Short Speech on the Importance of Science and Technology

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Science and technology are critical topics because they shape our lives, and their advancements have contributed significantly to the growth of society. Science involves the study of nature, while technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge to create tools, machines, or systems to solve problems.

Improvements in technology lead to significant improvements in healthcare, communication, education, entertainment, and transportation. We rely on technology for banking, shopping, work, and other daily needs. Science has given us breakthrough innovations like the telephone, electric light bulb, radio, television, and the internet, while technology has enabled their practical implementation.

Science and technology have improved our world through practical applications such as medical equipment and treatments, new transportation methods, space exploration, and artificial intelligence. These advancements have transformed our daily lives and enabled society to progress, communicate and connect like never before.

Great scientists such as Einstein, Thomas Edition, Henry Ford, and our own APJ Abdul Kalam have contributed immensely to science and technology. Their contributions have inspired future generations of scientists and engineers.

We must continue to invest in science and technology education and promote research and development to unlock new possibilities and opportunities for the future. Young students have incredible opportunities to contribute to society and their respective fields. For example, the Chandrayaan amt the Mars mission were excellent demonstration of the possibilities of science and technology.

To sum up, science and technology have transformed our world and improved our lives. They are key to the growth and development of society, and we must continue to invest in education and promote research and development to unlock new opportunities.

Speech on Family Bonding

Speech on Family Bonding

Hello everybody and a very good morning to all. It is a great honor for me to stand here and talk something on family bonding.

We all know that our society and societal structure has been evolving and changing with time. The concept of family is also changing and so is the meaning of family bonding. Previously, there would be large joint families with many members living in the same house. Each family was kind of a community in itself, where people had close bonds with one another.

But now there are small nuclear families, the father, the mother and one kid. Both parents are generally busy with their jobs and works and all kinds of chores. The child too is made to keep busy with various activities. The essence of family bonding is practically absent in most homes as each one is engrossed in one’s selfish word. The inter-connectivity does not take place at all.

However, family bonding is very important and needs to be there in every home. It gives a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and security. It is from the family that first values are learnt and it is in the family that we can take refuge in times of problems. Until and unless there is family bonding, this sharing and caring is not possible.

In this hectic schedule, you will have to put in efforts for family bonding. Parents have to make sure that they take out time in the day when they can spend quality time with their kid. They should share their experiences, joys, sorrows and all kinds of emotions in the family as that will help in understanding each other better. A child that grows up amidst family bonding knows the value of the same and grows up as a happy child. Go on vacations together, spend time together as much as possible and see how beautifully the bonding flourishes. Along with giving safety and security, family bonding gives the much needed warmth in relations.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Time Management in Students’ Life

Speech on Importance of Time Management in Students’ Life

Good morning to all of you. My topic for speech today is quite interesting and informative at the same time. It is importance of time management in students’ life.

Student life is perhaps the best part in one’s lifetime. Apart from studying well and getting proper grades in examinations, there are not many responsibilities that a student has to bear. There are no burdens and regular responsibilities of adult life. However, there is one important thing that students have to manage well and that is time. This time management for students is important for their own selves and their personal development. Students get matured with passage of time and their time management abilities also improve with the same.

Leaning effective time management helps students in many ways. There is development of sense of responsibility. All of us have 24 hours in a day, but some of us use the time more effectively and usefully than others. This is possible due to time management skills. Do not procrastinate jobs. Because once you have that habit as a child, you will retain the same as an adult.

With effective time management, it is possible to find time for all your favorite activities. This will keep you happy and motivated. Otherwise you might waste all your time in studies and your favorite activities will take a complete backseat. Some students even do a part time job while studying and this is all possible because of effective time management.

Learning is also more effective with time management. Since your time is allotted for each work and activity, you can concentrate on each work well. So when you sit for studies, you can learn better and quicker as your whole concentration is there on the studies only. This lesson is also very important for the upcoming life, for your career and professional life.

It has been said that students who have good time management skills become quite successful in their lives.

By Maanasi

Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Speech on Grandparents’ Day

Hello everyone. A warm and good morning to all of you. Today I am here to speak on grandparents’ day. Thank you for giving me the privilege for speaking on such a beautiful topic.

Today is grandparents’ day and we have our grandparents with us here to celebrate this special day. We often hear our parents complain to their parents that they love their grandchildren more than their own children! Well, it is of course true! Grandchildren share a special bond with their grandparents. No wealth in the world can compare the joy and happiness that is seen in this special relationship. Both parents and grandparents see their childhood through their children and grandchildren respectively!

