Essay on Media and Its Importance

Media – Essay

Media originated from word Medium. In layman terms, media is a medium for communication and conveying to large masses. Newspapers, internet, radio, television are major forms of media. Media is not limited to internet only. Other forms are equally popular, though the internet is getting much attention nowadays. If we combine all forms, Media is that much pervasive, masses use it in a way or another.

It is said that human is driven by instincts, majors are hunger and thrust. In addition, we innate hunger of knowledge that is, Knowledge of our surrounding, Information we don’t know, places we haven’t visited and entertainment by different means. It acts as a driving force to fetch us to media and make it part and parcel of our daily lives. Media is connecting us with the whole world by letting us reach more corners than we could ever imagine.

Importance of Media

If we communicate with each other, it means to speak and to listen. A sound communication means to let happen both things. In the case of media, it is one way almost every time. Still, it gets more heard, and it has touched more souls than actual communication. Before the advent of media, the distance was a barrier, the culture was a barrier and language too. Media let us embrace every community, every society without any friction. We sympathize people in distress, empathize who are in trouble and cheer with victorious ones. We are making humanity greater than obstructions. Media let us fulfill the dream of “The World is One Family.”

By letting us get involved with a form of media, i.e. internet or newspaper or television or radio, we enter inside a new world. A world with a plethora of data, information, and knowledge. More we dwell more we get. Media educates us, about our planet, our nature, flora, fauna, climate, and history, contemporary. It’s like an opening a reservoir of knowledge to get educated.

Media is also a way to express talent we carry within. Finding our talent, defining ourselves, reaching to masses and getting appreciated. Million people have redefined themselves with the aid of media. It acts as a platform to those people who are discovering the meaning of their life. It let us build our opinion on pressing matters. If Democracy is a living body, media is a soul to it. It acts as the voice of oppressed, rays for justice an eye-opener to us on social and personal matters. Media has always fought against corruption, and it uncovered too many scams. It has always acted in favor of individuals to save their rights and to stop injustice.

One of the many advantages of media is the business promotion. One can use the media to get this advantage. Advertising in media enhances business to gain customers and increase its sale. Media just acts like a bridge between business and its customers. In addition to this, the media also helps in raising social issues to bring a revolution in this stereotype society. With this, we can feel the importance of the media.

Social media is also gaining popularity these days. It has reached every corner of this globe. This also acts in the same way as other media works.


The importance of media is apparent, serving many of great causes that include emancipation of knowledge, fighting with corruption and injustice, working or providing a bridge for fraternity, giving a platform to talented people, a medium to make our opinions or views. But in many cases, media does not do justice with its role. We set very high standards for media. We have firm faith in media and almost every time we follow it steadfastly. But, many times they present twisted stories that do not hold any water.

It’s high time for us and for media too, to do introspection. Media has to meet its high standards rather than promulgate unworthy content. It’s our responsibility too, to contemplate before making a prejudiced opinion which leads us to negativity.

By Venu