Speech on Importance of Adult Education

Speech on Importance of Adult Education

Good morning to all my respected guests who are all present here. The topic on which I shall say a few words today is ‘Importance of adult education’. You might have heard about this topic many a times and even discussed the same with your family or friends.

We all know how important education is for our lives. However, all of us are not that lucky in getting proper education since childhood. People who live amidst poverty do not have the means of pursuing education. For them, arranging meals for the day is more vital. Children of such families are engaged in menial jobs right from their childhood for earning their livelihood. And in this chaos, education goes for a toss. These children grow up to illiterate and ignorant adults.

The burden of illiteracy is quite heavy and to give little relief, adult education is now offered. Many adults are shy and refuse to come to adult schools. But at the same time, there are many adult men and women who have come forward and started learning things at school. Education removes illiteracy and ignorance and shows one path of light. One develops understanding of things. One learns the difference between right and wrong. One can fight against exploitation and un-justifications strongly.

Age is no barrier in attaining education and literacy. There are adult education centers and special schools which are run only for adults. Along with theoretical knowledge, many of the centers also offer vocational training courses to adults so that they can get some employment opportunities. Making one independent and self-sufficient is also one of the goals of adult education. With emphasis on adult education, another aspect is being taken care of as well. The future generation will not be born to illiterate parents. Since the parents are educated, they will make sure that the child gets proper education at the right time.

The efforts for adult education are sure to bring in great success for the nation in near future.

By Maanasi

How to Prepare for Exams? – Speech

How to Prepare for Exams? – Speech

Wishing all the present guests here a very warm and good morning. I have been asked to say something on how to prepare for exams.

Well, it is a well-known fact that exam times bring in lot of tension for students. And this is applicable for all students – for those who are studious and have done their lessons well as well as for students who are not very well prepared for the exams. Instead of panicking for the exams, there are some ways for examination preparing, which are useful and helpful at the same time.

If you want to be successful in an exam, it is important that you take proper preparations for the same. Motivation is an important factor for exam preparation. Until and unless you are properly motivated for the examination, you will not feel the urge to succeed at all.

Along with the motivation factor, you must plan a strategy for the exam in the most practical manner. Chalk out a plan for exam preparation as this will help you in keeping the things in an organized manner. Keep time for each subject separately. If you are weak in a particular subject, that will need more attention and time from you. Make a timetable as which subject has to be studied when and for how long. Set realistic goals for the same so that they are attainable. While following the schedule if you think that some changes need to be made, you must do that.

After reading or learning a topic, make sure that you write it down. Writing helps in learning the thing to its depth. Make notes and summaries so that it is easy to revise later. If possible take mock tests. Do not cheat in that and maintain the time limit strictly. You will get a fair idea of your actual preparation via this test.

Most importantly, do not panic or take stress on the day of the exam. Because that will ruin all your preparations.

By Maanasi

Speech on Flowers

Speech on Flowers

A very bright and beautiful good morning to all present here. I would like to speak a few words on flowers today.

Nature has given us a bounty of beautiful things and flowers are one of them definitely. It is nature’s workmanship which can be seen in the wide varieties of flowers that we see all around us. Many opine that flowers are probably the best gifts that have been ushered on human beings by Mother Nature. Innumerable songs, poetry and verses have been written on the beauty and value of flowers over the years.

Flowers occupy an important place in human lives. Right from birth to death, flowers have been integrally linked to human lives. Flowers can be the best of gifts for all kinds of occasions – right from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, receptions, success parties and so on. They are integrally used in different religious rituals. We often offer flowers to the Almighty while saying our prayers. Flowers are also used for decorations at various occasions and events. Whether it is a joyful occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary celebration or a solemn affair like a condolence meeting, the use of flowers is mandatory. Only the kinds and varieties of flowers used will be different.

Apart from décor of venues and places, flowers are also used extensively for decking up humans. Flower accessories are quite popular with many women and they love to adorn them. In India women decorate their hair using different kinds of colorful flowers and they look really pretty.

Apart from being of use to humans, flowers are of utmost importance to the nature as well. Flowers help in plant reproduction. Pollen of flowers is carried by birds, insects, butterflies and other beings to other places leading to fertilization and plant production. Not only this, flowers offer nectar as foods to varieties of insects including wasps, butterflies, ants and bees. Many flowers also come with medicinal properties and are used in different kinds of herbal medicines.

Next time you see a flower think of all these qualities and you will love them more!

By Maanasi

Speech on Earth Day

Speech on Earth Day

Hello everyone. Today we have all assembled here to share our thoughts on Earth Day. I will also speak a few words on the same topic.

