Short Essay on Soldiers are Real Heroes

Soldiers are real heroes in our societies considerably because of the huge sacrifice they make to keep us safe at the expense of their comfort and luxury. Not many people would take up the life of a soldier. It is not a smooth journey to go on, and it takes passion and a true calling to serve your community as a soldier. In case you are on the fence regarding whether to be one or not, this essay is for you.

A call to serve your country. Joining the army is not something any usual person does. It is a calling that comes from within. This is what helps soldiers to preserve during the tough training and the dangerous situations that they are exposed to.

Protection against the threat of invasion. A love for one’s country can drive them to become a soldier to protect their loved ones from dangers of invasion.

Personal satisfaction and pride. As a soldier, you will definitely take pride in yourself for your participation and devotion in serving the country.

Family tradition. Some people grow up in military homes, attend military schools and eventually end up being soldiers due to tradition.

Learning useful new skills. As a soldier, there are many useful skills to learn. The most important is learning how to defend yourself, your fellow soldiers and your country.

Personal improvement. Besides learning how to protect your country and operate weapons, there are personal skills you develop as a soldier that helps you to become a better person, for example, selflessness.


The life of a soldier is lonely and rough. We should honor the brave men and women who sacrifice the comfort of their lives and take up the mantle to ensure that our communities remain safe for everyone.

By Winnie

Short Essay on Youth Power (India)

Youth is the time when someone is young, and youth power means when all the young people combine for a noble cause or for a cause which they feel is beneficial for themselves or for a community or for the country as well. A lot of processes around the world are happening due to youth power only. India’s prime minister has himself said that youth has the power to turn a country from nowhere to the best country in the world, all they need is better nurturing than now. Here are how youth power acts as the best for the country:

  • Youth play an important role in every field, and as a lot of people in our country belong to a young age, a lot of youngsters act as trendsetters for other people as well. For example, a lot of young people are moving towards fitness, and this is leading a lot of people who were not interested in fitness, now loving their fitness routines because they want to look like others.
  • Youngsters like Virat Kohli, Varun Dhawan, etc. are setting great trends because both of the superstars, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and take special care of their body and their loved ones. And looking to their heroes, other young people will also tend to become like them which is great for the country point of view.
  • India’s youth is gaining name and fame everywhere. A lot of international companies have people who belong to India and they are trendsetters because they went to achieve their dream at such a young age and looking at them, a lot of people will dream themselves at their position and end up becoming even better than them.
  • If we talk about the girls, the women empowerment is taking place because a few young girls made India and their family proud at world level and due to which Indian girls are now coming out of their houses and raising their voices against any kind of problems.

Youth power is one of the biggest powers that a country has and it is due to the youth of India only that India is slowly becoming one of the best and super countries in the world.

By Vishakha

Short Essay on Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

If we have gotten a lot in our lives for which we did not struggle at all, then we should consider ourselves very lucky because, in today’s world, you need to grind, you need to struggle, you need to be at your best to achieve something in your life. And the quote “sweet are the uses of adversity” literally tells you the same thing that struggling hard for something is not bad every time because struggling makes us a better human being and when we fight with a situation and come out winning, it makes us even stronger a man than we ever were. The quote can be explained with a few examples, here are they:

  • Suppose you are arguing with your boss because he has asked you to do something that you have never done, and you know you will struggle to complete that task. Now here is the point when you have completed the task without anyone’s help, here you will get this quote because you know that you will be better than before and Sweet are the uses of adversity is perfectly written.
  • Here we will take an example of your crying because you lost a friend who you felt was the backbone of your business and without whom you can’t run your business, and then suddenly you feel that you are actually doing better without him. It will be because when you will struggle for a few days without him, you will know more about the business and thus you will do better than ever before.
  • Here we will take an example of a child dreaming about buying a Mercedes. The struggle he will do to achieve his dream one day will pinch him very much each and every day. But when he achieves that dream that would be the best day of his life and that day he will recognize the meaning of struggle.
  • An army man struggles every day before joining the army, and when he joins the army and gets to wear the attire of an army man, that day he comes to know the meaning of his struggle.
  • A UPSC aspirant studies every day without even knowing whether he will be able to achieve his dream rank or not. But when he gets the rank, then he comes to know about the struggle he has done.

These were the few best examples that where the quote “Sweet are the uses of adversity” quote suits the best. Struggling is not a bad thing, as a winner never complains about the struggle that he has done.

By Vishakha

I Love My India – Short Essay

A person would be called a traitor if he is living in a country but he doesn’t love his country. I am definitely not a traitor because I love my country more than anything else. Like all the countries, staying in India also has some pros and cons but still, I love my India, here is why:

  • The culture that India has, I feel no other country would be having. Bowing down to your elders, praying in temples, treating the water of rivers as holy water, and treating the land of our country as our motherland is something which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
  • India is slowly becoming the superpower of the world, and we are attaining this even after we had been ruled by various rulers in the past.
  • India has one of the most massive armies in the world, I also want to be a part of our army.
  • India has produced some of the greatest geniuses in the world like the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best hockey players ever Major Dhyan Chand, Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai and a lot of other Indians who are currently holding a great post in companies like Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

This is why I love my India.

