My Favorite Game (Kho Kho) – Short Essay

My Favorite Game (Kho Kho)

Kho Kho is a game which is not really popular in the world, but it is played by a lot of people in India. I played Kho Kho when I not even knew about its exact rules, but I loved the game very much. So, I decided that I will be playing Kho Kho during my school and college days as well and I must say that even in such a fierce competition, I was able to play states in a game like Kho Kho. Here I would like to list some benefits of playing my favorite game, Kho Kho:

  • Kho Kho is a game which can be played by a poor as well as a rich person because it doesn’t require you to be having money for buying equipment as playing Kho Kho only requires having great fitness and activeness.
  • Kho Kho enhances the fitness level of human beings because, in this game, one has to run, one has to sit, and one has to immediately stand when he is tagged so the reflexes should be really fast and one should be very fit if he wants to sustain in this wonderful game.
  • Practicing Kho Kho game makes a person very active mentally as well because even if you have not been tagged in the game, your mind is always concentrating top catch your opponent and it will show your activeness only as to how and when and in what time you have caught your opponent.
  • Kho Kho doesn’t have a piece of equipment, all one requires is comfortable shorts and t-shirts, and he is ready to play it. I played it because it made me feel happy as well as I didn’t have money to buy the equipment for any other sports. But I am very proud that I chose Kho Kho over other sports because I don’t think I could have played any other sport so well like I play Kho Kho.
  •    I have taught a lot of people about various skills in the game, and still, when I see children play this fantastic game, I go to them and share my experiences of the game with them so that they can achieve better in this wonderful game.

So, this was all about my favorite game Kho Kho, it is not very popular, but still, I am very happy that every youngster in India has played it once in his lifetime.

By Vishakha

Short Essay on Science and Technology

We all know the impact of science and technology in our lives. When we look back to the olden days, people used to spend a lot of time doing the tasks that we do within a few minutes. Use of science and technology has not only improved the lifestyle of the modern man, but also in his overall well-being.

We are all dependent on technology these days and we make use of a number of products to accomplish our tasks with ease. Emerging technologies, today impact our lives way more than before and we as humans keep asking for more for sure.

We all know that science and technology are implemented in almost every walk of our lives, but let us have a look at some of the advantages of the same.

  1. Businesses today can save a lot of money by using technology for different tasks. Even a small business can thrive and deliver the best.
  2. Science and technology also play a very important role in the field of healthcare and medicine. With new discoveries and inventions, doctors are able to treat patients on time, thus saving lives of many.
  3. Technology and science go hand in hand when it comes to engineering. A number of magnificent bridges, dams and buildings were built due to the gift of science.
  4. Technology has made communication quite easy. One can easily talk to their loved across from another country in an instant via a video call. So, families that stay far from each other can connect virtually via video conferencing.
  5. Technology paved way to social technology that helps you meet new people online. Make a new friend or find that someone special in no time.
  6. Science and technology have also brought in major changes in the field of education.
  7. Technology also made buying and selling of goods easier than before. Now people do not need physical stores to sell their products.

Use of science and technology can also be seen in various sectors like banking, agriculture and transportation.

By Maanasi

Short Essay on Youth of Today

A country’s development mostly depends upon the development of youth, and if the youth is going in the right places, there is no way that the country would be having some problems. It can clearly be seen that the entire country follows the trend which is set by the youth of today. And by youth we not mean a collection of people, we can mean a single as well as a group of youngsters. Here is what the youth of today is up to:

  • Today’s youth is more focused on their fitness than anyone ever was. This can clearly be seen from the number of increasing fitness video bloggers and a number of people uploading their pictures on Instagram and Facebook. People are taking care of what they should eat and what they shouldn’t, and in this way, they are living the healthiest lifestyle.
  • The youth of today doesn’t focus on just securing good marks in school or colleges. Instead, he is focused on earning knowledge about each and every subject so that the knowledge can help him in future because he knows marks are of no use when one hasn’t gained knowledge about subjects.
  • The youth of today follows his passion and doesn’t care about what others have decided for him. When he follows his passion, it means that he will go with aspiration and power towards it and most probably, he will achieve what he has aimed for and he will love what he is doing.
  • The youth of today is more focused on sports activities, and that is why it can be seen that countries around the world are getting so many medals in various sports.
  • The youth of today is raising their voice over corruption, and any such problems.   Corrupt people now are a bit afraid to raise their voice against the youth of the country because they know that youth has the power to snatch their power.

