Speech on Good Manners – 2 Speeches

Good Manners – Speech 1

Hello and a warm welcome to all who are present here. I am here today to say a few lines on good manners.

Right from our childhood we have been told to learn good manners and implement the same in our lives. The lesson of good manners is first taught at home and then at school. A person who has good manners is looked upon with respect and dignity. It has been seen in many cases that a person is extremely well dressed and has great looks but lacks basic manners. It is obvious that without proper manners, the person loses all the respect. On the contrary, many people just get noticed for their good manners, irrespective of their simple attire or an ordinary appearance.

Good manners get inculcated in an individual right in the childhood. However, people tend to forget these manners in their busy and hectic schedule. But, the ones who know the real value of good manners will never forget them and disrespect them. They will follow them in the toughest of situations and hardest of conditions. It would not be wrong to say that the society today lacks good mannered people and hence many issues start cropping up.

A person who has good manners reflects many important things. Manners are direct reflections of the kind of family he belongs to. They also show about the upbringing of the individual. A person who is soft spoken and courteous has learnt the qualities ever since his childhood as these cannot be suddenly developed. Helping people, assisting old people, reaching out for helping others, greeting others respectfully are some manners, which are highly appreciable.

Education also plays a major role in making one learn good manners. Teachers at school help students to learn good manners and implement the same in their lives. Good manners are best understood at social gatherings and events, where one comes across different kinds of people. Interaction with unknown people is the best place to judge good manners.

By Maanasi

Good Manners – Speech 2

Good morning to all the distinguished guests present here. Today I would like to say a few words on good manners for students.

‘Manners maketh man’ is a very popular saying, which is true from all aspects. Good manners are something that define us; something that make us admirable not only at home but also in social life. Knowing and understanding the importance of good manners in life, kids are taught the same right from their childhood. They are taught to respect and honor elders and love people of their own age. They are taught to be polite and courteous and not argue or fight unjustly. When a child receives something, he is taught to say thank you and if he makes a mistake, he is taught to say sorry. It is the duty of parents to teach the kid these basic good manners.

The next step of good manners is learnt at school when the child is with many other children and interacts with them. It is the duty of the teacher to teach children about sharing, which is again a very important good manner. Kids should also be taught about helping one another. The three most important words which are associated with good manners for students are “Thank You”, “Sorry” and “Please”. These are magical words, simple to say but with great impact and importance.

There are also social good manners, which one needs to learn to live in society. These are also referred to as etiquettes in many places. For instance, one must offer a seat to an elderly person if there is no other seat. When one coughs or sneezes in a public place, one must place a handkerchief on one’s mouth or at least cover the mouth with a hand. Also, one must wait for one’s turn to speak when in a social place. Interfering in other’s talks is utter bad manners.

Good manners for students help in their personal growth and development and make them better individuals.

By Maanasi

Speech on Global Warming

Speech on Global Warming

Very good morning to everyone present here. I will be speaking on one of the most glaring problems that the world is facing today – global warming.

Global warming is a perturbing environmental issue, which is plaguing the world and the effects of the same are seen quite strongly in every sphere of life. All the countries of the world are contributing to the cause of global warming and as a result all of them are facing the impact of the same as well. The average temperature of the world is increasing with each passing decades. Though the amount of increase might seem to be a small figure initially, but when its impact is understood on global levels, it turns to be mammoth.

We have to understand what causes global warming. Majority of global warming is attributed to greenhouse effect. Various kinds of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluoro carbon etc. trap the heat of the sun and does not let it exit. This increases the temperature of the earth. The greenhouse gases are emitted from various man-made sources and should be controlled. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the temperature of the earth will increase by 4-5 degrees.

The effects of global warming are dangerous. With rise in temperatures, the glaciers will start melting, thus increasing the levels of seas and oceans. Low land and coastal areas will be submerged. Many species of flora and fauna are not being able to withstand the change in temperature and suffering and even perishing. Forest fires are becoming a common thing and so are other natural disasters. Marine life is also under grave threat due to global warming.

Global warming is also impacting human beings. People are suffering from various kinds of diseases. Agricultural crops are affected. Lots of research is being done as how to minimize global warming. Worldwide conferences and seminars are hosted to discuss about this matter and how to deal with the consequences of the same.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Grandparents

Speech on Importance of Grandparents

Good morning to all the guests, who are present here, on this bright morning. I have been asked to deliver a speech on the importance of grandparents.

Children who have the company and blessings of their grandparents are truly lucky. A child will naturally have paternal as well as maternal grandparents. The relationship that grandparents share with their grandchildren is a special one. Grandparents are like a huge shady tree, which protect the grandchildren from all kinds of harsh elements. They envelop the grandchildren with their love, care and affection. There are many a times when parents are not able to deal with a problem with their children. But grandparents have been able to handle the problem well and even brought a suitable solution for their grandchildren.

Apart from the unconditional love and affection that grandparents bestow on their grandchildren, there are many other things that are worth learning from the senior citizens. There is no doubt about the fact that grandparents have seen a lot of the world and have gained a lot of experience. They can study situations and understand what best can be done in the same. Their problem solving abilities are also great.

