Essay on Cinema: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Meaning of Cinema

Cinema refers to the art or technique of making motion pictures. It may also mean a place specifically meant for the display of films. Many of us usually understand cinema as a building where people pay to watch films. The word cinema has been derived from the French word “cinematographe”, a term which was originally coined in the late nineteenth century. Many of us use the word ‘cinema’ to mean either a movie itself or a theater where the movie is being shown.

Some common terminologies that we use to mean cinema are films, pictures, movies, flicks, motion pictures, theatre, picture-house, etc.

In this article, we will try to figure out the various merits and demerits of cinema.

Advantages of Cinema:

  • One of the major means of mass communication.
  • An easy way to look at history and learn from them
  • A movie educates us about the virtues of teamwork.
  • Popular media for information and entertainment.
  • Helps promote patriotism and mutual harmony among people.
  • Helps promote unity and mutual coexistence.
  • Movies challenge our imagination and take us beyond the realms of possibility.
  • Cinemas can be used to teach us about the varied customs, cultures, and traditions of the world.
  • Cinemas are true mirrors of the society.
  • Movies inspire us.
  • One successful movie can completely change the lives of so many people involved in its making. Many struggling actors have been known to hit it big time with just one hit.
  • Provides employment to millions.
  • Movies are educative.
  • Effective source of advertisements.
  • Movie advertising transcends the barriers of language and reaches all kinds of audience.

Disadvantages of Cinema:

  • With ever-increasing consumerism, cinema seems to have lost its original purpose.
  • Some movies distort true facts and portrays false nations amongst the people under the guise of artistic freedom.
  • Not all movies are worth a watch.
  • Wastes time.
  • Some movies Devoid of logic.
  • Some scenes may have negative influence on children and minors.
  • Encourages stereotype.
  • Lewd dialogues and song lyrics may corrupts the viewer’s mind.
  • Some movies are devoid of any social message and relevance.

There are pros and cons to most of the things that we see around us and cinema is not an exception. It basically depends upon the person who is watching it. What can’t be argued though is the fact that cinemas are one of the most potent and popular means of entertainment in today’s world.

Abhishyand Kumar

Social Media: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

There was a time when even sending and receiving messages used to take lots of time. Human beings are continuously getting more advanced with finding new technologies to make our life easy. Now, we have the technology to share our views and thoughts nearly within fraction of second with the whole world.

Initially the main purpose of social media was to make our connections with the world and reduce the time to interact with others. But now people are using it more for enjoyment. But people using social media are the one who are more aware about what is happening in the world. There are many benefits and shortcomings of social media.


  • It helps in building communities whose members have similar thoughts, views and interests.
  • People from any part of the world can connect with anyone.
  • Social media can be used for study purpose.
  • Social media makes us aware about what is happening around us.
  • A person can get help through social media because one can share anything with the world quickly.
  • It is a great platform for advertising one’s business and promoting it.
  • A person can show his skills to the world using social media easily.
  • It gives a good platform of selling and buying goods and services.
  • People can help the needy one using social media.
  • Police and crime investigations get a lot help from social media.
  • Easy availability of information is there.
  • It is also a good way of supporting or criticizing an incident or a topic.
  • It is a source of income.
  • It is entirely free to start and there is a large audience.
  • It is a great source of entertainment.


  • Addiction of using social media is a very big problem for today’s generation. It is affecting their personal life like studying and there is a lot wastage of time.
  • Many fraud cases occur on social media. One should be alert and check the details carefully before making payments or getting involved in any activity.
  • The excess use of social media affects the human health badly.
  • Any kind of false news can spread like fire across the world within minutes.
  • There is always a security issue on social media.
  • Social media decreases face-to-face communication skills.
  • Social media causes distraction. Like distracting a student from studying, distracting a person to complete a project, etc.
  • It facilitates laziness by wasting a lot of time doing actually nothing.
  • It reduces family closeness.
  • Conversations on social media lacks emotion and understanding.
  • Since there is no age barrier, children are often exposed to the stuff which should not be known to them.
  • People are exposed to trolls which can push them into serious depression.