All the points mentioned above tell about the real youth and the power of youth which is making the present generation great day by day.

By Vishakha

My Aim in Life – Short Essay

Everyone has their own aims in life which they may or may not follow in their adulthood. My aim in life is to become a doctor, and I am trying every bit that I can, to become the best doctor in the world. It is no doubt that a doctor is the most hardworking person in the world because to become a doctor, one has to sacrifice his sleep, his friends and a lot more because studying medical is not drinking a cup of tea. Here is what I have planned to become a doctor:

  • I am currently in 10+1, and I am doing great in a study that is why I chose to follow my dreams and keep my aim of becoming a doctor alive. I decided medical stream and studying everything included in my syllabus regardless of the factor that they are essential for a student of class 10+1 or not.
  • I have an aim that I have to clear NEET exam so that I can take admission in various famous MBBS colleges around the nation and to clear NEET; I have to concentrate on my class 10+1 and 10+2 syllabus completely.
  • I have been getting trained by a good teacher as well as a doctor, my Uncle who has done MD and he is a gynecologist.
  • I have kept shorter goals like for first I have to clear NEET exam, afterward, I need to make sure that I am taking admission in a Government college so that the fee of MBBS would be lesser as compared to private colleges and later I am aiming to become a surgeon, and I will try as hard as possible to become a surgeon.
  • I am currently at a point where I can’t think much about the future but can concentrate on present studies only, and I am doing that very well with an eye on future too.

I know I am capable of becoming a doctor and with all my hard work and determination, I will become a doctor one day.

By Vishakha

Short Paragraph on “Reading Is a Good Habit”

Reading is a good habit which everyone needs to possess. Reading a good book not only uplifts your spirit but will also help build your confidence. Books are known to be a person’s best friend. The right book can not only reduce your stress, but will also lighten your mood. You can start by reading a good book, make it a habit and you will soon find getting addicted to it.

  • Reading has a lot of benefits. It always helps improve your vocabulary and a person who is an avid reader always finds the best expression to let others know what they feel. Reading a good book improves one’s imagination and creativity.
  • Reading always lights up amazing ideas.
  • Reading a good book can improve your focus and concentration.
  • People who read a lot are known to have a very good memory.
  • It certainly helps with your language skills.
  • Reading a book provides us with good knowledge.
  • Reading always makes you smarter and helps you take the right decision.

So, grab a book today and start reading to enjoy all those benefits.

By Maanasi

Short Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station – Darjeeling

That evening in Kolkata, my aunt gave us the news of her plan to take us for a visit to a hill station Darjeeling. It was a routine that they left us to stay with granny when schools were closed. We were all excited by her unexpected visit and fantastic news.

I knew by the end of the next day; I would have seen the famous mountainous area that I always saw on travel magazines. I would visit the most suitable place to view Himalayan peaks.

The following day, we set off using my aunt’s dusty peugot. It was in the mid-day when we started hitting the road constructed on a hilly side. I kept watching the beauty of the rocky sides, the railway line on to the right which was constructed along the highway and other vehicles already exiting the eastern Himalayan area.

We finally arrived in the town of New Jalpaiguri and the occupants seemed quite busy like a usual city. Unlike I expected, all kinds of businesses were available. The buildings were ancient but looked strong and beautiful. Suddenly, an old steam engine train running on an engine aged for over a century passed. People were calling it Darjeeling toy train. We bought two rooms in order to accommodate the six of us. It was a tranquil moment for me.

We all stood in the distance on the next Sunday morning and saw a golden like feature of the third highest peak in the world, Kanchanaganga hills. Although it was cold at 4 am, I felt so close to nature after experiencing the tiger hill sunrise which gave us the experience to see the sun rising over the world’s tallest Mount Everest.

I had really admired to use the steam engine locomotive and my wish was granted. We used the noisy trains to access the hills through the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The train would stop momentarily to add water to the engines. It was fun to experience how it must have been in the old days.

The view of the town on a hilly and forested area looked fantastic. A thick white cloud appeared far from the town showing the snowy peak of Himalayas. We also saw the Mountaineering School of India which was started by the British. Kanchanaganga hills are clearly from any point in Darjeeling. We visited only once but I intend to take another trip again. I will have my camera and a pair of binoculars with me for a better experience.

By Winnie

How I celebrated my birthday? – Short Paragraph

Birthdays are the most awaited days and talking about mine, I start the countdown a few months earlier. Every year I celebrate my birthday with my family and this year was no exception. I woke up early morning with all my family member gathered around to wish me. During the breakfast I ate my favourite pancakes and talked about my first birthday when I had put my face on the cake.