Grandparents can teach their grandchildren important values of life, which will help them in growing into better individuals. These values do not need to be taught to them, they are told through stories and fables and children will learn on their own. Most importantly, such values are never forgotten in life. Many grandparents who live with their grandchildren help them with their studies and project works as well. Grandparents might need to update themselves regarding studies, which they do happily for their grandchildren.

In urban areas in majority of families both the parents go out for work. Children who live their grandparents are taken care of well along with learning something new every day. Grandparents see themselves through their grandchildren and hence this special bond. In many places we have seen that kids are closer to their grandparents than their own parents.

By Maanasi

Speech on First Day of School

Speech on First Day of School

Good morning to everyone present here. I will be speaking few words on a very interesting topic ‘first day of school’.

The mere mention of this topic brings back a flood of memories to all of us for sure. There is a ‘first’ for all events in our lives and first day of school definitely takes an important position in the same. Well, the experience might not be the same for everybody, but there are definite memories engraved in the mind of each and every individual regarding this one day.

Nowadays, children go to playschools much before they go to real schools and hence their experience might not be the same. There was a time when kids were taught basics at home before they got admitted at a formal school by the age of 4-5 years. I would like to speak on such lines here. Once the admission in school is confirmed, it is time to begin preparations for the very first day of school. More than the child, the parents seem to be nervous and jittery. They have various kinds of confusions and doubts in their minds whether the child will be able to cope up with school and staying away from home and hundred other important and unimportant things.

The morning of the first day of school is special as well. The child gets ready for entering a new phase in his life. For some kids, both parents take him to school on the first day as no-one wants to miss this experience. While some kids are happy, some are scared and tensed. Some are seen smiling, while some don’t stop crying. The scenario at the school is amazing. Some kids willingly go inside the school guided by seniors and teachers; while others go wailing and shouting as if being punished. The first day of school is usually for a brief period. When the child comes out from school on this day, he has already made a memory to be cherished for lifelong!

By Maanasi

Speech on Fire Safety in Schools

Speech on Fire Safety in Schools

Good morning everybody. I am standing on the podium today to speak on the topic ‘fire safety in schools’.

Proper provision for fire safety amenities will not only ensure safety of the kids studying in the school, but also be a safeguard for the property of the school.

Fire safety in schools is kind of mandatory and there should not be any kind of compromise with the same. School is a place where large numbers of students gather together and an incident like fire will affect all of them. Depending on the severity of the fire, there can be cases of casualties as well, which is not desired in any way. A fire breakout in school is difficult to control normally because there are different kinds of inflammable materials. The furniture in school – tables, chairs, desks, etc. are made of wood and catch fire easily. Moreover, there are many inflammable chemicals present in the chemistry lab, which can make situations worse. If the school has a canteen, there will be use of gas for cooking, etc. and is a vulnerable area for fire as well.

Fire safety is of great importance in school. Every floor of the school should have fire extinguishers, which are in working condition. Children should be taught to operate these in case there is an emergency. There should be sand banks so that they can be used when needed. Teachers, non-teaching staff and others should be informed on operations of the fire extinguisher. The message of this speech in short is – Prevention is better and fire safety is one way to ensure it.

By Maanasi

Speech on Each One Teach One

Speech on Each One Teach One

Hello everyone. Today I would like to give a speech on the topic ‘each one teach one’. I am sure many of you will have already heard the term. The meaning of the phrase is quite clear, but we often don’t understand the real meaning of it.

To understand the actual meaning of the phrase ‘each one teach one’, one has to understand the history associated with the phrase. This is actually an African-American proverb.

Today this phrase has gained international importance as it points towards a duty that people have towards society. The educated class has social and moral responsibility to teach minimum one illiterate person each. One small step is bound to make a great difference to the society at large. If every literate person teaches just one illiterate person, in no time the problem of illiteracy will be wiped from the surface of the earth.

It is true that various kinds of government policies and plans are being made and implemented for spreading education to all. Moreover, various agencies and non-profit organizations are also involved in the cause. But to make ‘each one teach one’ successful, individual contribution from students, homemakers, professionals and from everyone is needed. The practice can be started at home and then can be taken to bigger levels. This step is indeed worth taking!

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Reading Books

Speech on Importance of Reading Books

Good morning everybody. Today I will be delivering a speech on the importance of reading books.

You must have heard of the famous saying ‘Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body’. This single liner sums up excellently the importance of reading books. It is true that reading books brings with it innumerable benefits, but probably nothing surpasses the pure joy that it brings to the reader. When you read a book, you create a world for yourself where you react and emote as per the situations and the circumstances that the writer has developed.

We start reading books right from our childhood. Those are books that we need to read and study in school. Apart from those, try inculcating the habit of reading in your child via story books, fables, and fairy tales and so on. Reading is one of the best hobbies that a child can develop and parents have to help them in the same. Once the child gets joy from reading, he will maintain that throughout life.