Well, I am quite sure that many of us here did not know that something called Earth Day actually existed. We celebrate many other days but forget that Earth Day is probably the most significant day as it is on this earth that we all live. We wouldn’t have existed if the earth was not there. The solar system consists of 8 planets and the Earth is one of the most important among them. It is estimated that it is the only planet with life on it.

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April all over the world. Today celebration of Earth Day takes place through various events and programs. The main aim is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated in the year 1970 and presently it is celebrated in more than 193 countries. In fact, the nations are now globally coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Along with celebrating 22nd April as Earth Day, many communities have taken a step forward and look to celebrate Earth Week. Various kinds of programs and activities are planned for the whole week and they mainly focus on addressing various environmental issues that the earth is facing.

We all know the immense pressure that the earth takes. As a result, protection and preservation of the environment and the earth at large is our moral duty. Humans have become reckless in order to fulfil their selfish aims and not sparing the earth as well. The canker of industrialization, the problem of global warming, the depleting ozone layer, the melting of glaciers, the increase in global temperatures etc. are bad indicators. Until and unless the earth and environment is taken care of and preserved, it will call for massive destruction. We all know that when nature strikes disaster, no human force can resist the same.

By Maanasi

Speech on Demonetization in India

Speech on Demonetization in India

Hello all, I am here today to give a small speech on demonetization in India.

On 8th November 2016, the government of India, announced demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees notes from the midnight of the same date. The notes with those denominations would not act as legal tender. These notes were to be deposited in banks as soon as possible and the last date that was given for it was 31st December 2016. Banks, post offices and ATMs got jammed as everyone wanted to deposit those notes. In lieu of the old notes, brand new 500 and 2000 Rupees notes were brought into the market. However, the circulation of the new currency was quite slow and at that time transactions became really difficult.

There were actually two motives, which ran behind this whole demonetization plan. The first motive was to combat the problem of black money in the Indian economy and to curb corruption in the biggest way possible. After the initial phase of demonetization, the government said that they could track huge amounts of black money and brought measures to address the issue.

The second plan which fueled demonetization was making of digital India. The government emphasized on the use of technology for making transactions rather than using paper money and coins for the same. Emphasis was laid on digital banking modes like use of credit cards, debit cards, online banking through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, virtual wallets, etc.

It was a heavily chaotic situation when demonetization took place in India. In fact, it took quite a long time for the whole situation to get under control.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Science and Technology

Speech on Importance of Science and Technology

Good morning to all the guests present here. I will be delivering a speech on the topic ‘importance of science and technology’.

If you take a look around us, you will notice that you are surrounded by science and technology. From the switch of a light bulb to the running laptop/computer, everything is a boon of science and technology for mankind. With innovations and inventions, new developments are taking place in the field of science and technology. Though we use the terms science and technology together, they are separate from one another. Science is the study of various possibilities as how the universe works, collection of various kinds of data and to find the insight and pattern of our existence. Technology, on the other hand, is using science into action to bring in favorable results for mankind.

Science and technology has contributed to mankind for innumerable years in the past and will keep on doing so in the coming future as well. This is one of the prime reasons why our life has become so easy and convenient. We must be indebted to the greatest scientists of the world who worked with science and brought to us concepts and ideas which are still implemented. The discovered scientific ideas are still implemented by new technology in the real modern world.

When handled in the right manner, science and technology is considered as a blessing in our life. But when mishandled, it can become a great danger. Think of the atom bombs, the nuclear weapons that have been created or other kinds of advanced arms and ammunitions, which have been designed and made. When these are used in uncontrollable manner, they can cause mass massacre and damage.

Science and technology has altered our lives completely. We have become so dependent on them that life seems indispensable without the same. Human development is profited greatly by science and technology and we must be thankful for the same.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Sports and Games

Speech on Importance of Sports and Games

A very good day to everyone present here today. I will be delivering a short speech on the importance of sports and games.

Physical activities like sports and games are very important in the life of an individual, particularly in the life of students. This is the reason that there is a sports and games class in the routine which is followed in school. The old adage keeps on saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and this is absolutely true. The development of a child is hampered greatly if there is no sports, games and physical activities in his curriculum. Studying whole day will do him no good if there is no recreation in the form of sports and games.

From the perspective of health – both physical and mental, sports and games play an important role. Playing keeps the person physically fit and healthy. His whole body is in movement while enjoying any kind of active physical sport activity. Development of muscles and body structure is also enhanced with this kind of activity. Sports and games also enhance mental fitness and agility. The games make one more alert and reflexes become sharp and sound. Mental flexibility is increased considerably with sports and games. It also improves quick thinking and action taking abilities.

