Short Essay on Charity

Charities have helped people around the world for years. They work to help people who are less fortunate than others and provide a way for the needy to ask for help. These organizations provide ways to raise money, help people who have been in natural disasters, and give help to starving children all over the world. There are even charities that help for incurable diseases, such as AIDS or cancer.

The history of charity started in 2500 BCE when the ancient Hebrews used a mandatory tax or tithe to benefit the poor. Since then there have been many different causes created to help people in their greatest time of need. Countries around the world have been inspired to have charities ever since the very first charitable cause by the Hebrews. With the passing years, charities have grown to have a different meaning for different people. The need of people around the world is a real fight, but unfortunately only some take it serious. There are people who are truly wanting to end problems like world hunger, poverty, and disease, but the greed of few people will not let it happen.

For many countries, people will never know what it is like to not have to worry about being hungry or sick. However, this is why it is important to have charities and to give help to those who need it the most. Even if there are those charities that want nothing more than to help exploit and embarrass the needy, it is still important to give to the less fortunate. The world without charities would be even more unbearable, than what it already is. Crime would be even higher and lives all over the world would be even more affected. There may be a need for those less fortunate, but without charities, many people would lose faith in living.

By Leatra


Importance of Physical Exercise – Essay

Physical exercise refers to the performance of any form of workout with the aim of developing or maintaining physical fitness and general health. Regular and frequent physical exercise goes a long way in preventing certain illnesses. Physical activity has both short-term and long-term health benefits.

Additionally, it can enhance your quality of life. It doesn’t have to include several hours of exercising; about 30 minutes of physical activity per day can help you realize impressive health benefits.

Exercises are categorized into three types depending on the effect they have on your body. Flexibility exercises like stretching boost muscle and joints range while aerobics like running and taking a walk to increase your cardiovascular endurance. Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, which include weight lifting, sprinting and functional training, improve short-term muscle strength. Regardless of the type, physical activity maintains physical fitness.

Importance of physical exercise

  • Physical activity prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Physical exercise provides the best way to cut weight. It enables your body to convert excess calories into useful energy necessary to carry out different cellular activities.
  • Exercise strengthens muscles and bones. As you age, you start losing bone density and muscle mass. Exercise can reverse these processes.
  • It delivers nutrients and oxygen to your body tissues helping your organs work optimally. When your lung health improves you get more energy to handle your daily tasks
  • Physical activity reduces stress, which tends to adversely affect several physiological functions and quality of sleep at night.
  • Working out increase the production of a hormone called endorphin. This hormone produces positive feelings making you happier.
  • Physical exercise helps lifts your mood.
  • It improves skin health. Moderate physical exercise promotes the release of natural antioxidants which protect skin cells.
  • Working out boosts digestion by modifying your gut micro-flora. Consequently, your bowel movements improve leading to better overall health.
  • Physical exercise influence brain function and memory. Studies have shown that aerobic exercises avert the age-related loss of brain tissue.


Physical exercise provides a wide range of benefits that improves virtually all aspects of your health. It boosts the production hormones feel-good hormones, improves skin health and lowers the risks of developing various diseases. Additionally, as you age your body starts losing bone density and muscle mass. Exercising can help you maintain your energy levels even as you age. So, if you are not taking part in any physical activity you should start immediately. Luckily, there are various workout programs to suit your specific needs.

By: Joni Kim

Short Paragraph on Tourism in India

India is known for its colourful and diverse culture, rich history, beautiful landscapes and breath-taking architecture. India’s growing tourism sector plays a significant role in the nation’s economy, supporting millions of jobs.

  • India is surrounded by the Himalayas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Sea.
  • These diverse geographical locations of India offer adventures and unique experience for travellers.
  • Places like Ayodhya, Varanasi, Madurai, etc. offer a very spiritual experience for the travellers as India has been the birthplace of many religions.
  • Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are a delight for the tourists with their magnificent ancient architectures.
  • Due to the diverse culture, India also provides a perfect gastronomical journey with unique recipes and cooking styles of every state.
  • The government of India has created suitable tour packages for travellers. These packages have been made in a way that it includes all the destinations one would want to see when traveling to India.
  • In recent years the number of foreign tourists coming to India has increased a lot.

More steps should be taken to propagate the Indian tourism industry as India is blessed with diverse culture, attractive heritage, and incredible natural beauty.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Truth

Truth usually means being in accordance with fact or reality. It is typically held opposite to false or falsehood. The definition of truth is disputed on as some consider it to be absolute while others believe it to be relative to a current situation.

