Short Essay on Newspaper

Newspapers have been in existence for quite some time now. Newspapers are the best way to inform the public about important events that have occurred around the world. With changing times, newspapers too have undergone a lot of changes to meet the needs of the modern readers.

Newspaper – Essay 1

A newspaper can be defined as a printed Publication that has a number of unstapled sheets are folded. These sheets are filled with news, various articles, and advertisements.

There are a number of reasons why newspapers play an important role in our day to day life. Mentioned below are a few of them.

  • Newspapers help carry the news from all over the world. A person sitting and one corner can know about the events happening and a different country all together.
  • Newspapers also provide us with a lot of information and helps improve our general knowledge.
  • Newspapers can also provide news about the economic situation of a country and all about its trade and commerce. It is also the ultimate updated news about sports, the games in the country and entertainment.
  • Using people is also ideal for business advertising. One of the advantages of newspaper is its massive reach. Any business that wishes to promote its products and services to a large number of people at the same time can place an ad in a newspaper.
  • All of us now live and text saturated situations. It is also important to know how valuable unplugging is. Instead of browsing online about the latest news or events, take some time to read out a newspaper. A newspaper can keep you engaged for hours together and does not even have side effects like the electronic gadgets.
  • The readings of newspaper are always focused. If you were to read news online with 6 tabs open on the web browser and the radio playing in the background would really be able to concentrate. Think once again?
  • Print certainly has the tangibility which an online website does not have.

So the next time you need to know about an event or news pick up a newspaper instead of your laptop and tablet.

By Maanasi

Newspaper – Essay 2

A lot of people love being in date about everything that is taking place either in their home, town, country or what is happening globally. What is a newspaper? It is a periodical publication that gives out all the relevant information happening in a given place. Newspapers as an information source are one of the most popular information sources in the world.

Newspaper is a primary information source that delivers information about events, political issues, social ceremonies and so forth. As a result of that, it is really important that we entirely rely on newspapers as our ultimate source of information. However, that does not mean we should not listen to the radio or watch TV. All these sources are important. Unlike other information sources, newspapers give you a chance to have a critical reading that helps you analyze, evaluate and sometimes criticize what the newspapers are saying. Different countries have different newspapers types’. Read on!

Types of Newspapers

They are various types of newspapers depending on the fields and area of specialization. They include mailed newspapers, business newspapers, sports business, shopper papers, free newspapers, community newspapers, and school newspapers. Each of them, have a different area of specialization. In other words, you can get the best services from different magazines depending on your preference and taste. Read on to know the uses of newspapers.

By Maureen

Updated on May 5, 2020

My Favorite Season (summer) – Short Essay

My Favorite Season (summer)

In India, we get to see lots of seasons, and we should feel very lucky about it because lots of other countries are not this fortunate. People here love winter very much because they love to flaunt their new jackets and suits in that season. However, personally, my favorite season is summer, and I have a lot of reasons for my choice:

  • I can say that I have a good physique and like all other people with a good physique, I too love to flaunt my biceps and other body parts so that my near and dear ones get inspired to live a healthy life, and my haters get jealous of it.
  • I feel very clumsy when I wear jackets and suits because I am a kind of person who wants to wear comfortable clothes and there are very fewer chances of remaining comfortable even after wearing jackets or suits. So, in summers, I get to wear t-shirts and shirts which are quite comfortable, so another reason for loving summer is my comfort as well.
  • In winters we don’t get to see a lot of sunlight and hence during the summer season, I try the best to tan my body and skin.
  • During the summer, vendors start selling various kinds of smoothies on the market. Though some of them are not very healthy but having unhealthy items once in a while is acceptable, and I love summer for offering me these delicious smoothies.
  • I love to work out during summer because it makes me sweatier and I feel more motivated by seeing the sweat of mine in the gymnasium.

These were a few reasons of mine for loving summer season the most. I am sure that there are very few summer lovers but my reasons for loving summer are unique, and I can proudly say there are very fewer species like mine in the world.

By Vishakha

Paragraph on Importance of Newspaper

Newspapers have been around for quite some time now. Their place in our lives is irreplaceable, and we are informed every day about important issues and events through the same. A newspaper is a publication which is printed and issued every day. It is filled with news from all segments and looks more like unstapled folded sheets.

