Essay on Bicycle – Types and Benefits

A bicycle is a human-powered and pedal-driven vehicle. The basic design of a bicycle has two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. Some people refer to the bicycle as a cycle or bike. A bike rider is called a cyclist or a bicyclist.

Bicycles were first introduced in Europe towards the end of the 19th Century. By the early 21st Century, over one billion bikes have been produced globally. In some parts of the world, bicycles are the primary means of transportation. They are also used for fitness purposes, racing, recreational purposes, and courier services. Currently, there are many types of bicycles that are available on the market. The selection depends on the preference of the cyclist and the purpose for which they intend to use the bike.

Types of Bicycles

There are several types of bicycles, based on the design and use:

  • Road bike. This bicycle is designed for fast riding on smooth pavements. It is skinny and has a lightweight design for enhancing speed.
  • Mountain bike. This bicycle is suited for rocky rough off-roads and steep trails. It is one of the most preferred bicycles.
  • Hybrid bike. It has both features of road bikes and mountain bikes. The hybrid bike is relatively comfortable, and it is capable of tackling off-road tracks and trails with ease.
  • Triathlon/Time trail bike. This bicycle is built precisely for time trial or triathlon events. Its special design maximizes on the bicycle’s aerodynamic properties.
  • BMX/Trick Bike. This bicycle is most popular with kids due to the small size. It is also suitable for the trick and stunt riding.
  • Folding bike. This bike is ideal for those who travel with their bicycles as it easily fits in a trunk or a boat. It is also suitable for riding to work.
  • Tandem bike. It is a bicycle for two. Riding this bicycle does not require any special skills, and it is delightful to use with a partner.

Benefits of Cycling

There are many benefits of cycling including health and environmental benefits. They include:

  • No carbon dioxide emissions. Bicycles do not require fuel to operate therefore cycling eliminates carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Fuel economy. Fuel is costly, and it is an energy pollutant. Cycling saves on fuel costs and conserves energy.
  • Cycling improves the cardiovascular health thus reducing mortality rates.
  • Saves on the money. Those people who use public transportation like buses can save money by use of bicycles.
  • Traffic congestion. Cycling reduces traffic congestion, especially in the big cities.
  • Increased muscle strength. Peddling strengthens the muscles and increases flexibility.
  • Decreases stress levels. Cycling can be done as a recreational activity to reduce stress.


Bicycles have many benefits beyond transportation. They are very easy to use and come in different sizes and at very affordable prices. Compared to cars, they are more economical and environmentally friendly. Bicycles are also portable meaning you can carry them along as you travel or go for vacations. Cycling is an enjoyable and healthy sport that has become internationally recognized through biking competitions.

By Winnie

Short Essay An Ideal Person

When I think about who is an ideal person, some attributes cross my mind. For all of them, I have learned from my role models including teachers. My parents also keep emphasizing on the importance of being an ideal person. As for my grandmother, she keeps reminding me of this particular thing. She tells me that one has to be an ideal person to live in harmony with others. Since no man is an island, it is apparent that one cannot afford to be short of that. Using this piece, I will take you through some of the attributes that would make you that person that everyone is advocating for. The ideals may differ from one person to another, but they are worth learning.

According to mother, a smile, every day can make you an ideal person. It makes you not only composed but also confident. As a result, you will be easily approachable and comfortable to approach someone. In addition to that, one should be grateful. If things are tough, positivity can be enough to keep us going. One source of that is being contented with what you have.

My teachers insist on hard work. It is always rewarding. Equally important, one should have also had a goal. Once a person has it, he or she should aim at achieving it. Regardless of the barriers, no one should give up. Patience and perseverance can help a person to overcome them and emerge as a winner eventually.

Grandma cannot stop talking about respect for elders. That will earn you blessings and save you from curses and misfortune if you disrespect the elderly. Honesty is yet another attribute. It makes you not only accountable but also reliable. It also avoids lies and betrayal that can make someone evil.

There is another one that is more than obvious. It is about being kind which is one of the characteristics of an ideal man. For example, if you help someone at the hour of need, it is apparent that you will be the best person the needy will have ever met.

Selflessness despite being rare is also a characteristic of an ideal person. It also avoids many vices and promotes the likes of truth and kindness among others. Punctuality is also vital. It avoids disappointment and other inconveniences that come because of lateness.

I can’t thank the parties enough. They are the reason why I associate with friends and classmates well. As much as no one is perfect, striving to be an ideal person is good enough. Fortunately, there are tips on how to become that precisely.

