Short Paragraph on Rainy Season

Rainy season is my favorite season. It comes after the long and warm summer weather. The arrival of the rainy season provides a respite to human, animals, and plants from the heat and dryness of summer. It usually starts at the end of June and continues until the end of September.

  • The surroundings become very beautiful during this season.
  • The greenery spreads everywhere, and the ponds and lakes are replenished with water.
  • It is also essential for replenishment of groundwater which we consume every day.
  • This season is critical for farmers who cultivate a majority of the crops in this season.
  • Rainy season is marked by many festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, etc.
  • We have to be very careful in this season as the stagnation of water leads to the spreading of various infectious diseases.
  • Too much rain leads to floods which cause loss to people and wildlife.

Everyone welcomes the rainy season for its benefits to us and the earth. It has even inspired many poets and other artists.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, also known as Gurudev, was a poet, writer, philosopher and educator. He wrote mostly in Bengali language and later on translated his works into English. His poetry is viewed as spiritual and impulsive.

  • He was born in Calcutta on 7th May 1861 in a wealthy family.
  • He received his education at his home only, and though he went to England when he was 17 to finish his formal schooling, he did not complete his studies there.
  • He used to manage his family estate which brought him closer to ordinary people and raised his interest in social reforms.
  • He started a school named Shanti Niketan where he tried his different idols for Education.
  • He was involved in the independence movement and was a close friend of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Tagore was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature in 1913 making him the first Non-European to receive this prestigious Honor.
  • He passed away on August 7th, 1941 in Calcutta.

India’s national anthem was written by Rabindranath Tagore which signifies his contribution towards art and his country.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Poetry

Poetry is an art form in the literature which involves the formation of words having a pattern, rhythm, and rhyme. It can be in a condensed or compressed form for conveying emotions or ideas to the reader’s or listener’s mind.

  • Poetry mostly consists of literary and oral works that have language used in a manner that it is felt the audience.
  • Fundamental poetry is in the form of verse, called a stanza. A poem can be made up of multiple stanzas involving the use of chorus for effects.
  • Poetry has a long history dating back to the pre-historic times with the creation of poems by the thing parties in Africa.
  • The oldest surviving poem is the Epic of Gilgamesh, which was written in the 3rd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia.
  • Poetry has been used by renowned scholars and philosophers to enlighten the world with their innovative thoughts about the culture and society.
  • Poetry has played a significant role in inciting emotions of the public during major political movements like the Quit India Movement, Russian revolution, etc.

Poetry is not just for an art form for entertainment but a treasure of knowledge which has passed on through many civilizations for centuries.

By Saket

Night before examination – Short Paragraph

A night before the examination is like a race against time. All the hard work and time spent for studying throughout the year is tested in one last exam. A day before the exam, I spend the whole day studying the books and my notes.

  • As the night falls, I am surrounded by my books, trying to go through every chapter one more time.
  • I revise the chapters at least twice before the morning exam.
  • My elder brother helps me out in clearing any last minute doubts on any topic.
  • After revision, I try solving some of the sample question papers which my brother later checks and highlights my mistakes.
  • The mistakes in answering the sample papers raise my nervousness to the peak, so to calm me down my mother gives me tea and tries to build my confidence.
  • Before sleeping, I pray to god to help me pass the examination.

I get over excited as well as extremely nervous before an exam. Excited as I know, I have studied as much I could and nervous as I fear skipped anything by mistake. But all this helps in doing well in the exam.

By Saket

My Lunch – Short Paragraph

Lunch is an essential meal of the day. I carry my lunch box every day to school as home-cooked food is the best source for replenishing energy in school during the daytime. Most of my classmates also bring their lunch from home while some of them buy food at the school canteen.

  • During our lunch break, we go to the school garden to have lunch.
  • We find a spot and all sit down in a circle with our lunch boxes.
  • My mother makes sure that I carry a nutritious meal and avoid consuming junk food.
  • I usually take three rotis and cooked vegetable which my mother makes in the morning.
  • My friends also carry similar kind of meal, and we all share the food in our group.
  • Saturdays lunch is the best as my mother packs vegetable sandwiches in my lunch box as the day is short.
  • Along with lunch, I bring juice or lemon water in my bottle to have during lunchtime.

A nutritionally balanced lunch is essential for growth and development. It also refreshes the mind and keeps the body energized for the rest of the day.

