Short Paragraph on Save Tigers in India

Tiger is an iconic animal species. The Bengal Tiger has been named as the national animal of India. But the rapid deforestation and illegal hunting of animals have to lead to a drastic reduction in the population of tigers. Tigers play a significant role in the ecosystem, and we should take steps to ensure that tigers are protected.

  • Tigers evolved over one million years ago in Asia.
  • Tigers have nine subspecies. Of these nine, three have already been reported as extinct, and another three are categorized as endangered.
  • Tigers have a direct use as well by attracting tourists which leads to an increase in income for the local community.
  • Poachers and illegal hunting of tigers is a punishable offence, but more steps should be taken to deter people from killing tigers.

Tigers have an aesthetic, ethical and cultural value in India. They represent a balance on earth and should be protected from going extinct. It is important that we start taking steps to save tigers in India.

By: Saket

Paragraph on Our village

When we think about the village, the first thought that comes to our mind is close to nature, fresh air and a quiet place. Many people believe that it is difficult to live in a rural area without the modern amenities.

We visit our village during the summer breaks. The life in a village is very different compared to cities.

  • Our village has beautiful small houses. Every house has a cemented square space outside the gate around which small plants are there.
  • There is one road which goes across the houses, and many shops are present around it.
  • At the entrance of the village, there is an ancient and large banyan tree. During summers people sit under to keep themselves fresh.
  • A small stream water stream passes from the edge of the village. We go there every day to have a bath as the water is very clean, clear and cold.
  • There are many types of trees around the village which bear beautiful flowers and delicious fruits which we pluck using stones and sticks.
  • Everybody is friendly to each other in the village. It feels like the whole village is like one large family.

Village life teaches us valuable lessons. The most important lesson is that of cohabitating peacefully with other people and animals.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on National Integration

National Integration is the sense of collective identity among the citizens of a country. It means that despite being from different cultures and religions, people of a nation recognize that they are all one and stand together. Our ancestors fought for the independence of the country for this only.

  • National Integration is very important for a country and its people.
  • The unity in diversity helps the country move forward as one.
  • It creates a sense of belonging and togetherness which helps in building a stronger society.
  • Under troubled times, the people can stand together and help each other as they identify each other as of the same country.
  • It is not limited to national spirit. Diverse people work together to create innovative solutions for their collective success in the future.
  • It leads to healthy economic development as people from different corners of the country come together to build a healthy economy.

National Integration is the real strength of any country. Despite our different religions, castes, and languages we all have one common identity which is our country.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on Birthday of my best friend

My best friend’s name is Vinod. His celebrated his birthday last week. I first wished him when we met at the school on that day. He was thrilled, and we were all very excited to attend his birthday party in the evening. His parents had arranged his birthday party in the garden at his home.

  • My parents accompanied me to the party in the evening. We reached there on time.
  • Many balloons of different sizes and paper frills were hanging around the garden for decoration.
  • I went to Vinod and wished him and gave him the gift that I had brought for him. He was delighted and hugged me.
  • All of our children played games in the garden while all the parents sat together and chatted.
  • After some time, Vinod’s mother brought the cake and placed it on the centre table. We all sang the birthday song while he was cutting the cake.
  • We ate cake and other delicious snacks. While leaving the party, Vinod also gave me a lovely gift.

It was a very memorable day, and we all had a lot of fun.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on Junk Food is Bad for Health

Junk food is bad for health. Unhealthy Food that contains excessive calories and almost negligible nutrient value is called junk food. Fast foods like burgers, pizza, cold drinks, etc. are categorized as junk food as they contain a high amount of fat but lack in nutrients.

  • According to several medical studies, junk food is the main reason for the exponential increase in the rate of obesity in recent times.
  • Since these foods contain excessive processed sugar, their consumption may leads diseases such as Diabetes.
  • Daily consumption of these unhealthy or junk foods leads to a nutritional deficiency in the body which several depletes person productivity and makes them more moody and inactive.
  • The high content of sodium in junk foods makes the body more susceptible to chronic heart diseases.
  • Excessive eating such food which is high in sugar and fat may leads to a severe impact on a person’s mind and body.

Instead of junk food, we should include more green vegetables and another nutrient-rich food in our diet. That will help us maintain a healthy body and mind.

By: Saket

My Favourite Teacher – Short Paragraph

A teacher is someone who not only teaches us a particular subject but imparts us knowledge of essential life lessons. My Favourite teacher is Ms Shipla. She teaches us the subject of social studies and is also our class teacher.