By Winnie

Short Essay on A Visit to a Historical Place – Red Fort

When dad got home from work that day, he came bearing good news. Our family had a chance to make a visit to a historical place – Red Fort, eventually. It wasn’t our usual vacation style. In the past, if it weren’t a park, we would go to the beach. However, this time would be different. For me, the desire to set my foot in that place was undeniable. I had watched the Prime Minister not only address the India nation but also hoist the flag year after year from this site. Why was it that special? Only a visit could make me understand.

This monument that lies on the bank of river Yamuna is among the most critical of India’s monuments. Some call it Lal Quila while others refer to it as Red Fort. Regardless of the term, its significance is undebatable.

Upon setting my sight on its impressive Lahori Gate and the wall surrounding the site, I was already curious about what lies behind it. Once I saw the red sandstone structure, I knew that I had made the right choice. The breathtaking scene caught my full attention.

I was lost until someone patted me. It was a guide who must have read the curiosity written all over my face. He started explaining how such a magnificent construction came into existence. It came into existence in 1648 under the leadership of Shahjahan. The Mughal King is also the man behind the famous Taj Mahal. With the shifting of the capital from Agra to Delhi, Red Fort became the new capital.

With the help of the guide, it was hard to miss any single prominent site. The first destination was the Chatta Chowk. Then we went through the huge crowd that was buying. I came across the Naqqar Khana. It was a music stage which explains its moniker, drum house. As of now, it is a war museum.

There is the Diwan-i-Am as well. The exemplary craftsmanship was apparent thanks to the spectacular columns and arches. From this spot, one can also see the ornate throne-balcony. On the other hand, there is the Lal Purdah gateway.

Other incredible sites were the royal bath, the mosque, Nahr-i-Behisht water channels that cover the mosque’s pavilions and the Shar Burj tower. The beauty of the Palace garden is indisputable. The Rang Mahal palace wouldn’t go unnoticed either. At the end of this bazaar street was the Delhi Gate. It looks fantastic as well.

By mid-day, we had concluded the visit. The experience of each of my family member may have been different. Nevertheless, we all agreed that Red Fort was a place worthy of our time. It is a visit to a historical place – red fort that will always remain in my mind for sure.

By Winnie

A Scene at a Railway Station – Short Essay

Just like any average man, saving a few bucks is something that I appreciate. It is that same thing that led to my latest discovery. Thanks to it, a scene at a railway station is something I am quite familiar with now. Since the holidays were over, I had to go back to school. Therefore, I had to leave for home. However, my friend insisted that I take a train. She emphasized that it is comfortable besides being cheap. The money I had in my pocket was not that much, and I also wanted to buy souvenirs. My friend and I bought them and then headed to the railway station.

What I saw first after entering a scene at a railway station was a fleet of vehicles. They included rickshaws, Tongas, scooters as well as taxis. Despite the large number, there was a traffic jam. That was starting to intrigue me when I spotted several traffic police officers. They were doing a commendable job of controlling vehicles coming in and going out.

The next scene was the waiting hall. The area was full to the brim with people from all walks of life. Then, there were long queues at the booking windows. I saw one that had a relatively short line. As I was heading towards it, my friend grabbed my hand from behind. That’s when she told me that we had to stick with the current one since it was for the second class booking.

I also noticed a constable. His responsibility was to ensure that people form lines and there is no pushing at the same time. In addition to that, he stays alert in case of a pickpocketing case. Thanks to that, it was already our turn to buy tickets within a short period. We headed for the platforms after that.

The noise was too much. Some sat on the benches while others stood beside the stalls making some purchases. Everything came to a standstill after a bell rang. With the staff standing in a line, passengers started running towards the train. Everyone must have been struggling to get into the compartments’ doors. Those coming in and out definitely have a conflict of interests as far as the doors are concerned. Being young, tiny and energetic, I was inside the plane. I started waving at my friend through the window.

Then, the guard blew the whistle. N soon had he done that than the carriages’ doors closed. Since it was during the day, the guard used a flag to signal the train. It started moving. Surprisingly, a scene at a railway station was no longer noisy. It had turned to a quiet and deserted place where you could find utmost tranquility. I really have a lot to tell my classmates once the school resumes.

By Winnie

A Hot Summer Day – Short Essay

If there is something that I dread, it is a hot summer day. That is why I don’t like that season even for a bit. There is this particular one that is hard to forget. It was extreme to the extent that even a cold shower only helped for a second or two.

On that particular day, everything looked normal. At least for a hot summer day. The sun was bright as usual and calm too. However, it wouldn’t fool anyone since it was only a matter of hours and it could become unbearable. After about one or two hours, we had started facing the wrath of a hot summer day. The past days had been better than today. The reason is that at least the fan was helping. On that day, there was a power outage. For that reason, the house was no longer an oasis.

