Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Good morning to all respected guests present here. Today I will be delivering a speech on the topic – importance of English in students’ life. This topic is highly debatable and different people will have separate opinions on the same.

As we know and understand, communication is very important in today’s world and it is the primary source of information. And language is the main means of communication. Each country has its official language and in many countries like India, innumerable languages are spoken within the same country in the different states. Among the many languages which are spoken globally, English needs special mention. It is the language spoken in many countries of the world and is the official language of many nations.

Another important thing is to be noted as well. Many of the books are written in English. Internet is also an excellent source from where various kinds of information can be attained. Though now, language settings in internet can be changed to local; the primary language is English.

By Maanasi

Essay on Prayers and its Importance


It is rightly said that “Prayers are the essential conversations we do every day. We must always take it to God before taking it to anyone else.”

What do you do when you are sad, depressed, or are confused with which path to select in life? Do you remember God, and reveal your feelings in the form of prayers? Yes, prayers hold a vital role in nearly everyone’s life. Whether the situation is something good or bad, prayers have always been the best communication of life with the eternal. For some, it is a way to thank for what they have, while for some, it is a way to ask for help. No matter whatever reason you pray with, prayers are quite essential in everyone’s life.

But do you still need a reason to pray? Here are some reasons that would help you out highlighting its importance:

Brings you near to God

How do you know anyone when you meet them? By talking and spending time with them, right? The similar theory applies here too. With the help of prayers, you can get close to God slowly and easily. Prayers are the best time one spends with God for interaction. The more you would interact with God, the more you would know him and get connected to him. The conversations would bring you closer to him and would provide you with all the solutions to your questions.

For peace of mind

Have you ever tried praying to God when you are in any kind of stress? If not, try it for once. Prayers help you with peace of mind and help you in focusing on the work you carry out. It provides your mind with stability and helps you in performing well in your next task after prayers. While praying, you stable your mind in the conversation with God. And this stability helps in improving your focus with peace of mind.

Helps in development of respect and love for God

As you worship on a daily basis, you develop a different relationship with God. This relationship helps in the enhancement of love and respect for the God you are praying. Prayers help in creating awareness that God is going to work on everything related with you and would help in working on everything through him. This helps in increasing love and respect for God. The more you know him, the more you would love and respect him.

Helps in increasing the confidence level

Do you lack confidence while completing or even attempting any kind of important task? Prayers can help you out in getting required confidence for completing and gaining success in the task. As mentioned above, prayers bring stability of mind to you and help in focusing on the work. When the mind is stable and is at peace, you are sure to gain the confidence required not only to complete the task but succeed in what you are doing effectively.

Increases your spiritual levels

As you worship God daily, it would help in increasing your spiritual levels. Various people perform their daily rituals and other important rituals which helps them in increasing their knowledge regarding God, different rituals, rites, etc. As you gain more and more knowledge about different rituals, it increases your skills and also your spiritual levels that would enhance you from gross to net level. The prayers are performed on mental levels, but at times, the results are obtained in mental, physical as well as spiritual levels too. So, pray daily for boosting spirituality.

Brings positive vibes to your surrounding

Prayers help in fighting against the negative vibes and bring you a positive environment to live in. It fades the darkness in your life and brings you to light that helps in fighting against every injustice.


Nevertheless, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, prayers are said to be the best way to deal with anger, and also protects you from the evil and any breakthroughs of your life. One must understand the importance of prayers and deal with it getting success in his/her life.

By Venu



Studying Mathematics in school and solving the everyday problem is essential. At least this is what your mathematics teacher might have told you when you were in 5th grade, right?

Well, is it essential to study such a difficult subject? Yes, it is. There are tons of reasons why one should not ignore mathematics. Here, in this article, we’d be discussing top reasons why you should study mathematics.

  1. Makes you sensible

Studying anything adds up to your knowledge and makes you aware of your surroundings. Solving difficult problems makes your IQ better and helps you deal with real-life situations easily.