Of course social media is very important in today’s world, but the disadvantages are more serious than the advantages. It can help a lot in studying, doing projects, jobs, getting news, etc. But it can also deviate people from their study or jobs if they become addicted to social media. If we could use social media smartly, it would be good for us.

Rashmi Kumari

Air Transportation: Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Transportation

Have you ever wondered what makes air transportation so popular? How about what it means to travel by air? Well, once you make the decision to travel, by air, which is when local airports offer air transportation to a central airport, where long distance flights are available, you will be able to weigh out the pros and cons of air transportation.

Advantages of Air Transportation

If traveling or transporting things by air transportation is something that you have considered, then knowing the advantages are helpful. Some of these advantages include:

  • Provides tourist towns with improved living standards through tourism.
  • It is the safest way to travel.
  • It is the fastest way to travel.
  • Provides the only means of transport in remote areas.
  • Broadens leisure and cultural experiences for travellers.
  • Provides a choice of various holiday destinations.
  • Provides jobs.
  • Increases revenues from taxes.
  • Fosters the conservation of protected areas.
  • Delivers emergency needs anywhere on earth.
  • Fast way to medical supplies or organs for organ transplants.
  • Contributes to the advancement of modern society.
  • Productivity across the global economy is boosted by using air transport.
  • World trade is facilitated by air transport.
  • Provides consumer welfare benefits to individuals.

Disadvantages of Air Transportation

While there may significant pros to air transport, there are also many disadvantages to using this mode of transportation. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Operational costs being too high.
  • Huge investments are required for the development of aviation facilities
  • There are size limitations on cargo when transporting
  • Lost baggage if traveling
  • Flight delays
  • Depending on the weather, air transport can be unreliable
  • There is a huge amount of investment for the skilled and experienced professionals
  • There many legal restrictions that must be followed in various countries
  • Not good for cheap or bulky goods
  • Only costly goods of small quantity can be carried by air
  • Flights are more likely to be canceled if the weather conditions are poor.

Whether you are interested in flying or knowing the pros and cons of goods being transported by air, you will have the opportunity to see both sides of what makes air transport bad as well as good when getting ready to make plans to use this mode of transportation.

Leatra Hernandez

Essay on Books – Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Books

Books are Magic! While a book to many, is nothing but a bunch of papers sewn together with a fancy cover, it is a lot more than that! Books are a wealth of information and a window to the world. Books are, undeniably, one of the very best inventions of man. It helps chronicle, events, information and even acts as a form of entertainment! There are various other definitions of the book and let us see what they are.

Varied Definitions of a Book

  • A written or a printed work that can be fiction or nonfiction fastened together using covers.
  • Blanked or ruled paper sheets that are properly bound together to record information.
  • A book is an object that provides readers with knowledge.
  • A set of sheets of paper, written or unwritten bound together with a front and a back cover.
  • A number of paper pieces fastened together.

The above mentioned are just some of the definitions of “books”. Let us now learn about the importance of the same.

Importance of Books

  1. Books are filled with information and thus provide knowledge.
  2. Books provide us with an insight into a happy life, teaching us a number of valuable life lessons.
  3. A good book can provide you with the best advice when in need and help you face your fears.
  4. You can expose yourself to all things new when you read a good book. Gain new ideas and get access to new information. You can let your imagination run wild and enjoy a few good laughs!
  5. Reading a good book can help you find a hobby you love. And, who knows, maybe someday you will see yourself as a great painter or cartoonist! The options are limitless!
  6. Reading a book can help you understand the world better. There is no dearth of books on Geography that will take you on a tour of the entire world, without having to step out of your homely abode.
  7. Books can be your best friend and first step towards self-improvement. When in doubt, books can aid in taking better decisions.
  8. Your book can even act as your pillow when you need a quick nap!
  9. Did you ever know that you can improve the imagination and creativity by reading books? Yes, you can!
  10. A number of studies have shown that books help reduce stress and all you need to do every day is to read a good book in silence.
  11. When you read a book, you tend to think and this, in turn, increases your memory.
  12. Books open a Pandora of entertainment to all age groups.
  13. Books increase self-confidence and all this happens as you gain knowledge.
  14. Books increase focus and concentration and also alma matter!
  15. Books help us to feel, love and emote. They make us better human beings.

