Short Paragraph on Milk

Short Paragraph on Milk

Most of the milk we drink is cow’s milk, a true food. Buffalo’s milk is rich. Goat’s milk is bitter. In some countries men drink camel’s milk, asses and mares too.

Cow’s milk is the best. It is a perfect food.

Animals that give milk to their young ones are called mammals. Babies and young children live on this ideal food.

It is the best kind of food to the sick people. It is taken in tea and coffee. Milk is a good food and we get butter, ghee and cheese from it.

Milk is used in making puddings, custard and other various sweets. Milk can be turned into curd by certain acid. Curd is eaten largely in India. It is called junket in England. Every person should see to it that the pots and pans by which milk is supplied are properly and perfectly cleaned.

A cow may have a disease in its body; to drink milk of such a cow is dangerous. They must be kept in clean place and properly fed.

– Paridhi Khanna

Short Paragraph on The Peacock

Short Paragraph on The Peacock

The peacock is called the queen of the birds. The male peacock is a lovely beautiful bird. Its long neck is covered with blue feathers. It body is blue and green. Its glory is its tail. It opens its long tail like a great fan sometimes when it feels pleasure.

The female peacock is a plain brown bird and she has no tail like her husband. She has all the beauty.

In India, peacocks are sacred birds. It is called the mount of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. In spite of this, peacocks are great thieves. They do great damage to the crops. They are dangerous to the snakes. It is said that they can smell the coming rain. They give harsh screams.

The peacock expands its plumage at the time of dancing. The beauty of the peacock is unparallel and wonderful. Peacock is the national bird of India.

– Paridhi Khanna

Short Paragraph on The Dog

Short Paragraph on The Dog

The dog is four-footed animal. They are very clever animals. It is also very useful. Dogs are of different kinds and sizes. Grey hound, Bull dog, Spaniel, Fox Terier, Alcetian, Lamp dog etc. The foreign dogs are very beautiful. They are strong and fond of hunting. Some dogs are 4 to 5 feet in length and 2 feet in height. Some are very short in size. Dogs have long soft hairs. Its teeth are very sharp. Eyes are bright, ears are log and the tail is large. It has soft flesh at the bottom of its foot. It has five nails in the fore foot and four in the rear. The dog is very faithful to its master. It pets easily. It has a keen sense of smelling hearing and seeing.

The dog lives on meat, fish, milk, rice, etc. It gives birth to four to five young ones at a time. It lives for 15 to 20 years. Dogs can be seen in almost all the countries of the world.

The dog is called the best friend of man. They defend their masters at the cost of their life. Dogs are trained to drag sledges, for hunting and detecting thieves and criminals by the police. The good sheep dog can look after a flock of sheep almost as well as the shepherd. Dogs can be trained to do many kinds of useful work.

– Paridhi Khanna

Short Paragraph on Child Labor

Short Paragraph on Child Labor

Children in the society should be nurtured and helped to develop their potentialities. The adults should shoulder the responsibilities of the child and provide him the basic necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter. Yet we do find children at work in factories and mines. Children are engaged as servants in households and restaurants. They also earn their living by working as hawkers and vendors. This is a pitiful condition.

The Government has enacted several laws prohibiting all forms of forced labor and child labor. The Right against Exploitation, one of our fundamental rights, explicitly declares that children should not be exploited. The Children Act 1933 bans engagement of children in work in return for wages. The Employment of Children Act of 1938 bans child-labor in carpet weaving, bidi-making etc. The Factories Act of 1948 and the Shops and Establishment Act also put a ban on child-labor. These laws should be executed properly by governmental and non-governmental authorities to give the children their rightful place in the society.

– Paridhi Khanna

Importance of Library in School

A school library have a large collection of books on different subjects. The books are generally arranged serially on the shelves of big book-cases. There is also a catalogue of the books available in the library. A librarian in charge of the library.

The school library is an essential part of a school. Every school should have a good library. Students should always try to spend my spare time fruitfully at the library.

The school library has a great importance. The books can be borrowed for a few days. Students can also read different sorts of journals and magazines in the reading room of the library.

Library is very important for the mental and intellectual growth of a growing student. The library increases his thirst for knowledge and curiosity. And the poor student can borrow their text books from it. Thus, the school library has become a great friend and teacher of the students. A school library plays an important role in the overall development of a child.

– Pankaj Kapoor.