Reading books helps in enhancing your knowledge in various fields. You will be able to identify many new things about which you had no clue through reading. Reading books broadens your horizons extensively. You start understanding things in better manner. Your judging and analytical skills get better with reading. Most importantly, you can try and improve yourself with reading books. People who are avid readers upgrade themselves continuously. They learn new things and try to implement the same in their lives.

Reading books kind of take us on a journey. Books can be on wide varieties of subjects and you can choose the one which interests you. Also, there are different kinds of books – book lovers probably read all kinds of books to enrich themselves. Books empower individuals greatly.

Along with gaining knowledge and information, reading books is great relaxation as well. It is a great stress-buster. Try developing the habit of reading books in your child and your child will always thank you for the bliss!

By Maanasi

Speech on Gandhiji

Speech on Gandhiji

Good morning everyone. I am here to present a speech on Gandhiji.

Popularly known as the Father of the Nation or Bapu, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869. His role and contributions to the Indian Freedom Movement is known to everyone, where he stands as a tall figure. Born to Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai, Gandhiji spent his childhood like any ordinary kid.

At a very young age of 13 years, he was married to Kasturba Bai. However, he continued his studies and passed his matriculation and other exams. After completion of his college studies, he went to England to pursue the study of law. He became a barrister and returned to India. In 1893 he went to South Africa for some case, where he spent almost 20 years of his life. It was in South Africa that his social and political views were transformed. He begun nationalistic organizations for the Indians in the country along with starting the Tolstoy Farm.

In the year 1915, Gandhiji returned to India and joined the national freedom movement immediately and joined Congress. His first battle against the British was launching the Satyagraha movement. Non-cooperation movement and ahimsa (non-violence) were his weapons for fighting against the British. No one can ever forget the historic Dandi March and breaking of the Salt Law. Both these movements was led by this man. Gandhiji also fueled the fire for ‘Quit India Movement’ in the year 1942. When India got independence on 15th August 1947 from British shackles, one prominent name behind the victory was that of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Gandhiji had a frail body and used to be clad in cotton loin-cloth; he also led a very ordinary and simple life. He played a prominent role in upliftment of Harijans.

On 30th January 1948, Gandhiji was assassinated in the evening when his usual prayer meeting was held.

By Maanasi

Speech on illiteracy

Speech on illiteracy

Hello and warm good morning to all. My topic of speech for the day is illiteracy.

All of us have heard of the term ‘illiteracy’ innumerable times in our life. We all know that illiteracy is one of the biggest vices, which leads to many other kinds of problems. Eradication of illiteracy is necessary not only for an individual, but also for the society as a whole.

Illiteracy is the inability of an individual to read and write. A person who knows to read and write and sign his own name is considered to be literate in our country. Sadly, quite a huge part of the Indian population is illiterate till date. And this is one of the biggest hurdles for economic development in the nation.

Illiteracy and ignorance go hand in hand with one another. An illiterate person does not have basic knowledge on things, which are so very important in life. This leads them to remain in darkness. If you take note and carefully observe, you will see that illiterate people are easily duped and cheated by fraudsters. The imposters trick these illiterate people and make them understand things in a wrong way. Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding, the illiterate people fall prey to the trap and are wronged. Many such people have lost their lands and properties to imposters. They only came to realize of the loss, when the harm was done and nothing else could be done to damage the repairs.

One of the biggest challenges in our country is to combat illiteracy completely. Various kinds of steps have been taken by the government, non-government agencies, and non-profit organizations and so on to bring literacy to every corner of the country. Each boy and girl should be provided education. This will not only make a strong individual, but will make the backbone of the society strong and bold.

Eradicating illiteracy completely from a country like ours is an uphill task, but efforts are being made strongly in the field.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Study

Speech on Importance of Study

A very warm good morning to everyone here. I am standing here to deliver a speech on the importance of study.

To start, the first and fundamental thing that comes up is what we mean by study? And what is its importance? In common parlance, by studying we mean to gain knowledge or by studying we mean to look into details of something. When we gain knowledge or learn something, it is generally from some past experience – which can be our own or from others. However, when we study something minutely, we experimentally research for our own sake. We might find some old facts and observations or we might stumble upon something absolutely new.

Generally when we refer to study, we mean study at school or some educational institute. When a child starts going to school, he starts studying from books. This can also be termed as formal education. Various kinds of good habits develop in the child with study. He learns various kinds of skills as well like time management, self-discipline, good manners etc. at school. This is also an important and integral part of study. With study, the student learns new things, which helps him in knowing things better. The knowledge gained from the study can be used in various fields in his life for improving the same. Studying properly helps the student in getting good grades in the class and make a successful career in the future.

Many people think that one can study from books only. It is true that books are an excellent source of knowledge and information. Studying books open up new paths and broaden our horizons explicitly. But along with books, there are many other sources from where one can study. Various kinds of educational programs are broadcasted on the television. Watch them to learn and know important things. Communication with others is also a great way to study. It is always recommended to understand and study and not just cram.

By Maanasi