Grandparents are usually the best buddies of their grandchildren. While some children are lucky in having both grandfather and grandmother living with them; some might have only one surviving grandparent. Whatever be the case, grandparents are probably the best teachers, personal game centers, and partners in crime, library, best support, great cooks and what not. They are just like magic, who have solutions to all kinds of problems. They have spent considerable amount of time on the world and gained different kinds of experiences. Therefore they have immense power of judgment and can guide accordingly.

There are paternal as well as maternal grandparents and children who are blessed from both sides are truly lucky. However, in many places grandparents don’t live together with their children and grandchildren. But that does not reduce the love and care that they have for them. Getting unconditional love and immense pampering from grandparents is something that all grandchildren love. They know that grandparents are the safe refuge in case they have committed a mistake. Grandparents will make the grandchildren understand their mistake and teach them not to make the same mistake again.

On grandparents’ day, I would like to wish all the grandparents present here. Wishing them a long and healthy life. Keep blessing and loving us as always!

By Maanasi

Speech on Festivals of India

Speech on Festivals of India

Hello everyone. Wishing all of you a very bright good morning. Today I will be rendering a speech on a very interesting topic, which all of you are surely going to like. The topic is ‘festivals of India’.

As we all know, India is a country, which is known for its diversity in all aspects. And this is applicable for the different kinds of festivals which are celebrated in the country. Each state in the country celebrates its own set of festivals and there are festivals, which are celebrated all over the country. There are cultural significances of the festivals. These festivals are celebrated since historical times. There might be changes in the ways the festivals are celebrated, in the pomp and the grandeur, but the actual meaning of the festival remains the same.

The festivals of India are also divided based on religions. People from different religions stay in the country peacefully and each is free to practice his own religion. India is a nation where Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as Christmas, Easter, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Muharram, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Purnima, Guru Nanak Jayanti and so on. This is one of the best instances of ‘unity in diversity’ in all aspects truly. The most interesting part is that people from different religions are also seen to enjoy festivals of other religions in the country. This is the reason our nation is called ‘secular’.

There are festivals in India, which are specific to the seasons in the country. Different states celebrate different festivals in this category. It is obvious that the regional flavor is quite strong in these festivals and that is what makes them so unique and special.

Festivals of India have strong religious as well as social significance. A sense of unity and togetherness prevails during festive times and people are seen enjoying with family and friends at these times. Differences and enmities are overcome and people come together for universal brotherhood and the sake of friendship.

By Maanasi

Speech on Dr Radhakrishnan

Speech on Dr Radhakrishnan

Good morning everyone. I am here today to render a speech on the famous Dr Radhakrishnan. I am sure all of us here have heard the name as we celebrate Teacher’s Day on the birth anniversary of this great teacher and author all over India.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5th September 1888 in Tirutani in the household of a poor Brahmin family. His father was Sarvepalli Veeraswami and his mother was Sitamma. Dr Radhakrishnan completed his education mostly on scholarships. His early education started at Gowdie School and for higher education, he went to Lutheran Mission School in Tirupati. He then joined Voorhee’s College in Vellore and later changed to Madras Christian College. Philosophy was his major subject and he did his Bachelor’s and Master’s in the subject.

On completion of his Master’s degree, Dr Radhakrishnan accepted a job of Assistant Lectureship at Madras Presidency College in the year 1909. He mastered classics of Indian Philosophy with the study of Bhagvad Gita, Upanishads, Brahmasutra and studies of Madhava, Shankara and Ramanuja. Not only this, he worked towards acquainting himself with Jain and Buddhist philosophies. He also made sure that he read philosophical commentaries of Kant, Plotinus, Bradley, Plato, Bergson etc., along with reading and understanding Existentialism and Marxism.

He worked as a Professor of Philosophy in various prestigious colleges in India. He also published a book ‘Indian Philosophy’ and it was considered as a philosophical classic and literary masterpiece. He was also summoned to Oxford University for delivering speech on Hindu philosophy. Indian philosophy found a permanent place on the world map with endeavors from this great scholar. He became the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University and Benaras Hindu University in 1931 and 1939 respectively.

In 1952 he was elected first Vice-President of India and served two terms in the post. He became President in 1962. Dr Radhakrishnan was awarded with the highest Indian civilian award The Bharat Ratna in 1954. This great scholar and eminent Indian philosopher, author and teacher left for his heavenly abode on 17th April 1975. Let me conclude my speech by saying, let us follow the teachings of this great teacher and make our world a better place to be.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Time

Speech on Importance of Time

Good morning everybody. Today I will speak on a very important aspect – importance of time.