Reading newspaper every day has its own benefits. Let’s learn more about them.

The importance of newspaper

  1. Students who read newspaper every day not only improve their reading and writing skills but are also updated with the events that happen. This increases their general knowledge.
  2. Teachers too can use the knowledge gained from the newspapers to enlighten the students and make them better human beings.
  3. Newspapers are also important for businesses as they get to know the information about the country’s economy and tax percentages and so on.
  4. People who are looking for employment also rely on newspaper job classifieds to find relevant jobs.
  5. Newspaper brings us the news from all around the world.
  6. Newspapers are quite budget friendly and thus can be used by people from all sectors. You get all the needed knowledge at a very nominal price.
  7. The weekly editions of newspapers focus on additional information like lifestyle, education, real estate and so on.

Reading a newspaper is a good habit that you also need to cultivate in your children. It is better late than never.

By Maanasi

Short Essay on Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Endangered species are animals that at high risk of going extinct. The main threat of these species is human beings. Some of them are poachers who kill them for their gains. Others have destructed their habitat. That has many adverse effects. They include hunger and exposure to poachers. There is also the consequences of climate change that also come as a result of human activities. The results of the extinction of the endangered species have a great negative impact on the lives of human beings. That is why there is a need for the protection of the same. It is only human beings who are wise and strong enough to protect them from their colleagues. This discussion points out the endangered species that need conservation.

The Endangered Species

  • Two types of gorillas are endangered. They are the Mountain and Cross Rivers Gorillas. That has been the case since 1996.
  • That same year, Amur leopard also became one of the endangered species. The main reason is their beautiful fur.
  • Elephants especially the Sumatran ones are also not safe. Their tusks are one of the reason. The other case is the destruction of their habitat.
  • The fur of tigers has also let to them becoming endangered species.
  • As for the rhinos, the case is extreme. There are five species, and three of them are almost extinct. They include Sumatran Rhino, Javan Rhino, and Black Rhino.
  • The scales of pangolin has also made them the most-hunted animals in the world.
  • Not even the sea is safe. That explains why vaquita is also on our list.
  • The Orangutan also need conservation. As of now, their population is around 6,000. They usually reduce by nearly 1% every year which is bad


There are others that are also under threat of extinction. Some are poached. Others have had their habitat destroyed. Something has to be done if these endangered species stand a chance to see tomorrow. Everyone should play a role in ensuring that it becomes the case. That includes helping and protecting them.

By Winnie

Short Paragraph on Importance of Hobbies

A hobby can be defined as an activity which is done by a person in his/her free time which he/she is passionate about. When an activity is done on a regular basis just for the sake of enjoyment, it is called a hobby. Collecting coins, playing guitar, etc. can be considered as hobbies.

The importance of a hobby is as follows:

  1. Hobbies are a very important part of life as they are what we really like to do and that makes us what we really are, e., our hobbies define our personalities.
  2. Hobbies can relax you and take away the stress & pressure of everyday life.
  3. One becomes skilled in a hobby by practicing it for long, which makes one more patient.
  4. One can create social contacts with people who share the same hobbies as you do.
  5. A hobby is known to increase your confidence level as it improves your sense of achievement.
  6. Spending leisure time doing a hobby is the best way of doing something productive and meaningful.
  7. It boosts your skill set and knowledge which will definitely come in handy in the future.

Therefore, investing time in a hobby is of great importance.

By Rohan

Essay on Importance of Good Manners

Good manners are something that you do or say in your day to day life. By excising these behaviors daily, it makes life to be more acceptable. With proper etiquette, you are watchful and mindful of other people’s feelings. It molds you into becoming a decent person in our society that others will admire and envy. Your parent or guardian taught you to “always do to others as you would wish them to do to you”, it goes a long way and will never fade.
When you show exceptional behavior everywhere you go, then you inspire others to behave the same way towards you. By you being respectful to others it demonstrates the good in you, and it will make others also to treat you with respect. It is essential to have proper etiquette since it is vital in all aspects of life.