A scorching and burning day! I would say that it was raining but instead of rain that must have been fire. Each ray penetrated deep into the bones. At one point, I thought that they would melt. My parents were not at home. They had gone to visit my grandparents. I was in my early teens, and I felt that I was too old for that. However, considering the conditions at that time, I wished that I had accompanied them. I was stranded. Neither the house nor outside felt good. What about the gardens?

I headed towards the garden hurriedly. If somebody had seen me, he or she would have thought that I had made a great discovery. As I moved towards the direction of the garden, I didn’t know that I was in for a rude shock. There was no cold breeze. In fact, the wind was not only silent but also motionless. Consequently, the trees were stationary. Without swaying their leaves and branches, how would the garden feel any better?

The temperature was becoming hotter and hotter. Each second that passed meant more torture. The overhead sun wasn’t sparing its burning rays. I couldn’t find a place to buy water or ice either. For that reason, I decided to get back home. When I entered the house, the electricity was back. I turned the fan on. I also took a shower. With the two and a glass of iced water, it felt a little closer to paradise.

After a few hours, it was already evening. The temperature went down to favorable levels. It was also possible to visit the market. I went to buy groceries while I waited for the rest of my family members to get home. That hot summer day was the worst. What I still wonder is whether the loneliness made it worse than it could have been. After all, mystery loves company. My younger sister battling the heat as well would have been a great consolation no doubt.

By Winnie

Short Essay on Role of Media in Value Building

Media has a very important role to play in our society. It not only influences the elders, but can also show a major impact on the younger generation as well.

The word media has been derived from the word medium. Media was started with a motto to make the news reach a wider audience at the same time. Though media was earlier used for print media only, it is now used for radio, televisions and internet too.

Understanding the role of media in value building

  1. Media in the modern era is playing an outstanding role in shaping up a public opinion. It brings out the truth and helps us choose the truth.
  2. Media protects the interests of the public and helps create awareness when required.
  3. Media too is a strong supporter of democracy. Newspaper was also used during the freedom fight against the British. Back then the young India paper of Mahatma Gandhi and Maratha acted as perfect platforms to showcase the demands of Indians.
  4. Media has taken a greater responsibility to provide justice to those in need and rescue them from evil and corrupted politicians and goons.
  5. Media plays a very embracing role as the fourth pillar of justice and fights against corruption, injustice and oppression.
  6. Media has been in existence from ancient times in various kinds and had always played an important role in shaping up the society.
  7. India today is known to have more than 50,000 newspapers and a number of TV and radio channels.

Media helps the society by not only fighting against corruption or nepotism, but also carries out a campaign against those who are into it. Media is playing its role in making our society a better place to live in. It is time we do the same as well.

By Maanasi

Uses of Social Media – Short Essay

We are in an era where being on social media is imperative. Social media is typically a website or an application that helps people to stay connected, share experience, content, and much more. They allow people to network.

Social media has shown a lot of impactful to our generation. A lot of people are using it for so many reasons.

Top uses of social media


Communication and sharing is the first reason for social media. Human beings are social animals, and social media provides an excellent platform for interactions and discussions without any barriers.

Creation of virtual communities

Numerous virtual communities come up every day made up of people who share the same ideas, interests, opinions, and so on. These communities help to increase the level of interaction in societies and nations. When used positively, they have helped people make advancements because of the support.

Marketing and advertisement

Businesses are evolving and are giving more attention to social media marketing and publicity. The quickest place you can get the masses and reach out to them is via social media. Companies are using their social media accounts to get to the people and market their products.


Social media platforms are also platforms for entertainment. People are using their social media accounts to upload videos of themselves or other people. Other than that, we also have applications that allow people to go live and do different things. The most firmly established entertainment social media website is YouTube.

Getting the latest news

Whenever something happens in the world, the quickest way to find out about it is through social media. Should a matter rise, it will be all over social media in minutes and stories have a way of trending on social media! You will hear what must not pass your ears.


Social media helps you to meet and establish friendships with new people. This helps you to network and have contacts all over the world. Professionals in different fields take advantage of social media to develop a connection with other professions and get ahead in life.

These are part of the many uses of social media. Social media has the potential of making us productive, keeping us entertained, and more.

By Lorah

Uses of the Internet by Students – Short Essay

The internet has become one of the most significant parts of our lives. The world is hooked on it and has grown over dependent on it. Everyone, including students, turn to it for solutions, answers, and everything in between. Over the years it has proved to be reliable and keeps proving itself.

Students use the internet for a lot of things.