Researches prove that those who are good in mathematics tend to be more sensible in their real life.

  1. Mathematics helps to promote wisdom

Mathematics is an indispensable part of our lives which helps in gaining wisdom. We can easily note down the fact that the day to day phenomenon is governed by the sciences which involve mathematics. People can easily reach their conclusions and convictions as math is a logical approach.

  1. Mathematics makes you smarter- develops the analytical thinking

There is no doubt, mathematics is a universal language. Mathematics is given its due respect on the global platforms. Solving tough problems makes your mind work faster and expands the capacity of your brain. It develops analytical thinking in humans which is quite impossible to develop if we eradicate math from our daily lives.

  1. Mathematics makes your life easier

Imagine explaining your work without math, or keeping track of time without math. How were we supposed to know what time is it, what date is it, which month is it? Life is so much easier – All thanks to numbers.

  1. Mathematics- a perfect way to make money

It goes without saying that most of the children fear math, and evidently, they’re not winners of this subject, and thus, require tutors. A math tutor is always in demand no matter what. Teaching such a logical and fearsome subject is not an easy task. Math tutors ask for a huge chunk of money to feed children the four golden rules of mathematics, thus, making it a fruitful subject.

Spreading knowledge is a noble deed and when you can get money out of it too, what else would you need?

  1. Mathematics helps to keeps your money safe

Not all of us can hire an accountant to deal with the financial matters of our households. It actually sounds very bogus as well. But if you were too weak in this subject, it is safe to say you might need an accountant to keep your money safe. Therefore, it is imperative for all of us to pay the due attention to this subject.

  1. Mathematics is the need of the hour

Yes, the world is changing. And, the importance of math is increasing manifolds day-by-day. In order to be able to work with the world efficiently, one must know the universal language. The newer generations are going to represent the language more. And, it would be even harder to survive if you don’t know the universal language properly.


There are many more reasons to study and be aware on the importance of mathematics in our daily life. Mathematics is as important for us as oxygen. No matter how boring or difficult it is to study math, it’s one of the most crucial elements for us to live our life. So, if you’re a student, try focusing more on the subject. It is now or never. And, if you are already done with your education, well, it’s never too late to start. There is no age of learning math.

By Venu

Essay on Honesty and Its Importance


It has been rightly said that “Honesty is the best policy.” We often use this phrase, but seldom understand the meaning of it. What is honesty? Why is it important to be honest? What will I get out of honesty? Perhaps, these questions are always there in our minds running continuously. One should find out the answers to these questions lest it would be too late to regret in doing so.

Honesty, in simple terms, means truthfulness. This is what our elders have taught us. Right? We have always been taught to be honest, but to whom? Why? What for?

One must be honest first to himself and then with the people around him. A person should be honest for the sake of his own happiness and not to impress others. Being honest is not tough instead it’s courageous. The reason why we are taught the lessons of honesty right from our childhood is that this would help us to imbibe the principles of honesty in our character.

Importance of Honesty

  • Dignity and Being Truthful

Honesty is in doing small things with the utmost dignity and truthfulness. Lying for unnecessary and small things is really not cool.

  • Honesty always attracts Honesty

When a person lies, he not only deceives the other person but also himself. One lie ends up in becoming a complete chain of lies which gives your life a dramatic turn, and suddenly everybody leaves you in the middle of nowhere. The easiest job is to lie to somebody, it needs nothing but a deceiving intention but telling the truth needs courage. One needs to muster up the strength to face the truth.

  • Circle of Love and Care when one is honest

Friends made with complete honesty, and good intention tends to stick around with you for a longer period of time. You get everybody’s support if you are honest.

  • Keeping Relationships healthy

Dishonest people do not have a healthy relationship, and their connections are always strained and stressful. Honesty plays its part in making a bond stronger.