Having a sportsman-spirit is very important in this tough competitive life. It is not possible always to win games; there are times when one can’t be the winner. Accepting the failure gloriously and looking to achieve in the future is what sportsman-spirit is all about. And this feeling and sense is developed from participating in various kinds of sports and games.

There are many people whose games and sports skills were identified once they started playing. With regular practice and endeavor, they made great athletes in future and carved a niche for themselves in the sports arena. Boost the confidence of children and encourage them in playing different kinds of games.

By Maanasi

Speech on Importance of Education

Speech on Importance of Education

Good day to all the eminent guests present here today. I have been lucky in being selected for delivering a speech on a very important topic – importance of education.

Ask any person today if education is important or not and he will surely answer in affirmative. Yes, just like food, clothing and shelter, education has become a necessity today. And it is not for any other purpose, but for one’s self-development and growth. Education opens up new horizons for any individual as he gets to know and learn about various things. The process of learning and knowledge gain is augmented with education.

It is quite interesting to see as what general people understand by the term education. To majority of people, it is gaining certifications and degrees. The higher degrees you acquire, higher is your educational qualification. And to them, with the higher degrees and good education, one can get a handsome paying job and this will make the person successful.

But actually, education has much more to itself than just grabbing a lucrative job offer and settling well in life. Real education helps in gaining real knowledge – knowledge which will help in realizing truth of life, potential of life. It will help in eradicating the dark side of our self and show us the right path. This growth and development of the self will help in facing the real world in the best manner.

Education does not start from a point and end at a point. It is like a river, which keeps on flowing. The more one flows with the tide, the better will his education be. With the right kind of education, you will learn to appreciate all aspects of life – good and bad, ugly and beautiful, bright and dark etc. You are also sure to develop better analytical skills and will be able to handle problems in a mature and effective manner with right kind of education.

Education is not limited to bookish knowledge. There is much more to explore!

By Maanasi

Speech on Health

Speech on Health

Wishing everyone present here a very good and warm morning. Today I have been asked to say a few words on health.

We have all heard the common adage ‘health is wealth’ and this is true from all aspects. Until and unless we have good health, we will not be able to do anything. If our daily and routine activities get hampered if our health is not in our favor. Therefore maintaining proper health is very important. There was a time when people did not pay much attention to their health. Nowadays people have become more conscious and control what they eat, how much they eat and so on. Infact they also calculate the amount of calorie intake as per the need of their health.

Along with proper and guided eating, another thing which is important for good health is regular exercising. Majority of the people nowadays have sedentary jobs where there is minimal or no physical activity whatsoever. This lack of exercise causes various kinds of health disorders. Thus, it is recommended that a minimum amount of exercise should be included in the daily regimen of people. The exercise can be as simple as walking if managing time for other kinds of exercises seems difficult.

There is another aspect which I would like to bring to notice of all. When we talk of health, mostly we refer to physical health. But for overall wellbeing of an individual, one needs to be healthy physically as well as mentally. A person who is not well mentally will not be able to perform to his optimum. Infact his physical health will also start deteriorating. One way to stay mentally healthy is by keeping stress under control. Also there are various ways in which stress can be alleviated. Try these at home.

Progress of an individual is only possible when he is physically as well as mentally healthy. And only healthy individuals can make up a progressive society and country as whole.

By Maanasi

Speech on College Life

Speech on College Life

Hello everyone, today I am here to speak something on college life.

I am sure that among the audience I am addressing here today, there are many who have already crossed the thresholds of college life and there are many who will be stepping into college in the coming years. In India, college life begins right after school, after one passes Class 12. There are numerous streams in which students can enroll themselves and choose the subject of their choice for further studies.

Anyone who wants to pursue education after school will have to go to college. College life is an integral part of the life of any individual looking for higher education. After school, college is the first step in the outer world and one is initially a bit stunned. College is a place where one’s career is made or broken. The first step in this regard is choosing the right stream and subject of study. In college our horizons start expanding. We come in contact with students from various places. While some of them become friends for life, some remain as acquaintances only.

In college one is considered as an adult and is expected to take responsibility of one’s own actions. A sense of freedom comes in, where you are given some liberty to lead the life you want. But it is on the individual as how he maintains balance. In college life, bunking classes, going to movies, enjoying with friends, going on trips is quite common. There is no one in college to keep a tab on students; it is his/her own responsibility.

It is obvious that people make lovely memories in college. When you check your scrapbook or your photo albums later in life, you will see that these times were the best days in your life probably. If you can balance your life in college well, you are expected to be sorted for the rest of your life. Use this platform well and judiciously.

By Maanasi