Use of computers in various fields – Essay

In this era of digitalization, the whole credit for the transformation goes to computers. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that computers are the biggest reason for the boost in Information Technology. They have brought a sensation in the lives of people in different fields and are continuing to do so.

A computer is a small device that operates automatically through computer programming and carries out different arithmetic or logical operations. By following generalized sets of operations called as programs, computers nowadays can perform an extensive range of functions with no hassles.

Majority of the fields today utilizes computers to carry out their functions. Their influence is so strong that it is really difficult to imagine our lives without them. The use of computers in various fields can be summarized through the following points:

  1. Homes – Most of the homes today encompasses computer for carrying out functions like listening to music, watching videos, getting information through the internet and much more.
  2. Offices – No office is complete without having computers. The culture of files and paperwork comes to an end with a computer on the desk.
  3. Medical field – From simple to critical- every function is carried out in the hospitals with the help of computers. It also assists in accomplishing complicated cases by connecting with various medical equipment.
  4. Government sector – Word processing and data processing are the primary areas where computers play a significant role in the government field.
  5. Entertainment Industry – Computers help in editing musical tracks, pictures, and videos. The credit for special effects given in movies today goes mainly to computers.
  6. Educational Institutes – Educational hubs- whether it’s a school or college depend upon computers to carry out different functions. For providing computer education computers in the institutes become a must.
  7. Industries – Different technical tasks like manufacturing, processing and much more dependent upon computers. They are effectual for the effective running of the industry.
  8. Supermarkets – Supermarkets depend upon computers to control the work processes like billing, inspecting, scheming the inputs and outputs.
  9. Banking sector – Gone are the days when banks perform paperwork. Today every information gets inside the small device called a computer to carry out different banking function.
  10. Hotels – There has been a constant need for computers in the hotel industry to keep the itineraries strong and maintain the portfolio.
  11. Marketing – Computers assists in speeding the marketing work. Since the time digital marketing came into being, the need for a computer has raised even more.
  12. Communication – Emails, social media websites, and video calling and made eth world small. Reaching out to far off people has become simple with computers.
  13. Research and development – Computers play a significant role in research and development field in different sectors. They make the work effortless and less time-consuming.
  14. Business – From financial management to endorsing the business, there is nothing which a computer can’t do.
  15. Digital world – The need for computers equipped with internet will never seize. It helps to connect people and bring everyone under one roof.

With so many advantages, computers have become the need of time. If you don’t want to lag behind in this rat race, getting a computer by your side is a must.

By Mani

Importance of Historical Monuments – Essay

Historical monuments are the cultural heritage of any country. They speak a thousand words about the place, its traditions, and historical significance. Monuments take us to the path of knowing our past and connecting it with the future.

Every country comprises many historical monuments. While some are on the verge of getting destroyed, some are still in their intact form. It mainly depends upon their architectural compliance, grandeur and the way they were made. Today, every country is making efforts to save its historical monuments so that its cultural heritage does not suffer.

Here are the points indicating the importance of historical monuments and telling why they are so worthy.

  • They have an intrinsic value and provide a sneak peek into our ancient heritage.
  • They give a deeper insight into the cultures and traditions of the old world.
  • We know the quality of life people enjoy hundreds of years ago.
  • Monuments endow us with the details about the variety and quality of materials used in making them in the past days.
  • They provide a detailed idea about the craftsmanship and mining.
  • We recognize the architectural intelligence of people in the past that compiled huge structures in the period when there was no technology.
  • It becomes easy to analyze the history of the place by viewing its historical monuments.
  • They increase the significance of the site and people from far off land also come to visit them.
  • Monuments increase the incoming of foreign currency to a country by foreign visitors.
  • They help in educating and imparting every bit and pieces of information of the past and make things more interesting.
  • They assist in providing the details of entertainment and educational value of the place.
  • Some historical monuments with inscription provide us the detail about the past language and their mode of communication.
  • Monuments maintain a sense of permanency and heritage of the city and make it more valuable for the country.
  • It helps us to connect with our cultural roots and traditions emotionally.
  • And lastly, historical monuments are the pride of their respective countries. They showcase the cultural importance of the place and architectural intelligence of their people.

With these points, it becomes clear that historical monuments are very precious. Their conservation, upkeep, and proper maintenance are also essential to enhance their life. It will assist our future generations to get the know-how of their ancestors and enlighten with an abundance of knowledge.

– Mani

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Machines.

Machine – an apparatus or device that has mechanical and electronic parts that together perform specific tasks and designed to produce a specific output.