By Saket

My House – Short Paragraph

My house is located in Mulund area of Mumbai. Name of my society is Ashray, and our house is a double story bungalow. My family of nine members lives together in this house. My uncle and his family live on the ground floor while my grandfather, parents and I and my brother live on the second floor.

  • We have a small garden after the entrance gate of our house.
  • We have planted various flowering plants like rose, lily, etc. in the garden.
  • The rooms in my house are big and very airy.
  • During the morning the sunlight comes directly into my room through the window which makes me feel fresh and energetic to start the day.
  • We have one kitchen in the house which is on the ground floor.
  • There is a common playground of the society in the center where all children play in the evening.
  • There are different shops near my home from where we can buy all the daily necessities.

House is a place where we live with joy and harm. I am lucky to be living in a house that is full of love and is very comfortable for living.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on My Ambition

To achieve something in it is very important to decide your aim at an early stage. My ambition in life is to become a doctor. I have always been fascinated by the contribution of doctors to our society. They help ailing people every day which is the ultimate act of kindness.

  • I aim to be a Doctor so that I can help in preventing and treating diseases.
  • I want to run a special clinic where I will provide free treatment to sick people who otherwise cannot afford to pay for it.
  • I would also work with my community and guide them towards taking steps that will help in preventing outbreaks of various diseases.
  • I will also behave politely with everyone and will try to understand their pain.
  • Studying in depth about life-threatening diseases will enable me to find a cure for some of the incurable ailments.
  • It will help in winning the respect of my pears and bring pride for my country.

It is not easy to become a Doctor, but I will study hard and excel in the particular subjects so that I can realize my ambition in future.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Music

Music plays a very significant role in our lives. It’s a way to calm and relax after the daily struggles of life. Moreover, music is of many types, and everyone has a different taste in music. Some people like soft or slow music while others find loud and fast music to be more entertaining.

  • Listening to slow music is like doing yoga as it relaxes our brain and calms down our thoughts.
  • Playing very soft music in the background during meditation helps in focusing our mind.
  • The same way playing such music during studying prevents us from deviating to other thoughts or disturbances.
  • Some people like to play fast music while they are playing outdoors or doing heavy exercises as it brings an adrenaline rush in the body.
  • Music has acted as an inspiration for many famous philosophers and artists.
  • It is also associated with almost every revolutionary moment as it helped in bringing together for a common cause.
  • Music like National anthems is always raising the patriotism in the citizens of the country.

Music is God’s gift to us. It has helped in spreading joy and happiness all over the world.

By Saket

A visit to an amusement park – Short Paragraph

For my 12th birthday, my parents arranged a trip for my friends and me to an amusement park. I loved going to an amusement park but hadn’t been to one in a long time. We all met at my house and then my parents drove us to the amusement park.

  • As we entered the park, I was amazed by just the sight of the enormous rides in the park.
  • People were dressed clowns and were performing silly tricks which were very funny.
  • We stood in the queue to board my favourite ride, the roller coaster. We were strapped onto the seats before the ride started.
  • The ride was mind-blowing. It went t such a height and then the sudden drop! It was a thrilling experience.
  • We also tried other rides like merry go-round etc.
  • There were shooting games also in which I was able to win a tennis ball.
  • We ate cotton candy and other delicious foods that were being sold in the park.

The next day when I went to the school, I shared my experience of this visit with all my friends. I had a perfect time in the amusement park and hoped that we go there again very soon.

By Saket

A memorable day in my life – Short Paragraph

Each day leaves us with varied experiences and memories. But some days are extraordinary, and we cherish the memories of that day for a long time. One such memorable day in my life was when my whole family went for a picnic. All my uncles and aunts and cousins were there.

  • We all met up early in the morning at our house and boarded the bus to travel to the picnic spot.
  • During the journey, the adults were talking among themselves while we children were playing musical games amongst us.
  • The picnic spot was located near a river. After reaching there, we all sat down and enjoyed breakfast and tea.
  • We all went to the stream and had a bath and played water games for a long time.
  • In the afternoon while having lunch, we divided our group into teams and played cricket.
  • By evening everyone was tired, and we boarded to the bus to head back home.

We had so much fun on this day and hoped that such a day happens more often. It’s a joyful memory that I will always remember.

By Saket