Speech on Importance of Books

Speech on Importance of Books

Good day to everyone here. I will speak on a very interesting topic – importance of books.

It has been said time and again that books are a man’s best friend. It is needless to say that books occupy an extremely significant role in our lives. Anyone and everyone can desert you in your life, but books will never leave you. This is the reason, it is said that a bibliophile needs nothing and no one else for company, because he has the unending and never tiring companionship of his books.

Books are storehouse of knowledge and information. Reading opens up new horizons for all of us. We get to know about so many things by reading about something. The information that we gain helps us in enriching our knowledge. It improves our thinking capabilities and reasoning abilities. Without books, we would have been left in the dark, not being able to know about vital things of life.

Books can be on any subject – practically any subject under the sun. And you can choose the ones as per your choices and preferences. Reading helps in improving our-self and this has been proved again and again. Reading is the key to self-improvement as levels of understanding get better with more and more reading. One is able to face life efficiently and take decisions judiciously with proper understanding.

It is recommended to each and every parent that kids should develop the habit of reading for sure. Once a child feels the joys of reading, he will never ask for anything else but books. Gift him books on special occasions or just like that. Reading will open up his imaginative world. His creativity and innovation will get inspiration from reading.

It is true that with development of technology, e-books have come into the market and gained popularity as well. However, for book lovers a paperback will always be the preferred choice any day over e-books or any other format of reading.

By Maanasi

I’m proud to be an Indian – Speech

I’m proud to be an Indian – Speech

Good morning everybody. Today I am very lucky in delivering a speech on a topic, which is very close to my heart. I’ll be speaking on I am proud to be an Indian. And there is absolutely no doubt about the same.

Every Indian across the globe feels immensely proud when he sees the national flag unfurling or listens to the national anthem. India is a country which has an extremely rich and vivid historical and cultural significance. The culture of the country dates back to probably more than 10,000 years. This is the land where innumerable grand events, inventions, knowing, understanding developed and which are considered valid and logical till date. It is in this very India, where some of the greatest mathematicians, philosophers, musicians, artists, scientists, educationists, mystics, gurus of the world were born.

India is country with innumerable diversities. Right from geography, culture, customs, religions, traditions, festivals, cuisine, language, clothes – everything in the country is varied. The diversity can also be seen in the geography of the country. All kinds of possible landscapes can be seen in the country – mountains, plateaus, seas, coastal areas, deserts, plains, forests, rivers – everything is there in the country. India enjoys six seasons in majority of the states.

Though India is considered as a developing nation, the rate of development that is taking place here is quite fast. Today we have worked hard and improved significantly in various sectors including that of education, medical facilities, housing infrastructure, science and technology, defense and so on. Industrial developments have also taken place in the country quite well.

It is true that there are still many problems and faults in our own country. But it is we Indians who have to solve these issues on our home. We have to identify the problems and work in a way to deal with them successfully. Even with the lacks and the lags, I will always be very proud of my country, which personifies unity in diversity.

By Maanasi

Speech on Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Speech on Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Good morning everyone. Today I will be talking on one of the glaring issues with which young people are afflicted and parents are highly worried regarding the same.

Yes, you guessed it right. I will be talking on junk food and the harmful effects that come with the consumption of the same. Well, junk food needs no special introduction. Burgers, fries, pizzas, pastries, fried foods, chips etc. are some of the most common kinds of junk foods to which kids and young people are highly addicted. It is needless to say that these junk foods are great in taste. Along with being delicious, they are filling, readily available and most importantly hassle-free. Most of them are ready to eat and one does not need time to cook them; just bring them home and gorge on them.

Though junk food is tasty, these foods come with varieties of side effects. These foods are not nutritiously balanced too. When consumed on regular basis, these foods start affecting health adversely. One of the most common problems that arise due to regular consumption of junk food is obesity. Since these foods are loaded with sugars, salts, carbs, fats and calories, they are not very healthy. Energy levels of the body are brought down with these foods.

Junk foods are difficult to digest. This is because these foods contain high amounts of fats and oils. One feels full for a longer time due to improper digestion. The liver and the pancreas tend to get affected with regular consumption of junk foods. Since these foods lack micro-nutrients like minerals and vitamins and important dietary fibers, the whole digestive system gets affected. Due to increasing fat and cholesterol levels in the body, various kinds of heart ailments and cardiovascular disorders can also start developing in the body.

Last but not the least, junk foods are highly addictive in nature. It is very difficult to wean one away from this addiction if attempts are not made in the initial stages only.

By Maanasi

Speech on Girl Child Education

Speech on Girl Child Education

Hello everyone. Today I am up on the podium to speak a few words on a very important issue – girl child education.

It is true that you must have read and listened to many speeches on the topic of girl child education. But have you really thought about the same seriously ever? Education is needed for every child – irrespective of the gender. And when it comes to education of the girl child, it should be made mandatory. It is quite sad but true that in many places till now, a girl child is thought of as a burden, she is ill-treated, not given the chance to study and pushed off on a groom’s shoulder at tender age.

