Speech on AIDS day

Speech on AIDS day

I welcome all my dear teachers and students today as I give a small speech about AIDS on World AIDS day. We all know that World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1st December. This tradition has been started since the year 1988. It is an international day, which is dedicated towards raising awareness regarding AIDS, which is caused due to HIV.

AIDS Day is celebrated globally by health officials from the government sector, non-government organizations and by individuals independently. Education and awareness on AIDS control and prevention is imparted on AIDS Day. World Health Organization (WHO) includes AIDS Day among the eight official global public health campaigns.

As per latest reports, it has been known that AIDS has taken the lives of almost 28.9 – 41.5 million people in the world. Not only this, about 36.7 million people in the world are surviving with HIV infection. Due to the extent of the ailment, AIDS has been labeled as a prominent global health issue. With the introduction and access of antiretroviral treatment, there has been control on the death rates from the AIDS epidemic. Death rates were at its peak during the time 2004-2005.

The men who were behind the concept of World AIDS Day were Thomas Netter and James W Bunn. The idea was conceived in the year 1987 in the month of August by these two men. They were actually public information officers for the Global Program on AIDS at the World Health Organization. The idea was conveyed to Dr. Jonathan Mann, who was the then Director of the Global Programme on AIDS. The concept was highly appreciated and approved and it was recommended that World AIDS Day would be celebrated on 1st December.

Initially, the theme of AIDS Day was focused on young people and children. This was done as people in this age group were most affected by the problem. However, later the concept was changed as many people opined that people in all age groups were affected by AIDS. Today this day is celebrated all over the world with full enthusiasm.

By Maanasi


Speech on Advertisement

Speech on Advertisement

Hello dear teachers and my fellow students! Today, I will be giving a speech on advertisement and its many benefits to the common man. We all are well aware of different kinds of advertisements, which come before our eyes via various media.

Basically, promotions of products and services are the main aim of advertisements. These are ways of reaching out to more and more numbers of people so that they can be turned into customers. Each product or service is made keeping a target audience in mind and the advertising has to be done keeping this in mind. The most primitive kind of advertising is through oral publicity. However, now times have changed and so have advertisements. Innumerable channels are now available where excellent advertising of a product or service can be done.

Advertisements are an art in themselves. And the art form is not easy. Getting into the mind of the customers in a span of just a few seconds is not an easy task to accomplish. Lots of research and studies need to be done before creating an advertisement. Proper copy or script is also needed so that the message is conveyed clearly to the audience. Proper advertising helps in creating a bridge and connection between the buyer and the seller. With innumerable kinds of products in the same category, there is extremely stiff competition in the advertising industry.

Advertisements are an integral part of the marketing strategy and lots of brainstorming is involved in the same. Businesses make quite heavy investments when it comes to advertisements. We can say that an advertisement is successful, when it is seen to increase the sales of the product or the service of the business. Brand image is created with the help of advertisements. The personality of the product or service will decide the kind of advertisement, which will be made.

Along with advantages, advertisements also come with their share of disadvantages. Some of the advertisements are completely out of the theme of the nature of the business. Artificial demand for things is created through advertisements. Though advertisements decide our buying decision, make sure that you choose wisely.

By Maanasi