Later that afternoon my parents organized a Pooja, which is a ritual followed in everyone’s birthdays. All my cousins and relatives were there so after the Pooja, we all had the lunch together, after which I slept for a few hours.

In the evening when I woke up my mother asked me to change into my birthday dress and come downstairs. As I went down I saw a lot of colourful balloons, lights, streamers and a big cake in the centre of the room. Everyone sang me a birthday song while I cut the cake after which we all danced for many hours and played a lot of games. It was almost night when my parents asked everyone to have dinner after which they left handing me my gifts.

When everyone had left, I opened all my presents with my parents and elder brother after which we went for a long walk to have ice-cream. It was one of my best birthdays and I am grateful to my parents without whom it would have never happened.

By Revaa

Short Paragraph on House and Home

When we talk about house and home, we can surely have an endless duration of the philosophical conversation. To state in easy terms, a house is a building with four walls and one room. Whereas a home is a place where a person belongs and stay a happy life with their loved ones.

Happiness and love is the only thing which can make a house a home. You can stay in a big palace and still feel unwanted and lonely, but when you are at home you will comfortable, happy and a sense of sacred feeling. There are many people who stay in a big house, but are still not satisfied and there are many people who live in a one-room house with their whole family, but are still happy and satisfied.

Hence we can say that a house will remain only a structure of building till the time we make it a home with the presence of family, love and memories.

By Revaa

Short Essay on Uses of the Computer in Various Field

A computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes it, and makes reasonable and relevant information out of it then gives it out. It is a programmable device that is used in so many sectors of life, and they prove to be efficient.

The uses of computers in different fields

In education

The education system incorporates the use of computers and students have seen excellent advantages as well as improved performances. A lot of students have laptops that they use to research on the internet, access academic resources, and so much more. Computers make learning more straightforward and enjoyable because of their level of engagement.

In Business

Computers are crucial in business. They are excellent at storing customer data, processing information such as financial data, and more. Through the computational activities and the many computer programs available for businesses, they can also help in making forecasts that led to sound decision-making processes. Computers even minimize mistakes and improve efficiency.

The security industry

The security industry is also reaping massive benefits of using computers. They are used to monitor premises, homes, and the world at large through various connections to various devices such as cameras.

Transport system

We have a generation of vehicles that are computerized. It means that the computer system does a lot concerning the safety and movement of the vehicles. Other than that, through computer systems, you can be able to know departure and arrival times of buses and flights. Consequently, a person can also be able to book travel tickets remotely in preparation for a journey.

In defense

For scientists to design, develop, and maintain missiles, computers are the primary tools that they turn to for this work. Other than these, there are different types of defense equipment that computers help create. When soldiers are on the field, these devices are used to communicate. Other than that, war and criminal records are also stored on computers.

In medicine

Hospitals also use computers for various purposes in hospitals. They keep patients records and history; make the conducting of specific procedures possible. A perfect example is a radiotherapy procedure and ECG’s.

Computers are valuable in all areas of life and will always be.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Wall Clock

Did you ever try and know the meaning of wall clock? We all know what a wall clock looks like, but a wall clock is defined as the clock that gets mounted on the wall. It is a timepiece that shows us the time during day and night. Though wall clocks were once used for the only purpose to know time, these have now become a part of modern day home décor. One can get to choose from various styles and designs of wall clock. If you have a niche for vintage, you can even find the best of vintage wall clocks that have their very own grandeur.

Wall clocks are liked and are preferred by one and all. Mentioned below are some of the advantages of the same.

  1. Whatever your budget is, there is a wall clock waiting for you. There are various styles and designs available to suit the interior of every room.
  2. Wall clocks are very easy to install and as it is already installed to the wall, you really need not worry about its adjustment.
  3. Wall clocks are known to have a longer life when compared to the other clocks. And there is also a very less chance of breaking.
  4. Wall clocks these days come with a number of great features that some of them also include a calendar, an LCD display and one can even adjust the time zone.
  5. Wall clocks are also available in different styles and hence you can choose the one based on your taste and its usability.
  6. Decorative and vintage wall clocks are treated as a style statement in today’s modern world. Antique wall clocks can be bought from auction websites at affordable prices.
  7. You can even buy theme based wall clocks that are also perfect as gifts.

Wall clocks are much more than devices we use to know the current time. They are prized possessions which are indeed worth the flaunt.

By Maanasi