A book is a treasure trove of knowledge and there is no good or bad book. There is something to learn from just about every book that has ever been printed. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a book today and take the very first step towards the path of enlightenment.

Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Essay on Uses of Water

We all know the fact that life on the planet Earth needs water – not only to survive but also to enrich. We as humans require water every day for our day to day activities like drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning and so on. Water is also required to keep the environment clean. Not only humans, but plants, animals, birds and insects too require water to survive. The uses of water cannot be explained in brief and hence let us see what they are in detail.

The availability of water has always played an important role when people had to decide where to live and how to live. In simpler terms, it can be said that water affects the quality of our life.

Listed below are a few uses of water

  1. Fresh water is required in hotels, and a number of other commercial facilities like offices, motels and military institutions too for drinking as well as cleaning purposes.
  2. Water is used for cooking in not just homes, but also hotels. You can use water to poach, rinse, soak, cook, steam and even thaw food.
  3. Did you know water is used steam-clean your dirty rugs at home?
  4. Water can be used to make curd, whey, and almond milk.
  5. Water is used in refineries to refine sugar and even distill essential oils.
  6. Apart from being extensively used for bathing, washing of clothes, water is also used to water gardens and lawns.
  7. Water finds use in the making of beauty products too. It is used to make shampoos, conditioners, soap and even laundry detergent.
  8. Water is a very valuable resource for the industries across the nation. A number of manufacturing units make use of water in the process of dilution or cooling, in transportation, cleaning and processing.
  9. Water is also applied artificially to various fruit farms, horticultural crops, and for the irrigation pastures.
  10. Water is also used to protect the farms from frost and freezing and from drought. Water is also required in the process of chemical application, harvesting and also plays a vital role in crop cooling.
  11. Water is also required for the proper maintenance of fish farms, dairies and in various other non-farm needs. Water is also required in the production of red meat, milk, poultry and wool. It is also important to note that livestock only requires fresh water.
  12. Water is necessary for the efficient functioning of the mining sector. About 32% of water used in this sector is saline water and it is also used in the extraction of natural gases, crude and petroleum and iron ores.
  13. You will find that water is used in your house’s HVAC system too. It is used to heat and cool your house.
  14. Dentists use water to rinse patient’s mouths.
  15. Water is also used to pop pills, make saline solutions and even various liquid medications.
  16. Water is used by fire fighters to extinguish fires and thereby save lives and property.
  17. Water is used in amusement park rides and even in your backyard swimming pool.
  18. This wonder liquid is employed to lubricate the saw when cutting tiles and rocks.
  19. Water is used to turn large turbines in mills that make flour.
  20. Water is one of the main cooling agents in your car’s engine.

Apart from the above mentioned, water is used in almost every sector. But with the growing population and the environmental changes, water is becoming scarce. So, let’s get water wise and use water efficiently so that we have plenty of it for future use.

Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Essay on Teamwork: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Teamwork

Teamwork is a group of independent persons working towards a common objective. The coordination and combined efforts to complete projects efficiently and effectively are high. For teamwork to succeed, you are required to have a competent team size of about six to eight people with specific aspects of the team members.

Advantages of Teamwork

  • Teamwork improves every aspect of its performance productively in an organization despite the size.
  • The level of expertise, creativity, and morale is high.
  • Getting results in a wide range of possible solutions is faster.
  • You get to experience mutual goals with your team members.
  • Working as a team produces innovative, accurate and, practical solutions.
  • Teamwork produces better results when working effectively.
  • It restores a broader sense of ownership of the organization both individually and collectively.
  • Workers tend to get better at sharing knowledge.
  • Its members can better imply an organization’s outcome of decisions.
  • Complicated problems are dealt with effectively.
  • It takes a shorter time to solve problems.
  • You get to discover more about yourself.
  • Communication improves significantly with good teamwork.
  • You hold one another accountable.
  • You can plan and manage your time well.