Today great deal of emphasis is laid on girl child education. And it has been seen that performance of girls in studies is way better than that of boys. When the girl child receives proper education, she is empowered with knowledge and learning. Her talent is appreciated. She becomes powerful, resourceful and educated and is able to take important decisions of her life.

We know that education is very important not only for the individual self, but for the overall progress and prosperity of a society. In all developed nations, both men and women are well educated. With proper education, a woman can choose the profession she wants to be in. Her aspirations and ambitions can be fulfilled. Hosts of opportunities open up before her.

When a girl is educated, she becomes a better mother for her child as well in future. She can pass on the good values to the child and teach him/her as needed. This is very important as the child learns his first lessons from his mother only.

With girl child education, a strong nation can be built as well. Keeping the girl child away from education will only prove to be detrimental to the society.

By Maanasi

Speech on Fast Food

Speech on Fast Food

Warm wishes and a very good morning to everyone present here. Today I would like to give a small speech on a topic which is becoming a grave concern in our present modern life. And it is regarding the ever-increasing consumption of fast food.

Fast food has made a very rapid entry into our lives for various reasons. One of the main ones among them is the changed lifestyle that people lead. Eating healthy and nutritious food has kind of taken a complete backseat. Fast foods either come in the already cooked format or in pre-cooked form. Thus, it takes lesser time for preparing the food than normal eatable. In today’s extremely busy and hectic schedule, this seems to be highly convenient.

Another reason for popularity of fast food is that it is tasty to eat. When compared to regular food, these foods tantalize the taste buds. This is because of high amounts of sugars, salts, spices and other ingredients. Nutritional elements and dietary fiber are negligible or absent in these foods. This is the reason these foods are considered as unhealthy. They tend to increase blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and many other parameters in the body. Many of these food items contain flavors, various kinds of chemicals, colors as well as preservatives. These have harmful side effects, some of which are pretty grave and serious.

There are many disadvantages of taking junk foods. You might not even understand when the damage will be done. These foods lead to cravings and one tends to pile on food even if one is not really hungry. This leads to obesity and unwanted weight gain, which is difficult to lose. The stubborn fat gets deposited and refuses to just go.

Having fast foods and junk foods once in a while is quite okay and not harmful as well. Maintaining the right balance is what is important.

By Maanasi

Speech on Fashion Among Students

Speech on Fashion Among Students

Good morning all. Today, I will be speaking a few words on a topic, which is quite common and worrying as well – ‘fashion among students’. I said worrying because many parents are greatly perturbed by the fact that their kids are more interested in fashion than in studies. This usually happens in college, just after one passes out from school.

College life brings with it a certain amount of freedom and liberty. The first freedom is from uniforms of any kind. Colleges don’t have uniforms and you can wear the dress you want to college. In fact, colleges are places where the latest fashion trends can be checked out. Young boys and girls like to follow the current trends in dresses, makeup as well as in accessories and try to look their best. In fact, some of them become more obsessed with fashion and studies take a back seat. This should not happen.

Following fashion trends blindly cannot be allowed for students. There are many costumes and accessories, which seem okay for the fashion arena, but not for school or college.

It is the duty of the parents to help their child in understanding as what kind of fashion is suitable for college and what is not. Students in this age group are usually excessively sensitive, so it is very important that they are handled in the right manner and things are explained to them in a very friendly manner. When explained with the right reasons, there is no question of them not understanding what is being said.

Following fashion among students is quite common and there is nothing wrong in it until and unless it is adequately balanced. Students just have to understand and maintain that. The most important thing is that they should not blindly follow fashion; they should know what is comfortable and suitable for them.

By Maanasi

Speech on Faith

Speech on Faith

Hello and good morning to all who are present here today. I have been asked to say a few words on ‘faith’. Well, initially the subject seemed quite easy, but when I started preparing for it, it turned out to be pretty difficult.

There are different ways in which the term faith has been used and discussed since primitive times. While some call faith as belief; some find trust and faith to be synonymous. Understanding the actual meaning of faith, therefore is quite difficult.

The most common usage of faith is when we use it in referring to God or some kind of superpower. Whenever someone loses hope and becomes weak, we often ask them to have faith in God and that everything will be okay. In such a case, faith is like a confidence that God will take care of the situation and show a solution to the problem. The situation might be truly grave, but the faith that bad times will pass gives us strength at that moment.

Another aspect of faith, which is also kind of trust is the basis of many relationships in our society. It is believed that without the foundation of trust, friendship and faith cannot take place. The faith and trust starts building and gets stronger with passage of time. This is the reason when there is a breach of trust or faith, it becomes so very painful.