  • Peaceful mind at the end

Honesty ensures that at the end of the day your mind has the peace which it has always craved for. A dishonest person is always stressed and worried about his lies getting caught.

  • Authenticity while being honest

Your image largely depends on the level of honesty or dishonesty you show in from of people. An honest person is loved and respected by people in his surroundings. Your goodwill increases if you are honest with people about your feelings, views, and thoughts.

  • All Religions, One Principle- Honesty

All the religions of the world teach us to be honest with oneself and then with his surroundings. Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, be it any religion, it promotes honesty and disregards dishonesty.

  • Connection to the Divine

Honest people are more connected to the divine as compared to dishonest people. They get more closure from divine sources. For they do good deeds by not making people live in false hopes. They tell them the truth on their face, and that makes them a better person.

  • Honesty in one’s relationships and during money matters

Practicing honesty in your relationships and in money matters is always good for you and your colleagues. One should refrain from doing dishonest deeds in business matters.


Being honest is not the final destination, it’s a process, and one should maintain and continue throughout their life. The aim of your life must be that no one should talk bad about you behind your back. They should always praise you for your honesty and courage. Because as they say in English, A lie may take care of your present, but it has no future. Honesty can only make your future bright.

So, I hope, now you understand the importance of honesty.

Be honest and Stay happy. Cheers!!

By Venu

Essay on Importance of Good Health

In this essay, we’d be discussing various reasons why health is so important and one should not compromise on their health at any cost. Check the reasons out!

  • A healthy person seems refreshed all the time. Exercising daily helps you get the natural glow on your face. No product can give you that, bet on that.
  • The harmony of body and mind is a must to function properly. Your health can boost up your confidence.
  • Good Health is essential for oneself as it can result in more productivity. This is especially more productive for the companies where the workers and laborers are working.
  • A healthy body will obviously require less medical assistance cutting off all the unnecessary expenses on medicines. Eating clean food is better than eating medicines, any day.
  • Consuming the foods rich in proteins and calcium keeps one’s bones stronger. This keeps your health good and makes your strong enough.
  • Exercising daily makes you more energetic and productive in the office. An unfit man would be lethargic and will produce lesser than the one who is healthy.
  • Cutting off all the junk from your diet and relying mostly on home-made food can save your pockets from getting empty and you can use that money to buy some more important stuff.
  • Regular exercising helps you get a better sleep.
  • A one-hour workout session will ooze out all your stress and tension of the day. Exercise seems to be one of the best ways of stress management.
  • A regular workout or exercise session makes the body fit and strong. Jogging or running helps in strengthening the respiratory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular muscles too. Not only this, it helps avoiding major health risks such as Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and Diabetes.


Indeed, “health is wealth,” but not much people take care of this ultimate wealth and they don’t understand the importance of health. Young people of our country seldom take their health seriously. Owing to their laziness, these people have to go through a lot. It’s high time we should consider our health and prioritize it before anything else.

By Venu

Outdoor Games: Essay on Importance of Outdoor Games

Importance of Outdoor Games

Gone are the days when children were found screaming, enjoying, teasing each other, fighting, and playing around in the streets, grounds or compounds. The increased technology has limited their playing area in houses as they remain engaged in video games, mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc., for spending their time which they should spend on the grounds.

Of course, it has! As the kids have stopped moving for outdoor games, it has made them lazier leading to health issues like obesity too. They also lack physical exercise, self-confidence, muscle strength, coordination, and much more.

What do you think? Why are outdoor games important for the kids?

Here are some reasons that would increase the requirement of outdoor games for the kids.

  • Increases learning opportunities

Did you know, when a kid plays outside, the chances of learning new abilities increases! While playing on the grounds, they would learn new and vital skills and life lessons. They would also learn how to deal with their problems on their own, get explored to nature, get new information on different things and concepts, learn the basics of science, etc. Again, play and learn is a concept that would help in effective learning.