Disadvantages of Teamwork

  • Majority of the processes can be time-consuming and require adequate resources.
  • Due to contrasting approaches and styles, team members are bound to clash at some point.
  • There can be unequal cooperation and involvement among the members.
  • You may find that you work best alone than with a team.
  • The rate of competition is high among workers.
  • Peer pressure is immense for fear of getting mocked.
  • It can take a long time setting up a team.
  • A trend of criticism and blame game can be quite common.
  • It is challenging to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of particular workers.
  • Communication mishaps can result to trust issues with members.
  • Regular meetings must be organized, managed and, have an agenda to avoid having a social gathering instead.
  • Division of the group to a subgroup can dissolve the whole team.
  • As a team leader, you play a significant part in either making or breaking of a team.
  • An overbearing team leader takes all the merits.
  • There can be a loss of creativity in some members.

You are therefore not guaranteed that with teamwork your goals will be attained. Do your best and ensure that your team has what is required to avoid fallout.

By Sheila Karuku.

Essay on Advantages of Being a Teacher

As a teacher, you get to play a significant role in nurturing basic learning techniques in children. You instill useful morals, integrity and, yet enrich our minds by teaching us not through books alone but also life lessons. The work of an educator is inspiring and fruitful. This role gives you the opportunity to connect with analytical young brains and bring a positive impact in our lives.

Teaching is referred to as a “noble profession” because of the effect you as a schoolteacher has on us when we become tomorrow’s leaders. It is noble because of the challenges you deal with on a daily basis. As an instructor, you gain more knowledge about your subject as you continue teaching. A good teacher naturally believes in the potential of his students in educational growth. The creative ways of teaching and the dedication you show us is remarkable.

Advantages of being a teacher

  • You become a public figure to many. You are continuously looked upon because you hold a high standard.
  • A sense of accomplishment when your students excel in different concepts.
  • Long recess. You get to have a month long break during vacations.
  • The good friendships you built with fellow teachers and staff.
  • Job availability. With our population multiplying, there are high demands for teachers.
  • A pension scheme for teachers working in public schools.
  • You have the freedom to choose how to teach your students. Consolidate positive changes that you wished was present during your time as a student.
  • You help your pupils to cultivate social skills, how to connect with people and, to learn how to express themselves.
  • Another added advantage is that you get the opportunity to watch your students grow.
  • There is room for scholarships and teaching programs that stand to benefit you.
  • You have a favorable circumstance to share your passion and skill.
  • Transform the future of education. You have the power to impact the future study of education.
  • In every new school year, you have a fresh start with various charms and objections.
  • You assist students in developing essential reading, writing and, speaking skills.

You need to have the zeal for teaching for you to become a teacher. This profession is more than just a job and instead who you are as a person. The bonds that you form with your students tend to last a lifetime.

By Sheila Karuku.

Essay on Importance of Learning English

There are many reasons as to why you should learn English as a language. English is a second language in many countries since we include it in our school syllabus. As children, we start learning it at an early age. English has become the most commonly spoken language internationally. The English language allows you to communicate effectively with people from different cultures. It also enables you to become a better listener and creates many opportunities for you.

So why should you study English and not any other language? Well, it is a primary source of communication in business or education and not to forget science and technology. There being thousands of languages in the world, it is vital to have wordings that bring you together, and English does. It also has a health benefit surprising right! Studies have shown that people speaking two or more languages have more active minds later in life.

Importance of studying the English Language

  • English is one of the most popular language spoken in the world. Studies have shown that one out of five people can understand or speak English.
  • English is also the language of science, computers, tourism, aviation and, diplomacy.
  • Increases your chances of you getting a great job in multinational organizations either at home or abroad.
  • English is the official language spoken in almost sixty countries.
  • For you to be able to use the internet you need to be conversant with the English language. Most websites use English to pass information.
  • Access to the entertainment industry. Majority of the elite films, music, and books are either published or produced in English.
  • Thousands of schools around the world offer academic courses and programmes in the English language.
  • Over four hundred million people globally speak English as a first language.
  • English is quite easy and fast to learn. It has been established on simple alphabets as compared to other languages.
  • UN, NATO and, other International and regional organizations have made English their official communicating language.
  • You get to feel satisfied just by understanding the language.
  • It makes it easier for you to travel anywhere.
  • English is critical in the international marketplace.
  • It is a fun language that you get to learn.
  • For a smooth transition for the immigrants and tourists, English becomes essential.