By Vishakha

How I Spent My Holidays – Short Essay

Holidays are fun, and there would rarely be a person who spends his holidays sitting at his house, and I am not from those rare species at all, I am a fun loving person, and I like to travel a lot whenever I get some holidays in my busy schedule. I had saved lots of weekly offs from my job so that I could travel to Leh-Ladakh for a week and here is how I spent my holidays in Leh-Ladakh a few days back.

  • I always had a dream of enjoying my holidays by going to Leh-Ladakh on a bike, and I am very happy that I lived my dream to the extent that no one can ever match.
  • Going from Punjab to Kashmir on a bike was a lot of fun. It took me more than a day to reach my destination as the destination is around 900 km from my hometown and also I was alone, so my body needed rest too.
  • I kept feeding myself with energy drinks and healthy food so that I don’t suffer from body pain during any interval of time. And when I reached there, my happiness had no levels. It is such a beautiful place that if we do not go to such a place, we can only watch sceneries like it on Google.
  • Mountains and hills covered with forests and bridges built on lakes and rivers literally gave me Goosebumps when I crossed them.
  • The motive was not only to visit the marvelous place but was also to taste the delicious food that Kashmiris have to offer. So as expected, Kashmiri food was out of the world, just amazing and when I asked for the recipe of the Mutton that I had, the vendor shocked me by saying that he had only added salt and Red chili powder which made such a delicious mutton which I also tried making at my home after returning but the taste never came out to be so delicious like the original. It took me seven days to complete my journey and come back, I was tired, but the memories that I had created after visiting a heavenly place like Leh-Ladakh, were just amazing.

This was how I spent my holidays, everybody loves to travel, and hence it can be said that holidays are meant for traveling only.

By Vishakha

Short Essay on Saving Money

Saving money is something that we should all practice. However, most of us fail to save money as we try to maneuver around the little earnings we get. This should not be a discouraging factor. With a well laid-out budget and reduced expenses, it is possible to adopt the habit of saving money.

Why we should save money

  • Emergency cushion. An emergency fund is conceivably one of the most important reasons why we should save money. Having an emergency fund can be a lifesaver by helping you sort out unexpected expenses without sinking into debt.
  • The cost of going to college gets higher every year. Many people are also going back to school for their masters’ and doctorates. Early saving for education will ensure that you do not delay your dreams.
  • Retirement. Early saving for retirement ensures that you don’t have to save much in the future giving you room to invest in other things. With a continuous contribution to a retirement savings fund, your money grows by earning interest.
  • Financial freedom. This is the ultimate goal for most people. Saving money helps you achieve financial freedom by allowing you to have options.
  • Bad times. This is not the same as saving for an emergency fund. Saving for bad times means that you can save enough money to cater for your expenses for six months in case of anything for example loss of employment.
  • Sinking funds. Saving up for a sinking fund is necessary for future expenses like car repairs and house improvements. It ensures that you do not keep dipping into your emergency fund whenever such costs arise.
  • Vacations and other luxuries. It is also essential to save money to have fun. A holiday that is well planned and saved for ends up being more fun and relaxing.


The thought of saving may appear to be deceptively simple, but it is a discipline that needs to be practiced over and over. Money matters require a definite plan, and when it comes to saving, much thought should be put into it if one aims to get the most benefits from saving money.

By Winnie

Essay on Diversity and Its Importance

Diversity is an essential element to have a pluralistic society. It is of no doubt that variety is responsible for blending of ideas and efforts to come up with innovations. Variety helps in eradicating feminism, gender identity, political difference, and social segregation.

Diversity surrounds us every day either at work or in the society. Studies have shown that more diversity translates to more success. We have social, economic and cultural diversity.

Importance of diversity

Diversity is essential in the following ways

  1. It gives better financial results

Numerous studies have revealed that organizations with diverse teams make massive profits. Additionally, firms with the most racial and ethnic diversity have a higher chance of being successful financial

  1. Leads to shared information

Homogeneous groups have diverse ideas and experience. This implies they supplement each other with information. The problem you are facing another person has its solution

  1. It contributes to global-level competition

We live in a global economy where diversity is a crucial element for success. Companies who hire employees from diverse population can compete globally. This boosts global entrepreneurship.

  1. It allows for fact-based decision making

Different groups tend to make their decisions basing on the facts. They look beyond the old way of thinking and re-examine facts thus making the appropriate choice.

  1. It boosts creativity

If we live in a society where everyone thinks and acts alike, then you will always see the same, and it is possible to experience common problems over a more extended period. Therefore, a homogeneous society have creative ideas which provide solutions

  1. It leads to innovations

The cause of change has diversity. When people have diverse thinking, they tend to come up with new ideas which result in new inventions

  1. Allows for cross-cultural understanding

Various groups get along better creating a better world to live. It eliminates misconceptions and prejudices

  1. Boosts team performance

The common agendas and goals unite a diverse group. Therefore, an organization with different employees has higher chances of being successful.

  1. Avoid high turnover

Lack of diversity in the workplace can create a hostile environment for those who feel like they don’t fit in. Successful companies have networking groups and internal programs which support diversity which establishes a workforce community.

