of failure as you carry out no secrets or malicious behavior to hide from others.

Helps in gaining the trust of others

When anyone would start working or acting with integrity, they are inevitably going to win the confidence of others. This not only comes with an impact on the people you trust but also on special people you are connected to work closely with. This is vital particularly for those in places of the initiative. Others consider you to be reliable and responsible for your activities. Trust creates, individuals, feel safe in your quality, and you gain impact. Again, this is also important for various corporate executives too for taking the maximum out of their employees without any hurdle.

Gives you popularity

When everyone notices your nature of integrity, you are surely gaining the position of being a role model in their lives or offices. Even if you will not like becoming the role model of someone, you would be placed to that position because integrity is the shadow of ethical leadership which includes the clients, companies, stakeholders, communities, churches, families, etc. that are visualizing you as the role model to many. And when you reveal your integrity, you are sure to win respect and trust of other people connected with you. This not only gives you popularity but also helps you in getting good prospects for your career benefits.

Uprightness in your eagerness

Your uprightness is showed in your eagerness to hold fast to the qualities that are most critical to yours. It’s anything but difficult to make guarantees yet frequently difficult to keep them. In any case, each time you keep a guarantee that you’ve made, it is a demonstration of uprightness, which thus reinforces your character. As you act with uprightness in all that you do, you will locate that all aspects of your life will move forward. You will start to pull in the best individuals and circumstances into your life. You will end up being an exceptional individual and an achievement in all that you do.

So, what is your experience in the case of integrity? Has it been tested to its last limit? Write to us.

By Venu