Top uses of the internet by students


Doing research is the primary use of the internet by students. There are so many academic resources that are accessible online that are beneficial to students. Through the internet, they can get formulas, scientific explanations for things, examples of how to answer different questions, and information concerning all matters. The internet has become the central place for all the information.

Attend class

The internet provides a platform for students to attend classes and even take their exams. It enables different universities to have online courses. Students can enroll for courses from across the globe, and an excellent internet connection will be essential for everything to work out excellently.

Establish virtual communities

Through the internet connection, students can create virtual communities made up of people who share the same ideas and are unified by many other common factors. For instance, students that are in love with science or math can form a virtual community. That virtual community helps them feel like they are a part of something greater and that they are relevant. It gives them a sense of belonging in as much as they may come from different places across the world.

For communication

Going past the virtual communities, students also need to communicate with their loved ones and other students. The internet allows that to happen and makes the interaction smooth and convenient.

Job or academic applications and submissions

In this era, people do a lot of things via the internet. Through the internet, students can make requests to enroll in universities. One no longer needs to struggle with sending hard copy applications that may take time. The internet makes things quicker. The same is true for job applications when they are through with school.

These are some of the top uses for the internet associated with students across the globe.

By Lorah

Essay on Competition – Meaning, Benefits, Factors causing competitive disadvantages

Competition is best described as the act of striving to gain superiority over someone or something else.

In life, competition is inevitable. On a daily basis, we experience or actively take part in some form of competition whether in school, at the workplace or even among our peers. How we handle competition is what makes the difference. Majority of people approach competition with a winning mentality. This is what is commonly termed as unhealthy competition. Healthy competition is where the competitors focus on the learning experience of the whole competition process rather than on the need to win. Competition is advantageous if tackled in the right way.

Benefits of Competition

Some positive outcomes of competition include:

  • You learn how to work under pressure. In any competition, you are the main person responsible for your performance. Competition enables you to have a grip on your emotions under pressure.
  • Test of skills. By competing you can put your skills to the test and learn your weaknesses.
  • Competition rush. The experience of competing is satisfying in itself regardless of the outcome.
  • Self-confidence. Competing calls one to put themselves out there. This builds self-confidence.
  • Eliminates the fear of competing. Once you experience your first competition, the nerves reduce with the subsequent ones.
  • The feeling of winning in a competition is rewarding once you have attained your ultimate goal.
  • You become goal-oriented. Competing gives you something to work towards.

Factors causing a competitive disadvantage

When competing, some circumstances might cause you to lag behind in the competition. This is what is referred to as a competitive disadvantage. The factors mainly affect businesses. They include:

  • Lack of advanced technology compared to your competitors will put you at the losing end.
  • In the case of firms, a small firm will be disadvantaged compared to a large firm because of lack of resources.
  • For businesses competing, one which is strategically positioned will perform better than one which is not.
  • In a situation where one retailer is selling only trousers, and another is selling more types of items, the former will be disadvantaged as customers go for variety.
  • Known brands generally do better than unknown brands. This is because customers will go for what they are more familiar with.
  • A business with a reputation for low quality will be disadvantaged compared to its competitors with a reputation for high quality.
  • Customer loyalty. For businesses, this is very important when it comes to competition. A company that can maintain customer loyalty will always perform better.


Before embarking on a competition journey, it is essential to come up with a strategy. Most people fail because they take on competition without a plan. Having an approach will enable you to keep track of your steps and easily notice areas which need to be adjusted. Competition is healthy, and it is vital in every aspect of life. The wins are rewarding and the losses if taken positively give us a chance to learn and identify our weaknesses.

By Winnie

Short Essay on Teachers Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of September. This day is celebrated in the honor of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, and he is born on the same day in the year 1888. He served as the very first vice president and is the second president of India. He is not only known as a great scholar and a philosopher, but is also a recipient of the prestigious Bharat Ratna.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the second President of India in 1962 and the country commemorated his birth anniversary and tribute this great teacher and leader is given on the same day. Teacher’s day is a very special day and every educational institute celebrates this day to pay tribute and show their respects to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This day reminds us about the role of a teacher in everyone’s life.

Teacher’s day is also celebrated in many other countries as an admiration for their contribution to the society. The World Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 7th of September worldwide. Also, the day is celebrated by different countries on different dates.

In India teachers day is celebrated when a group of students asked the then president for permission to celebrate his birthday, will falls on 5th September. Dr. Radhakrishnan said, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September would be observed as Teachers’ Day.”

Dr. Radhakrishnan always believed that the contribution of teachers to this society is immense.

Germany celebrates Teachers Day on 5th October. Sri Lanka celebrates it on the 6th October and China on the 10th of September. Brazil celebrates it on the 15th October and Malaysia on 16th May.

By Maanasi