Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass

Biomass, the amount of living matter, tends to have pulp, paper, and forestry industries in high biomass areas. This source of energy is also grown for electricity production or used to produce heat. A building block of feed-stock, biomass is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Most of the biomass used in the world rely on incineration, also known as burning, and it includes plant or animal matter for the production of fibers or chemicals. Biomass is used to power most things used in our everyday lives, like cars, trucks, airplanes, and conventional power stations. This form of energy source is something that is valuable in making our lives easier.

With biomass being a huge part of our energy source, there are many advantages to having it used in our day to day lives, besides being used for powering vehicles. Some of these advantages are:

  • It is renewable
  • Less dependency on fossil fuels
  • It is carbon neutral
  • It is versatile
  • There is an abundance of biomass
  • It is low in cost compared to fossil fuels
  • Reduces wastes
  • Takes control of energy production
  • Produces heat
  • Powers manufacturing and industrial facilities

Even though biomass is a very important way of living for us, there are also disadvantages, to using biomass as a source of energy. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • It is expensive
  • It is harmful to the environment
  • Requires more land
  • Affects biodiversity
  • It is inefficient energy
  • It may lead to health hazard
  • Leads to deforestation
  • Declines sustainable behavior
  • Unpredictable when it harvests

Biomass may have gotten us through these years of production and automobiles, but it has not been easy having it in our environment because of the health issues it creates. Containing harmful bacteria, you will find that the waste material runs off into nearby waterways during a heavy rainfall. This is not good for communities being that bathing and drinking water is affected by it. However, the only way to fix the issues with having a resource like biomass is to try to find another resource with fewer hazards and more benefits. Unfortunately, for some communities, it is easier said than done.


Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Does television embrace your attention with complete entertainment? Do you love comedy, action or drama on t.v.? Is there a favorite show that keeps you coming back and watching? Then, watching television may always be that favorite thing you do whenever you want to pass time. You may even have a favorite day of the week that make you look forward to it because of your favorite television show. However, even though you love watching television, you may find that there are advantages as well as disadvantages to watching this form of entertainment which takes up small periods of your life.

Some of the advantages to enjoying your love of t.v. include:

  • Being a cheap source of entertainment
  • Being informed on what is going on in the world
  • Increases knowledge through televised education
  • People being motivated to pursue a career in television
  • Feeling less lonely
  • Helping with bonding with family and friends
  • Being able to watch it Do-It-Yourself shows (cooking, home remodeling, etc.)

While you may find that television has something for everyone to enjoy, there are many disadvantages to watching t.v.: Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Not good for your health
  • Easier to become antisocial
  • Can be a waste of time
  • Ruins relationships
  • It is all about consumerism
  • Can be addictive

– Leatra

Why should we save trees? – Essay

Trees play a vital role in our lives and in our world. They provide us with shade and beautify the landscape. However, they are not only magnificent to look at but are also vital for the sustaining life on planet earth. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which we exhale and convert it into oxygen which we breathe. However, over-exploitation of land has lead to a severe depletion in the number of trees in this world. That has led to visible changes in our environment like the extreme climate changes which are being experienced globally. The Global warming effects of carbon dioxide have caused the average temperature of the atmosphere to change causing widespread destruction and potentially irreversible changes in our landscape. It is critical that forests and trees in urban areas, such as parks, are conserved and sustainability managed across the world.

Here are a few reasons why saving trees are so important:

  • Trees absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by us and release back oxygen into the environment which we breathe in. That is vital for sustaining life on earth.
  • They absorb the greenhouse gasses and store carbon. That helps in maintaining the critical balance in the atmosphere.
  • Trees act as a sound barrier and reduce noise pollution. Having trees on the edges of the road reduces noise pollution drastically.
  • Trees act as a natural air filter by trapping dust, smoke and absorbing other pollutant gases from the atmosphere.
  • They provide food in the form of fruits and leaves.
  • Trees provide shade to humans and wildlife in warm weather.
  • Barks of some trees have medicinal properties which help in healing wounds.
  • Trees provide habitat and food for animals and birds.
  • Tree roots help in holding the top layer of the soil and thus prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees add beauty to property and increase its market value.
  • They help us in tracking the seasons by the changes in their leaves and branches.
  • Shade from the trees slows down the rate of evaporation from lakes and ponds to conserve water.
  • Trees absorb and store rainwater which aids the groundwater supply recharge and prevents flooding.
  • Selective harvesting of trees provides us with wood for fuel and crafting.