Advantages of Machines

  1. Repeatable tasks can be given and sustained. This is where machines excel as menial tasks can be given or programmed.
  2. No fear of complaints or talk backs. Machines cannot complain or organize themselves thereby reducing labor costs.
  3. Machines are not governed by labor laws and hence do not have to comply with laws about rest days or overtime.
  4. Newer machines can be upgraded or programmed, which helps future-proof them in the medium term.
  5. Productivity can be measured more effectively as machines can also log their production and hours.
  6. Machines require less supervision even after adding more of them to a line. With humans,   there is a fixed ratio of supervisors to employees.
  7. Machines can be sold later and lessens the cost of purchase. These costs can be used to offset the cost of initial purchase making machines a more cost-effective alternative to human labor.
  8. Machines are always motivated. As machines are more productive, there is less if a need for incentives or other motivational costs.
  9. Machines are easily transferable and just need the exact same space as they had before…no need to house them or pay relocation costs
  10. Machines can be easily retired or replaced without the need for any painful negotiation or buyouts.

Disadvantages of Machines

  1. Machines can be expensive to purchase and run.
  2. While they need less supervision than humans, they require highly skilled and well-trained technicians to run
  3. Machines can wear out if not properly maintained
  4. Factory type machines are very specific in their configuration and can be very hard to reconfigure. Machine-made products can be very artificial to the touch and can lack that “premium” feel.
  5. All machines require an energy source, such as electricity or hydraulic power. Without an energy source none of the machine’s mechanical parts would move.
  6. Machines can be inflexible. Machines can only accept raw input if those meet certain tolerance levels, the machine would instantly shut down if those levels are not met. A human would mostly figure out how to make the input work or adjust to the raw materials’ properties to continue working.
  7. Machines cannot think of ways to be more efficient, these are all up to the humans who manage them. However, using machines forces humans to work at a certain way which “locks” them in a certain process.
  8. While machines can be moved to another location, they have to be broken down, reconfigured, and placed in a proper orientation in order to work again in the new location. A human worker can simply walk over to the new area and start working immediately.
  9. Machines produce pollution whether its emissions or noise. This inevitably results in being regulated by local governments and increases compliance costs.
  10. Machines show up as depreciation costs, which can artificially reduce costs and not give the complete profitability and cash picture of a company.


Short Paragraph on Value of Sports

Sports and games offer significant value for an individual’s development. Sports keep the body and mind fit and healthy. It is a kind of body exercise that makes a person feel fresh, energetic and active. Sports and games make the boring exercise and workout interesting. People play games when they feel bored in their free time. A person who doesn’t do any training or workout is likely to feel less energetic and suffer from a lack of confidence which affects his or her life.

Today games and sports have become a passion. People pursue a career in the field of sports and earn name and fame. Popular sports include cricket, hockey, basketball, table tennis, wrestling, swimming, etc. There are many national, and international committees for games and they organize events and contests on a regular basis.

Sports and games are a good source of entertainment. People watch others playing or play games on their own for enjoyment. It improves the mental and physical fitness of the body. Risk factors for many diseases like obesity, hypertension, blood pressure, indigestion, etc. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to include sports as a part of the curriculum for the better growth of children. Sports enable a person to tackle stressful situations and learn time management. Sports are an for an individual’s well-being and success in life.


Short Paragraph on Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are essential for the society, and everyone must follow it. The rules are formulated to minimize accidents, injuries, and jams. Many people lose their lives every day, and many people get severe injuries because of road accidents. Traffic rules are formulated after observing the daily accidents data and the problems faced by the public.

Traffic rules are essential for the smooth and efficient functioning of the nation. If there is a big traffic jam at a place and a person who needs immediate medical treatment can lose his or her life just because he or she was unable to reach the hospital. Everyone is busy in their life and traffic jams waste a lot of precious time of people unnecessarily.

If someone is not following traffic rules, he/she may unintentionally harm other people like people crossing roads, people on a bicycle or in a small vehicle who were following the traffic rules. Traffic rules like speed limitation, driving on a particular lane and side of the road, traffic signals, etc. must be followed during driving. People must not drink and drive because of the associated dangerous risk factors.


Short Paragraph on Labour Day

Labour day is celebrated in many countries, including India, on 1st May. It began at the time of industrialization. After protesting against the unfair treatment, maximum working hours were reduced to 8 hours. Labour day or Mayday came into existence to celebrate their victory, and this day varies for different countries.