  • Aids in physical development

Playing various games outdoor would help the kids in developing physically healthy and fit. The games not only increase their stamina levels but also aid in strengthening the bones and muscles, reduce the chances of health issues like heart issues, diabetes, obesity, etc., promoting healthy immunity. Getting into a fresh environment would also reduce the chances of deficiency of required nutrients that they can get by playing in the open air like Vitamin D.

  • Increases creativity

Just allow your kids out in the open air, and they would come up with new stories every day. Indulging in the activities and different plays outside with nature would give them creative ideas and would enhance their imagination thoughts giving them an artistic start. They also feel open to new innovative ways of dealing with different things and situations, which makes them independent too.

  • Develops social skills

When kids are allowed out for playing, they would also develop social skills. They interact with people of the society and make friends who would make them socially active and communicative. This helps in reducing the chances of shyness and fear to develop in them. They would also learn skills like sharing, bargaining, respect, love, etc. This also increases their focus on any particular work.

  • Helps in personality development

Playing out in the grounds would not only develop the kids physically but would also give them an opportunity to build their personality. They learn to be independent and get into different situations by solving problems, dealing with emergencies, etc. They would develop the skills of tackling different situations with ease.

So, now will you push your children to play more outdoor games? Or do you still need more reasons?

By Venu

Essay on Importance of Female Education

Importance of Female Education

It has been rightly said that “When one invest in a girl’s education, she becomes strong enough to feed herself, her children, her community and her nation.”

It is the right of every individual to get an education without considering the gender.

When girls are educated, they will become responsible mothers who would understand what to give their children and when to give. Lack of health education limits the required amount of nutrition the children should be provided for proper growth.

If the mothers are educated, they would have all the required information, guidance and other details one should have to take proper care during pregnancy. Educated mothers would also help other females during the same phase.

When women would be educated, they would also help their families by working with equal rights and other economic activities. The earning power would increase which would reduce other reasons of poverty like clothing, food, education to families, etc. This would slowly reduce the nation’s poverty.

Some other points that would indicate the importance of female education include potential income, smaller families, and much more. Educating the daughters would also be beneficial for them, as they could have equal status with men in the society.

Speech on Importance of Exercise

Speech on Importance of Exercise

Good day to all who are present here. Today I will be speaking a few words on the importance of exercise in our lives.

Right from our childhood we have been taught that health is wealth. Until and unless we have sound health, we cannot do anything properly. And to maintain proper health, exercise plays an important role. Exercise is any kind of physical activity, which helps in achieving healthy mind and body. It is quite saddening to note that lack of exercise and physical movements leads to various kinds of ailments in the human body. Including few minutes of exercise in the daily regimen is therefore very important so that you have a healthy mind and body.

The benefits of exercise are innumerable and it is applicable for people in all age groups. Even children nowadays suffer from various kinds of health issues for the poor lifestyle and bad eating habits that they follow. It is very important that children follow some kinds of exercises daily as this will help in warding off the ill effects of the lifestyle to quite an extent.

For adults, most of them nowadays have sedentary jobs. They travel to their office in some kind of vehicle, sit in front of the computer whole day working and get back home in evening. There is practically no physical movement or any kind of physical strain that the person undertakes. Therefore, it has become mandatory that adults include 30 minutes of exercise in their routine. The exercise can be done any time of the day – in the morning before going to office or in the evening after coming back from office. If nothing, one should at least walk for about 20-30 minutes daily. Slow walking will also do, if you cannot walk fast.

There are many people who take exercise seriously and follow instructions of trainer for the same. With regular exercising, overall development of personality takes place – physically as well as mentally.

By Maanasi

Speech on Good Manners – 2 Speeches

Good Manners – Speech 1

Hello and a warm welcome to all who are present here. I am here today to say a few lines on good manners.

Right from our childhood we have been told to learn good manners and implement the same in our lives. The lesson of good manners is first taught at home and then at school. A person who has good manners is looked upon with respect and dignity. It has been seen in many cases that a person is extremely well dressed and has great looks but lacks basic manners. It is obvious that without proper manners, the person loses all the respect. On the contrary, many people just get noticed for their good manners, irrespective of their simple attire or an ordinary appearance.