It is vital that we stop the over-exploitation of the natural resources and start planting more trees in our surrounding to protect the future of our Planet.

By Saket

Uses of Science in Our Daily Life – Essay

Science influences every aspect of our life. It has acted as a stepping stone for us to achieve innovative solutions for our everyday activities. Science plays a vital in everything whether its food, water, energy, traveling or even waste materials.

Science has played a vital role in the human evolution. It has aided humanity in every step, from being a caveman to building multi-storied buildings today; from starting a fire by striking two stones to the use of nuclear energy to sustain power needs of billions of people.

Science has helped us understand changing climates and ways to protect ourselves from harsh weather. Moreover, it has also aided us in learning about our planet and the importance of protecting our environment.

In our daily life, we use science in almost everything without even realizing it. Science has been making our lives easier in innumerable ways such as:

  • Mobiles Phones and computers which we use for communicating with other people.
  • Fertilizers and farming equipment used to cultivate fruits & vegetables.
  • Television and Radio for video and audio entertainment.
  • Fans and air conditioners to cool ourselves in hot weather.
  • Electricity to run all our electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Medicines and other medical gadgets that are used to treat illness.
  • Paper is also a scientific invention.
  • Use of clocks and watches to keep track of time.
  • For playing games in the playground like football where we use science to decide how hard should the ball be kicked.
  • For transportation by using buses and other vehicles.
  • Clothes that we wear every day are made by using spinning and yarn mills which are a scientific invention.
  • Use of solar energy for water heating, cooking, etc. is a scientific innovation.
  • Washing utensils and clothes to make them clean and germfree.
  • The steam Iron we use for ironing our clothes to make them wrinkle-free.
  • For proper disposal of waste material for decomposition.

Science is involved in everything around us and this why studying it helps us in understand the fundamentals of our world. Science enlightens our mind and makes us more productive and efficient in performing our routine tasks. Science is not only involved in gadgets, but it can be used to study human behavior as well.

By Saket

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones – Essay

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. The invention of mobile phone was for providing portability to the general communication device, i.e. The Telephone. However, Mobile phones today serve a much broader purpose than just of a telecommunication device. Mobile phones can carry out functions of a majority of other electronic devices.

Following are some of the most significant uses of Mobile Phones:

  • The most basic use of mobile phone is for making calls
  • We can send and receive emails through it.
  • For communicating Via text messages
  • Mobile phones come with an organiser Planner which is helpful in planning out schedules.
  • The inbuilt camera feature of the mobile phone is convenient as one does not need to carry a separate camera to capture beautiful moments.
  • It has a browsing feature which is helpful in keeping updated with the latest information.
  • Financial Applications make it possible to carry out money transactions from the phone without the need to visit a bank every time.
  • E-commerce Applications are a great help in buying products easily using your Mobile phone.
  • Various social sharing sites on mobiles help in communicating with friends and meet new people from around the world.
  • Other features like Torch, Compass and GPS are beneficial for navigation

Every Technology has it misuses too. Here are some misuses of a mobile phone:

  • Use of cell phones while driving distracts the driver and can lead to accidents
  • Evil elements in the society can use cell phones to spread misinformation in the community.
  • Cameras on the mobile phone can use to click pictures of people without their consent.
  • Prolonged use of cell phones has a health hazard as the rays emitted by the phone can cause various physical ailments.
  • Students spend too much time on mobile phones which hurts their academics.
  • Cyberbullying through social media apps on phones causes emotional harm to innocent people.
  • Financial information like bank details can be stolen from phones and be used to steal money.
  • Continuously talking on the phone can use damage to ears.
  • Mobile phones camera can be used to record movies in theatres illegally.
  • Playing games on mobiles makes children inactive and affects their eyesight.

Even though there are many misuses of mobile phones, they are an indispensable part of modern life. Careful and limited use of this technology is the best way to utilise all the benefits of a mobile phone.

By Saket

Paragraph on the importance of pocket money for children

Pocket money offers a variety of benefits for both the child and the parents. Giving pocket money to children teaches them the importance of financial planning. They learn how to save and carefully spend money. That strengths their skills for budgeting in the future and protects them from falling in early debts.

