Essay on Sports and Its Importance


Sports are any kind of physical activities which strengthens you from inside while inducing happiness and entertainment in your life. Physical activities help a person to lead a healthy lifestyle. One should devote oneself to physical activities to get both health and happiness. Game and sports differ from one another in some ways. The game involves a group a people, where sports involve a single individual only. Sports are conducted on the basis of some ground rules and rules vary in each sport. If someone gets into a professional sport, then he is considered as an Athlete. Every sport needs a coach to train the Athletes. Sports can be categorized on the basis of various games as indoor sports and outdoor sports. Some enjoy the sport being audience, so the sport has its own charm.

Importance of sports

Sports make a person healthy, improve muscular strength and induce happiness in life. Education and sports are just like 2 sides of a coin. Education is the process of updating knowledge of the individual. Education not only includes teaching but also training, discussion, and research. In a broad sense it can be said that sports play a very big role in the education sector also.

Personality development-

The joy of sports affects one person from inside. This reflects in his physical appearance also. He acts smart, thinks smart and behaves smart. The smartness appears in his body language also and thus his personality gets developed. Every people should encourage themselves to go for doing sports activities.

Brain development-

There is proverb which says “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Sports boost a person’s immunity system and internally makes him fit and healthy. So if health is fine then the brain will also act in a healthy way. When a person gets involved in sports he gets his mind refreshed. Thus the brain gets developed by sports.

Disciplined life-

Sports do have some ground rules. If a person thinks to start any sports activities then he or she should follow those rules. He has to wake up early, practice regularly, should follow a proper diet and many more. So in a way, his life gets disciplined by sports.

Builds confidence-

It requires a lot of courage and determination to maintain the continuity in sports. A steady and constant effort is needed to complete your sports activities. After accomplishment one feels so confident. Sports help you to represent in a bold and unique way to the world. Sports brings the leadership quality as well as builds strength to tolerate things.

Makes an individual a Team player-

Sports help you become a better individual, make you socially active and make you more co-operative. It helps you to induce a positive and healthy competition sense. With such qualities, one can become a very good team player.

Teaches values-

Sports help an individual to respect those things which he possesses. He values the things that he has achieved in his life.


There are so many benefits one can get from sports. In every educational institute, sports should be included in their curriculum. In every stage of a human’s life, the sport is essential. It makes an individual feel energetic and makes feel lively. Children are to be encouraged to get involved in sports so that in their development stages they get to adjust with society and with the environment. One must be rigorous while opting any particular sports owing the fact that it can change the entire life of a being. After getting command in distinct sports activity one can involve in the various national International competition which further opens many doors for the sportsman and helping them build their lives in a better way.

By Venu