The importance of good manners

  • Treating everybody with respect leaves an everlasting impression, and you will also be respected.
  • Being consistently courteous will set an excellent example for your children since they emulate what you do.
  • Following work ethics, incompetent manner seeks your positive attention and might lead to advancements.
  • Showing kindness to your clients boosts sales in your business and promotes growth.
  • When you and your partner practice respect, you will achieve a lot more together.
  • Having a refined social behavior with your friends will make your name to always be on the guest list of events or activities.
  • You being a good listener to others when they are speaking will make them want to listen when you talk.
  • By frequently using appropriate amenities, you escalate your levels of confidence naturally.
  • Your friends will always want to call you since you conduct yourself well around them.
  • Good manners advocate appreciation rather than a privilege.
  • Having proper etiquette results in an excellent first impression.
  • Politeness echo’s on the values you were taught by your family and teachers.
  • You may one day require something from someone, so courtesy goes a long way.
  • Proper behavior makes you choose your words sensibly and considerately.

Good manners are honestly dignity and respect for others. Being considerate of their wants and establishing a peaceful and outstanding community. Without good manners, our society would be a wreck.

By: Sheila

Short Paragraph on Labour Day

Labour day is celebrated in many countries, including India, on 1st May. It began at the time of industrialization. After protesting against the unfair treatment, maximum working hours were reduced to 8 hours. Labour day or Mayday came into existence to celebrate their victory, and this day varies for different countries.

Labors and workers contribute to the development and functioning of a nation. They are the one who helps in production, manufacturing, transportation, and selling of goods. Labour day is a special occasion for all workers and employees, and they get an official holiday on this day.


Short Essay on Benefits of Early Rising

Do you have a reason to develop the habit of waking up early even when circumstances don’t demand it? If yes, you are on the right track. Nevertheless, if the response is a no, it is high time that you had a change of heart. It turns out that there are multiple benefits of early rising. Let us take a look at them.

Benefits of early rising

  • Once you wake up early, there are low chances of missing an appointment or arriving late. That way, you create a good impression which is healthy when it comes to building
  • Early rising simplifies commuting. Due to massive traffic during rush hour, it becomes hard to commute However, if you wake up early, you will avoid that.
  • Do you know that breakfast is one of the most important meals? Early rising ensures that you have ample time to not only prepare it well but also eat it.
  • If you plan to set or evaluate your goals, the best time to do that is early in the morning.
  • One’s productivity is at the highest in the morning. That is due to the minimal distractions at that hour. That makes early rising advantageous.
  • If you wake up early, you won’t have to get out of the bed in a rush. You will have time to do your morning chores well before leaving. Therefore, you start your day very well.
  • Have you ever had a quiet moment? If no, early rising is your great opportunity. The pin drop silence is conducive for many activities.
  • A busy schedule can disrupt exercise if you plan it for evenings. However, it will be a rare thing if you do that in the morning.


There are some benefits of early rising. No one can afford to lose such an opportunity. For that reason, it is a high time to set the alarm earlier than before. Make it gradual until you adjust fully.

By Winnie

Short Paragraph on Uses of Internet

The Internet is a public access Wide Area Network that connects millions of computers around the world. It is the most extensively used medium for the exchange of ideas and information.

Many of us use the Internet regularly as part of our daily lives. Indeed, the internet can rightly be termed as the greatest invention of the modern world.

Uses of Internet

There are several uses of the Internet. We have listed down some of the major ones here:

  • Source of news, research, and information.
  • Enables us to shop for all kinds of goods and services using e-commerce sites.
  • To access other computers.
  • To share photographs, video, and audio.
  • To study various study materials online.
  • A big source of entertainment.
  • Allows us to make financial transactions from the comfort of our home.
  • It helps us to know about the world.
  • Helps us to search for various jobs easily.
  • We can book tickets for flight, bus, and trains online using the Internet.
  • Bloggers love the internet. They can not only write what they wish but also publicize it through blogs and get appreciated.

Today, the internet has become one of the widest used modes of communication. Individuals, businesses, corporations, groups, etc. use the Internet extensively. The Internet has truly made our lives a lot easier.

Abhishyand Kumar