It is quite interesting to know that the concept of faith has been used extensively in literature and literary works by eminent writers. Religious aspects of faith as well as the human aspects have been dealt with in the works. Different perspectives have been highlighted and well explained in the literary works.

To summarize faith is an integral part of our lives in different ways. Faith not only imparts confidence in the self but is also beneficial for others. In fact, there are times when faith helps in finding your purpose in life. Thank you for listening to my speech and have a nice day.

By Maanasi

Speech on Exercise is Good for Health

Speech on Exercise is Good for Health

Good morning everybody. I would be talking a bit on how exercise is good for health.

It is a common adage that ‘health is wealth’. Until and unless we have good health, we will not be able to work on any aspect of life. And when we talk of health, it is not only physical health, but also mental health. For overall development and progress, it is important that the overall health of an individual is maintained.

We all know that various kinds of environmental factors impact our health. With increasing pollution, stress, anxiety and many other factors, the health of individuals is seen to deteriorate. Lifestyle has also changed over the years and poor and reckless lifestyle is also one of the contributors to bad health. However, there is one way of addressing this issue to some extent – exercising.

We have heard right from our childhood that exercising helps in keeping a healthy mind as well as a strong body. And it is true. Majority of the jobs nowadays have become sedentary in nature and involves minimal or absolutely no physical work. Various kinds of health issues emanate from this. Health experts opine that exercise is required in some quantity for maintaining health and fitness.

If you think that by exercising, rigorous working out is meant, you are mistaken. It does not have to be necessarily so. Mild and light exercises are also of great help for health. Take out a little time every day for yourself and start exercising for a fit and healthy body and mind. You can just start with brisk walking and jogging. Later you can add on other free hand exercises to the routine. However, if you want to take the exercising to the next level at the gym or fitness center, do it in consultation with a fitness trainer.

It is true that exercising is good for health, but should be done in moderation. Over-stressing yourself with exercise will only do more harm than doing good. Let us learn a few points from this speech and take a positive step towards including exercise in our daily regimen.

By Maanasi

Speech on Equality

Speech on Equality

Hello everyone. Today I will be rendering a speech on an important debatable topic – Equality!

The term equality is extremely expansive, there are so many things which are integral part of ‘equality’. In my speech, I will try to focus on each aspect of equality in the best way possible.

First and foremost, I would like to say something on social equality. By this kind of equality, we aim to have a society in which people within a same group will have and maintain same status. There would be no difference in social statuses in the same group and hence no chances of any kinds of discrimination.

Economic equality is another kind of equality, which is important. The disparity between the economic groups of people can be minimized to quite an extent. Everyone should at least have the basic needs fulfilled.

Equality in opportunity has become a burning issue today. The idea was begun to bring the backward classes at par with general people so that they don’t be deprived of the facilities and amenities of life. However, the idea became a kind of boomerang. Today ‘general’ people are at back-foot and the so called ‘backward’ classes have become the forerunners. With abundant facilities and discounts in every sphere of life, equality in opportunity should be practiced in the right manner.

Racial equality is also vital in a country where there are innumerable races, cultures, castes, creeds, customs, rituals, religions, skin colors and so on. There should be no discrimination based on the above mentioned factors in any manner for racial equality.

Gender equality is also a burning concern. Even today, a male child is given prominence and importance over a girl child. The problem is deep-rooted and there in rural as well as urban areas, even in well-educated families.

Equality is important for the development of the human race and should be followed.

By Maanasi

Speech on Environment for Students and Children

Speech on Environment for Students

A warm welcome to everyone present here and a very good morning. Today I would be speaking on a topic, which is well-known to all of you – our environment.

First and foremost, I would like to mention what is environment. It is our ambience and our surroundings in which we live. We are all directly connected to the environment as it impacts our lives in profound ways. Our very foundation is based on the environment. We might become scientifically and technologically advanced, but we must never forget our debts to the environment.

We all know that presently the environment is under great stress and threat, primarily due to intense human intervention and interference. Man, to fulfill his selfish desires and ambitions, is bringing harm and destruction to the environment. He is being ruthless in destroying nature and making facilities and amenities for himself. Forest areas are being cleared rampantly for constructions and buildings. With increasing population of the world, the demands are continuously increasing. And the impact of the same is being borne by the environment.

We all know how we are depleting natural resources to meet our needs. Since the sources are limited, they are sure to get exhausted at one point of time. This is the reason emphasis is being laid on using renewable sources of energy. Recycling of materials is being emphasized on so that wastage can be minimized and the process of disposal is also smoothened. This helps the environment in coping up with the stress in some manner. “Go Green” is the motto of the world today as a way to save the environment.

High levels of pollution from various sources are also harming the environment adversely. This is the reason that natural gas and other means of fuels are being tried for running vehicles so that pollution can be minimized. Refining of wastes is also being done so that the rivers remain unpolluted as most of the wastes are dumped in the waters. It is our duty to protect the environment in the best way possible.

By Maanasi