The English language has gradually evolved over the past, and it will still be in use for years to come. Learning English can make a difference in your life.

By Sheila Karuku.

Essay on Literacy – Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Literacy

A person who is at least 7 years of age and is able to read, write and speak any one language is said to be literate.

Literacy is defined as the capability of the citizens of a country to decipher written texts, distinguish spoken words and communicate in a language with the fellow people who understand the language.

In many descriptions, literacy is termed as mere ability to read and write. But this is not widely accepted and is discarded in today’s modern world of technology.

Literacy is also defined as one’s precision to decode the printed and written words (Braille in case of Blind people) with proper coherence, pronounce letters clearly and compute basic operations skillfully.

Literacy is defined as the embedded decent functioning of an individual and his/her interaction with the surroundings, fellow beings and superiority to handle objects in environment.

Importance of Literacy

  • Basic literacy is useful for any organization, the individual would work for.
  • Literate citizens prove to be assets for any country they reside in.
  • Making a person literate would not only help him in decision making but also improve his dignity in the society.
  • Literacy helps an individual to make proper decisions which ultimately helps him grow personally in life.
  • A literate person can work efficiently which would ultimately contribute to the GDP of the country.
  • Literacy improves the standard of living of people by getting him/her higher pay and better jobs.
  • Literacy can reduce crime rates by providing the ability to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right.
  • It brings awareness in people regarding various beneficial schemes launched by government.
  • Education and literacy provides everyone with equal opportunities, equal dignity and hence it promotes equality.
  • Literacy instills a sense of confidence among masses, a confidence to fight for their rights.
  • Education and literacy is an effective way to flourish peace in the world.
  • Poverty reduction can be easily facilitated by imparting proper education and making the masses literate.
  • Literacy reduces negativity and improves understanding among huge populated citizens.
  • Educated and literate people are capable of maintaining proper hygiene which would facilitate better health conditions.
  • It enables adult to utilize their full potential and improve their career prospects.

By Sanjay.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

A computer is a device that can carry out logical and mathematical operations through a set of programmed instructions. In today’s parlance, the word computer usually means a Personal Computer; that has a central processor, storage capabilities, and input and output devices.

Advantages of Computer

  • Work that is saved on the computer can be easily accessed and used again or edited for new purposes.
  • Upgradable hardware.
  • The final output is seen on the screen while it is being produced. This allows the content creator to check the work.
  • Since the editing is done real time, only the final version needs to be printed reducing the need for paper.
  • Connects to social media easily.
  • While creating content, research can be done right on the computer simultaneously. Sources can be easily cited, and the information inserted.
  • Computers can automate tasks, have recurring calendar items, and reduce menial tasks.
  • A person’s activities can be tracked so a journal or diary of their activities can be accessed by the user.
  • Computers can play a variety of media formats unlike other devices such as TVs.
  • Immersive gaming due to the larger screens and input devices.
  • Faster editing of media due to the powerful processor.
  • Better online shopping.
  • Experience sharing is easier since most controls require a keyboard and mouse.
  • Software availability as most of the world publishers, develop for the computer first.
  • Depreciates slowly as hardware components have a long shelf life.

Disadvantages of Computer

  • Causes wrist pain as people work with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Computers consumes more electricity.
  • Steep learning curve from learning the operating system and the software.
  • Distracting from work since it is easy for social connections to find you.
  • Activities are tracked.
  • Prolonged use causes eye strain.
  • Encourages micro-management as tasks and activities are tracked.
  • Expensive to run and maintain since you have to keep antivirus software updated.
  • You are tied to an operating system which makes it hard to switch platforms.
  • Compromises privacy.
  • Need for updates for hardware and firmware.
  • High Training costs because of the different components that may be upgraded.
  • Desktop machines are not mobile; and while laptops are mobile, they are generally not as easy to use as smartphones.
  • Computers now have limitations when not connected to the internet.


Aside from the fact that they are expensive to run and upgrades are necessary, the use of the computers far outweighs the disadvantages. In a constantly connected world, the computer serves as a gateway and storage facility for all of our experiences. Computer use will continue to grow even as more people consume content on their mobile devices, since to create the content, computers are the more obvious choice.