  • Ms Shilpa is an excellent teacher. She makes sure that everyone understands the basics of the topic.
  • She stays far from the school and travels with us on the school bus.
  • She carries her extra books in her bag.
  • Ms Shilpa has excellent teaching skills and is very patient and at times humorous also.
  • She is very punctual and enters the class 5 minutes before it starts and expects the students to do the same.
  • I always go to the class on time and adequately finish all my homework. She gives us chocolates when we do well in studies.
  • She is strict when I comes to studies but instead of scolding when someone doesn’t complete their homework, she explains to them the importance of doing work time.

Because of her social studies is my favourite subject. She is a very enthusiastic and motivating person.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on The Daily Routine of a Student

I am a student. My daily routine is straightforward and is the same every day except for the weekends. I wake up very early in the morning as my school begins at 7:30 in the morning. An early start to the day also helps to keep my mind fresh and focused.

  • I wake up and do exercise for 10 minutes before brushing and freshening up.
  • My mother makes breakfast for me while getting ready for school. I also check the class schedule for the day to make sure that I carry all the required books.
  • The school starts with morning assembly for praying.
  • Overall there are seven periods in a day of 40 minutes each. After four periods the recess takes place, which is of 30 minutes, during which time students eat their food.
  • Every day there is a Physical Education period during which we learn about various sports.
  • The school gets over at three after which I come back home and complete my homework.
  • I go to sleep early so that I wake up early the next day.

The routine of a student is a very busy one and requires maintaining proper discipline.

By: Saket

Sample Paragraph on Myself

My name is Shelly, and I am 12 years old. I study in class 5th, and I receive good grades in all the subjects. In my family, there is my father, mother, and elder brother. I love my mother the most as she always takes care of me.

  • My favourite subject is Mathematics, and I spend the most time studying it.
  • I play badminton in the evening after completing my school homework. My friend Ellie and I also play tennis in school.
  • Ellie and I go to school together by bus. I like watching the surrounding trees on our way to school.
  • I take part in various extra-curricular activities in the school. I love singing and have taken part in singing events in the school.
  • My brother and I watch our favourite cartoon program on tv every Saturday and Sunday.
  • My mother helps in studying most subjects, but my father teaches me mathetics every day. He is strict but helps me clearly understand the basics of mathematics.

I have a cheerful personality, and I pray to god every day. I am of a kind nature and try to help everyone around me.

By: Saket

Winter Season – Short Paragraph on Winter Season

Winter season is the coldest phase of the year. It starts in Mid- November and goes on till March. During this season the temperatures go as low as zero degrees Celsius. The season is at its peak during December and January. The arrival of winters brings a drastic change in our lifestyle as well as our surroundings.

  • During the winter season, the days become shorter and nights are longer.
  • Due to a drop in temperature, people prefer to stay indoors during this season and wear thick woollen clothes to protect themselves from cold winds.
  • Winter season is crucial for farmers as vegetables and fruits grow abundantly in this season.
  • Unlike summers, the atmosphere is pleasant in winters, and people can complete their work without tiring quickly.
  • Effect of various transmittable diseases is low in this season because viruses and bacterias become dormant under cold temperature.
  • Mornings are delightful in winter, and air also feels fresher.

Every season has its importance to us and our ecosystem. We should reap the benefits of each season by adapting our lifestyle to maintain good health and surroundings.

By: Saket

What makes me laugh? – Short Paragraph

Laughing is the key to a healthy and happy life. I love to sit and laugh with my close friends and family. Everyone has a different laugh and seeing someone else laugh makes us feel good too. But not everything is similarly funny for everyone as we all have a different taste in humour.

  • I laugh the most when I see a comedy movie. The funny characters in the film make me laugh a lot.
  • I find it hilarious when someone mimics the sounds that the animals and birds.
  • Watching cartoons is a favourite thing to do. I laugh a lot while watching Duck-tales and Winnie- the Pooh as all characters are very humours.
  • I also laugh a lot when grandfather makes jokes. He tells stories mixed with silly jokes and our family enjoys laughing while he narrates.
  • I burst into laughter when someone tickles me in my stomach.
  • Sometimes I even laugh at the different laughing style everyone has.

Laughter helps us relieve stress in our mind, but we should never laugh at someone’s distress. Instead of laughing at people we should laugh at people.

By: Saket