Various kinds of sayings are said about time. ‘Time and tide wait for none’, ‘Time is like a flowing river; the same waters cannot be touched twice’ etc. are some common examples. Time is probably the most precious and valuable thing we have. Each moment is important in life because once it is gone, it is gone forever. This is the reason all great masters have opined to live in the moment, instead of living in the past or waiting for the future. Respecting and valuing time is what we must all do, because the importance of time cannot be undermined in any manner.

Being punctual and maintaining punctuality is a great lesson learnt. One must always try to implement such learning in their life. A punctual person values the importance of time and it is a great way to live a better life. Real successful people always maintain time and are punctual. Missing time and deadlines might lead one to face various kinds of consequences. Infact one might also be penalized for not being punctual.

The importance and value of time has to be taught to a child right from the beginning. He has to be explained why time is so important and why it should not be wasted in any way. Punctuality has to be practiced right in home and this will become a habit with the child. To teach the child time management skills, a time table should be made at home. Time should be allotted for each and every activity that the child is interested in. There will be no compromise with play time, fun time and hobby time. With such a time table in place, the child will know what should be done when and for how long.

A child who understands the value of time will value the same throughout his life. These lessons of life are never forgotten.

By Maanasi

Speech on Hard Work

Speech on Hard Work

Good morning everyone. I will be speaking a few words on hard work today.

Right from our childhood, we have been told that hard work is the key to success. All kinds of achievements can be made with hard work. People who sit and wait for opportunities will never be able to achieve anything in life. All Masters have opined that nothing good and great can be achieved without hard work.

Life is not simple and comes with innumerable twists, turns and hindrances. Struggle is a common factor for all human lives – the extent might vary from one person to another. The only way to overcome the struggle and the hindrances of life is by sheer hard work. Parents need to teach their children the importance of hard work right from the beginning. Hard work brings its rewards for sure. It might take some time, but hard work definitely brings in great results on the long run.

Many people opine that luck plays a crucial role in the life of successful people. This cannot be ignored completely. But at the same time, it is also true that without hard work it is not possible to achieve anything. You have to put considerable amount of labor and hard work for achieving success in life. Many things in life seem impossible or improbable. The only way to conquer the same is by hard work.

There are some excellent examples through which the value of hard work is reflected. We see celebrities and artists in all their glory and glamor. But to come to this level, they have put in immense hard work. They have spent hours after hours in order to upgrade and better themselves. And the end result is what comes in front of us and how well we appreciate that!

It might happen that inspite of all the hard work and labor, you do not get the desired results. Do not be upset or disheartened. The results are bound to show, may be it is just a little late.

By Maanasi

Speech on Foundation Day of a School

Speech on Foundation Day of a School

Hello and good morning to everyone present here. Today I have been endowed with the responsibility of speaking on foundation day.

It has been said and believed since long that for any great work to be done, it is important to have the right foundation. It actually forms the platform on which the future stands. This exactly stands true for Foundation Day of school. The Foundation Day of the school is the day from which the institution started its journey. It is therefore obvious that the day is special and needs celebration in due manner. Every year when Foundation Day is celebrated in school, college or any institution for that matter, it is time to reflect on the beginnings that took place and how since the inception changes have come paving the way for success over the years. Foundation Day is also the day when the past, present and future of the institution come together, taking vows to uplift the institute to the greatest possible heights and dimensions.

While saying something on Foundation Day, I should not miss thanking the founders of this great institution, who had a vision of imparting such high quality education to the students. Without their vision and constant support and blessings, this institute would not have become what it is today. Special thanks also go out to the teachers who have been with the institute even since its inception and guided the students in the best way possible in every sphere of their lives. This institution does not only produce highly academically qualified individuals, but people with the overall development and growth. This is what true education is all about.

On our Foundation Day we take a pledge to work earnestly for the growth and development of the institute from all aspects. We seek sincerest blessings and wishes from all our teachers, seniors and well-wishers so that we succeed in our mission. Thanking all of you again on our Foundation Day for making this journey successful.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Good morning to all respected guests present here. Today I will be delivering a speech on the topic – importance of English in students’ life. This topic is highly debatable and different people will have separate opinions on the same.

As we know and understand, communication is very important in today’s world and it is the primary source of information. And language is the main means of communication. Each country has its official language and in many countries like India, innumerable languages are spoken within the same country in the different states. Among the many languages which are spoken globally, English needs special mention. It is the language spoken in many countries of the world and is the official language of many nations.

Another important thing is to be noted as well. Many of the books are written in English. Internet is also an excellent source from where various kinds of information can be attained. Though now, language settings in internet can be changed to local; the primary language is English.

By Maanasi