While they learn how to save, once they have made accumulated enough savings they also learn to cherish the result. An early habit of saving in children leads them to make significant and smarter savings in the future.

It also helps in making children understand the value of money and make them responsible. That makes them realize the importance of other things as well as toys and ensures that they responsibly handle these things in the future.

Pocket money can also be used as a reward mechanism. Parents can give pocket money once the child has completed his/her tasks like doing homework, making their bed, etc. That helps in motivating the child to work hard and brings a sense of discipline in their lives at an early stage.

Giving pocket money grants a certain level of independence to the kid which they do not usually get with their parents. Having some money in the pocket can be useful for them during small emergencies like if they are alone at home or traveling by themselves. Being able to be self-independent also shapes their personality for the future.

– Saket

Paragraph on Importance of Spoken English

English is the official language of 53 countries in the world and is spoken by more than a quarter of the world’s population. No matter where you are, there is a high probability that someone around speaks English. These are many benefits of spoken English.

Most of the highly accredited universities in the world require the students to be fluent in written as well as spoken English. Being good at spoken English increases your chances of getting admitted into reputed universities.

English is considered to be the official language for conducting business. If your English is fluent, it makes it easier to conduct meetings with your clients and aids in other daily business activities. It also opens the prospects of your global success as you can expand your business in other countries, thanks to excellent communication skills.

When you are traveling to another country, language is the most significant barrier. Having good English speaking skills helps you in communicating with the local people as well as understanding their culture. Moreover, you can also build friends all over the world just having the proper understanding and effect live communication skills in English.

Hollywood dominates the entertainment industry all over the world. It is an excellent source of entertainment a and if you are good at speaking English than you will not have to rely on subtitles and translations to enjoy the latest songs and Films.


Paragraph on Importance of Hard Work

Success cannot be attained by luck or chance. Setting up goals to achieve and charting a path to achieve these goals also requires work. The harder one works for reaching these goals higher is the probability of being successful.

Hard work involves bringing discipline in work and life. It helps in the optimal management of time and efforts to make your input more productive.

Working hard towards your goal will help in building a good character. A hard-working person is ethical and doesn’t look for easier paths. It strengthens your honesty and belief in yourself.

A hard-working person always draws others attention. Society cherishes the presence of people who are invariably pursuing their goals with strong efforts and positive attitude. Such admiration from other people also opens the doors for new opportunities and more success.

While you are working hard on reaching a goal, you realize its importance more than others, and when ultimately you achieve the result you can appreciate and value it more because of your efforts. That also builds up your confidence and gives you the courage to aim higher.

As it is said, there is no shortcut to success. Success requires hard work and dedication. The end goal is not the only thing that defines success; it can also be measured by the essential life lessons one learns while working hard to reach the goal.


Short Paragraph on Importance of Good character

We always judge a person by their character. A person with good character attracts more attention than someone who shows traits of a bad character. A person with good character is usually associated with qualities like honesty, integrity, and courage.

Having a good character helps in attaining success in carrying out our responsibilities. Whether it is about acting like a leader at work or impressing the seniors at work, the ethical behavior of a person with good character makes it easy to achieve these tasks.

Good character is not only crucial at work but also in personal life. It aids in understanding others and be empathetic to their emotions. That helps in building a stronger relationship with friends and family.

Having a good character is essential to attain respect in society. As we know, respect cannot be bought nor sold. It can only be earned by practicing moral behavior. An honest and honorable person is trusted by others and creates an excellent reputation not just for himself but for his near ones as well.

A good character defines our past and present and creates the path to a glorious future.


Short Paragraph on Importance of family

In this modern age when most of our social activities are taking place over social media, people seem to have forgotten the value of a family. However, unlike other people we meet through our life journey, family always stays by our side in every scenario.

Family accepts you with all your flaws. There is nothing artificial about it. In fact, it is the most honest relationship one can ever have. They forgive us for our worst mistakes and still expect nothing in return.

Family acts like your backbone when facing treacherous conditions and when you fall, they provide you with emotional and every other form of support to get back up and face the situation.

Most importantly, the family is a unit. They are not just there to support you in your bad times; they are there to celebrate your success with you like it is their own.

Family Provides us with a sense of belonging. No matter where you go, your family will always be what you can call as ‘Home.’ They provide a center to the universe, and whenever you feel lost, just a quick reminder of your family lifts you up.

No matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, nothing can replace the importance of family in our lives.

– Saket