Good manners get inculcated in an individual right in the childhood. However, people tend to forget these manners in their busy and hectic schedule. But, the ones who know the real value of good manners will never forget them and disrespect them. They will follow them in the toughest of situations and hardest of conditions. It would not be wrong to say that the society today lacks good mannered people and hence many issues start cropping up.

A person who has good manners reflects many important things. Manners are direct reflections of the kind of family he belongs to. They also show about the upbringing of the individual. A person who is soft spoken and courteous has learnt the qualities ever since his childhood as these cannot be suddenly developed. Helping people, assisting old people, reaching out for helping others, greeting others respectfully are some manners, which are highly appreciable.

Education also plays a major role in making one learn good manners. Teachers at school help students to learn good manners and implement the same in their lives. Good manners are best understood at social gatherings and events, where one comes across different kinds of people. Interaction with unknown people is the best place to judge good manners.

By Maanasi

Good Manners – Speech 2

Good morning to all the distinguished guests present here. Today I would like to say a few words on good manners for students.

‘Manners maketh man’ is a very popular saying, which is true from all aspects. Good manners are something that define us; something that make us admirable not only at home but also in social life. Knowing and understanding the importance of good manners in life, kids are taught the same right from their childhood. They are taught to respect and honor elders and love people of their own age. They are taught to be polite and courteous and not argue or fight unjustly. When a child receives something, he is taught to say thank you and if he makes a mistake, he is taught to say sorry. It is the duty of parents to teach the kid these basic good manners.

The next step of good manners is learnt at school when the child is with many other children and interacts with them. It is the duty of the teacher to teach children about sharing, which is again a very important good manner. Kids should also be taught about helping one another. The three most important words which are associated with good manners for students are “Thank You”, “Sorry” and “Please”. These are magical words, simple to say but with great impact and importance.

There are also social good manners, which one needs to learn to live in society. These are also referred to as etiquettes in many places. For instance, one must offer a seat to an elderly person if there is no other seat. When one coughs or sneezes in a public place, one must place a handkerchief on one’s mouth or at least cover the mouth with a hand. Also, one must wait for one’s turn to speak when in a social place. Interfering in other’s talks is utter bad manners.

Good manners for students help in their personal growth and development and make them better individuals.

By Maanasi

Speech on Global Warming

Speech on Global Warming

Very good morning to everyone present here. I will be speaking on one of the most glaring problems that the world is facing today – global warming.

Global warming is a perturbing environmental issue, which is plaguing the world and the effects of the same are seen quite strongly in every sphere of life. All the countries of the world are contributing to the cause of global warming and as a result all of them are facing the impact of the same as well. The average temperature of the world is increasing with each passing decades. Though the amount of increase might seem to be a small figure initially, but when its impact is understood on global levels, it turns to be mammoth.

We have to understand what causes global warming. Majority of global warming is attributed to greenhouse effect. Various kinds of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluoro carbon etc. trap the heat of the sun and does not let it exit. This increases the temperature of the earth. The greenhouse gases are emitted from various man-made sources and should be controlled. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the temperature of the earth will increase by 4-5 degrees.

The effects of global warming are dangerous. With rise in temperatures, the glaciers will start melting, thus increasing the levels of seas and oceans. Low land and coastal areas will be submerged. Many species of flora and fauna are not being able to withstand the change in temperature and suffering and even perishing. Forest fires are becoming a common thing and so are other natural disasters. Marine life is also under grave threat due to global warming.

Global warming is also impacting human beings. People are suffering from various kinds of diseases. Agricultural crops are affected. Lots of research is being done as how to minimize global warming. Worldwide conferences and seminars are hosted to discuss about this matter and how to deal with the consequences of the same.

By Maanasi