  1. Capture more of the market

Difference creates a sufficient demand for all consumers regardless of their ethnic, gender or social status. Building a diverse workplace increases market share.


For a modern society diversity is essential. Let’s embrace this together for wholesome growth and development. All you need is to be flexible to diverse environment and thinking.

By IsaacV

My Favorite Player – Short Essay

I love cricket. It is my hobby, my pass time, my passion and my obsession because I can’t live without cricket and everybody in my house knows it very well. I can be busy all day, but if I am asked to play or watch cricket, I am going to stop my work for that purpose. Whenever there is a match who live telecast is being shown, I never skip watching it no matter how much difficulty I have to face. And when I am watching my favorite player play, then there is no chance that I will be doing any other task than watching cricket.

My favorite player is Rohit Sharma, the famous Indian opening batsman and current Indian skipper for Asia Cup 2018. Here are some details about my favorite player:

  • He is known to be the most talented batsman of our country, and some even say that he is the most talented around the world. Initially he struggled to play cricket but he was given chances, and fortunately, he scored big on those chances and became an essential member of Indian cricket team.
  • He is from Mumbai, and he recently got married to Ritika Sajdeh who is known to be his lucky charm because every time she is present in the stadium, Rohit plays such a knock which is remembered for years. Example? We all might remember his innings of 209 against Sri Lanka in 2017, and it was Ritika and Rohit’s anniversary on that day where he gifted a perfect double century to her wife who was present in the stadium praying for him all the time.
  • Rohit Sharma is a brand ambassador for a lot of companies, and I try to buy all the things that he sells on the Television.
  • Rohit Sharma holds the record of scoring three double centuries in ODI which I think wouldn’t be broken very easily by anyone. Me as a cricket player, just think about scoring centuries, and this guy has scored three double centuries very easily.
  • The management has a great eye on him, and he is being given chances to lead the team whenever Virat Kohli is not available. So it can clearly be said that the next Indian captain is Rohit Sharma and when that will happen, I would be the happiest man on earth.

This was my love and some details about my favorite player Rohit Sharma who is preparing himself to play the best cricket of his life, this season.

By Vishakha

My Dream House – Short Essay

My Dream House

Everybody has a dream in their life that they want to fulfill someday in their lives. Similarly, I have a dream to buy a house all by myself and make my parents proud of me. I have an imagination or should we say a picture of my dream house and I would like to discuss that:

  • My dream house would be located in a metropolitan city at a location from where the railway station, bus stand, and the airport is not very far and from where all the supermarkets are nearby as well.
  • My dream house would be having two floors, i.e., ground floor and first floor only. On the ground floor, my Mom and Dad would be living, and in addition to it, there would be two bathrooms, a kitchen and two more rooms on the ground floor. On the first floor, I along with my brother would be staying, and we will be having a customized gymnasium and a snooker table on the first floor which will bring some sort of entertainment in the house.
  • In my dream house, I would have two cars. One would be for my parents to go if they want to roam around the city alone and one would be for the entire family which would be having more seats to accommodate more people.
  • My house would also have a beautiful garden and a great parking area as well. In addition to it, my house would be decorated with beautiful and bright lights throughout the day.
  • I love dogs so I would have two puppies in my house which I would feed and take along to walk every day.

Here is the image of my dream house and I am pretty sure that by God’s grace I will definitely fulfill my dream of building such a house. And people should also watch such kind of dreams because by watching such dreams, we get a kick of moving ahead in our lives and getting to a good position in our careers.

By Vishakha

My Daily Life – Short Essay

Everybody has some daily routines that one follows and like everyone I also have a routine which I follow every day and here are some essential points of my daily life:

  • I wake up every day at around 6 AM in the morning, and I go for a walk. While returning home, I make sure that I visit the temple every day to pray for me and my family’s good being.
  • I live away from my family, and that is why I cook all my meals myself. And I prepare meals for the rest of the day in the morning only. For breakfast, I cook four eggs omelet with a cup of chocolate flavored oats. For my lunch, I cook two cups of rice with a palm full of spinach and around 150 grams of chicken. And for my dinner, the same meal as lunch follows but the rice is not there for dinner.
  • I go to my office at around 9 Am in the morning and work until it gets 1 PM when it is lunch time. After half an hour I get back to my work again. I get free from work at around 5:30PM, and I head straight to my house.
  • After returning, I change my clothes, get comfortable and make black coffee for me. Then I hit the gym for around an hour, and after the workout, I drink a smoothie containing milk, banana, cocoa powder, protein isolate powder and half cup oats which I feel is the best for a post workout meal.
  • Afterward, I complete any other tasks in the day, and as I love writing, I try to write some stories or blogs on various platforms. After writing and eating my dinner, it is time for meditation for around 15 minutes, and then I go to sleep at around 12 AM.

This is my daily life, and I have to strictly follow this routine because I live away from my parents and if I do not show my friends that I am exercising regularly and eating healthy diets only, they will forcefully take me to various restaurants daily where I will have to eat unhealthy food daily.

By Vishakha