Labors and workers contribute to the development and functioning of a nation. They are the one who helps in production, manufacturing, transportation, and selling of goods. Labour day is a special occasion for all workers and employees, and they get an official holiday on this day.


Paragraph on India Gate

India Gate is situated in New Delhi, India. It is a historical monument which was earlier known as All India War Memorial. It was designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1921, in the memory of the Indian soldiers who died during the World War I.

India Gate is 42 meters high and a radius of 625 meters. It is a famous tourist destination. At the bottom of India Gate, there is another monument known as Amar Jawan Jyoti. A perpetual flame is lit at the bottom, to pay tribute to the soldiers who gave their life for the nation and remain unknown. Amar Jawan Jyoti was constructed after independence. It is customary for the President and the Prime Minister of the country to pay homage at India Gate during state ceremonies.

The view around India Gate is beautiful, and one can see Rashtrapati Bhawan standing majestically in the vicinity of the India Gate. It is a lovely picnic place because of the children park, boat club and the cold breeze of the fountain. On the Republic day every year, a parade is conducted by the Indian army, navy, and soldiers of India at the India Gate. During the parade, one can appreciate the diverse cultural heritage of India, as many people from all over the country participate in it. Latest advancement of defense technology is displayed on this occasion, and many people are awarded for their bravery towards the nation.


Paragraph on Deepawali

Deepawali, also known as Diwali, is a Hindu festival celebrated to symbolize the victory of good over evil. It was first observed when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Raavan. It is celebrated after 20 days of Durga Puja in the month of October or November. It is a beautiful festival and the view of the night of Deepawali is just excellent. Before Deepawali, people clean their houses and shops thoroughly.

Everyone decorate their houses and shops with lightning, candles and earthen lamps on the day of Deepawali. People worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, and the celebrations go on for the whole night. People burn crackers, eat delicious foods and sweets, wear new clothes and enjoy time with the family.

Burning crackers during Deepawali pollutes the environment. But it is associated with religious sentiments of people, so no strict laws or restrictions can be imposed to stop this air and environment pollution. Also, the residue of burnt crackers causes a lot of clutter. People should burn fewer crackers or rather give up crackers entirely. Dangerous explosive crackers can cause a heavy financial loss and lead to injury of the people residing nearby.

Some people tie crackers on the body of stray animals for enjoyment, and the animals get severe burns. This must not be done. Deepawali is a festival of joy, and none should hurt others. Celebrating this beautiful festival in a safe and decent way makes it more joyful.


Paragraph on Holi festival

Holi is a traditional Hindu festival celebrated to mark the victory of good over bad. It is a festival of colors. It begins on the last day of Phalgun according to the Hindu calendar. People collect woods, sticks, and straws from the road or forest and burn it at the night of Holika-Dahan. Next day is the day of colors. People enjoy the day by throwing colored water on each other, dancing, singing loudly, drinking bhaang and eating delicious foods. In the evening, people gather, meet and spend a merry time together.

The society is divided according to castes, religion, social status, economic standing, etc. It unites everyone, and the people forget their fights and anger in the jolly environment of the festival. Every generation, children, adults as well as old people enjoy Holi and spend a day without any care or stress doing fun activities during the festival like dancing and singing loudly with color-filled clothes on the streets.

Festivals have traditional values, and they are also crucial for the well-being of the society. Because of Holi, people take a break from their busy schedules and enjoy the day with their close and loved ones without any responsibility and anxiety. It also gives a reason for people to come from distant places and meet their relatives and share love and compassion. But some people get too much drunk and misbehave with others while some people take advantage of the situation and harass women who should not be done. People should celebrate this festival in a decent way, only then everyone can enjoy it.


Paragraph on My First Day at School

I was around five years old when I first joined the school. Although it has been a very long time now, I still remember my first day at school. I was very excited to go to a new place. My father got me ready for the school, and my mother packed my lunch box. My father dropped me at the school and left me with the teachers. The teachers then took me to the classroom where other children my age were already there.

I started weeping silently as I was feeling alone there and thought that my father wouldn’t come back to take me to the home. My teacher made me sit on a bench. After some time, I started crying loudly, and a teacher came to me to make me feel comfortable in the classroom. But I was very afraid to be left alone and cried the whole day. Later when my father came to take me back after the school hours, I felt relaxed and happy. Overall, my first day at the school was not as good as I was a child who was afraid to get lost. My teachers told everything to my father whatever happened in the school. When I reached home, my parents consoled me and told me not to worry. They explained the reason for leaving me there and then from the next day, everything became normal, and later I started enjoying in the school and studied in the same school for the next twelve years and made many good friends.