  • Truth is the backbone of any civilization and society. It creates the base for a healthy future for its people.
  • Truth is vital in any relationship. Speaking truth leads to the formation of trust between two people, which in itself is a necessity for any relationship.
  • Truth can be used as a weapon to demolish the negativity and falsehood that is spread by the evils of the society.
  • At times Speaking truth can be a hard thing to do as people fear how others would react to it.
  • Overcoming this fear makes a person healthy and also wins him the respect of others as not everyone has the courage to speak the truth.
  • All the famous personalities philosophers have mentioned in their speeches and writings about the importance of honesty.

In life, the truth is the only thing that stays with us no matter where and in which situation we are

By Saket

We must value paper – Short Paragraph

From newspapers to wrapping papers, the paper is everywhere, and most of the papers are ending up in our landfills creating a staggering amount of paper waste. There was a time when paper used to be a rare and valued commodity. Now it fills our planet. It was initially created as a tool for communication, but today, the paper is used more for packaging than reading.

  • Trees are cut down to make paper. That has led to a rapid rate of deforestation has disturbed the delicate ecological balance of our planet.
  • Production of paper consumes more than double of what is required for producing plastic bags.
  • Recycling of paper not only reduces waste materials but Recycling. It also saves around oil, liters of water and trees involved in the production and transport of a new paper.
  • A tree is cut down for a few boxes of paper while that same tree could have produced enough oxygen for at least three human beings.
  • Chlorine-based chemicals are used during production of paper which results in toxic materials being released into our water, air, and soil.

In this digital age, when every communication is being done through electronic devices, the paper waste is still increasing leading to chaotic climate changes.

By Saket

Visit a Hill Station – Short Paragraph

During the last summer break, my whole family planned a trip to a nearby hill station. It was mid of the summer, so the climate was sweltering that’s why we were all overjoyed with the idea of going to a hill station.

  • We left our home in the car. The drive towards the hill station was fascinating.
  • While climbing over the hill, the road became circular around the mountain. As we drove up, the air kept getting cooler.
  • As we reached the hill station, we first put our bags in the lodge and then started out for sight-seeing.
  • We visited a stunning lake located near the edge of the mountain. We boarded a paddle-boat in the lake and did boating for a while.
  • After this, we went to a very dense forest nearby. There were many different types of birds in this forest. After some time the whole atmosphere was filled with the chirping of a wide variety of birds.
  • In the evening we went to a spot on the top of the mountain for viewing the sunset.
  • After sunset, we sat in the garden around a bonfire and sang songs and played games.

Life on a hill station is very calm and relaxing as compared to city life. We all enjoyed this trip a lot.

By Saket

Uses of forests – Short Paragraph

One-third of all the land on earth is covered by forests, which provides vital organic habitat for a vast range of animals and birds. Apart from providing habitat for so many species, forests have other necessary benefits and use too which makes it crucial to stop deforestation.

Uses of Forests

  • Forests convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which we all breathe.
  • Forests absorb the maximum amount of greenhouse gases which helps in keeping the temperature balance of our ecosystem.
  • Vast forests have a significant influence on the regional weather pattern. Areas with dense forests receive more rainfall.
  • The fallen leaves in woods slowly decompose inside the soil and act as a natural fertilizer to increase soil fertility.
  • Dense forests break the flow of water thus preventing floods. The roots of the trees hold the top layer of soil firmly which prevents soil erosion.
  • Fores provide livelihood to people. Forest resources are used for the production of many things like paper, sap, oils, etc.

Forests are essential for maintaining life form on earth. We continue to depend on it for most of our resources.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Tiger

Tiger is a wild animal. Its scientific name is panther Tigris and is classified in the genus Panthera.

  • Tigers are mostly found in the continent of Asia.
  • They are further divided into many sub-species. The Bengal tiger which is a subspecies is the national animal of India.
  • Tigers usually have bright golden or yellow skin color with black stripes on their back.
  • A mature male tiger can weigh around 230 kgs and have a nose to tail length of 300 cms. The females are comparatively smaller in size and weight around 145 kgs and length of 250 cms.
  • A tiger is a very agile animal and can run at a speed of around 83 km/hr and jump to almost seven ft.
  • Tigers have softer paws compared to lions helps them in walking silently but painful to walk on sharp rocks, pebbles, etc.
  • The population of tigers in the world reduced significantly in the modern times due to deforestation and illegal hunting.

Tiger is a ferocious but beautiful animal which plays a vital role in balancing the ecosystem of a jungle.

By Saket

My Family – Short Paragraph

I live in a joint family which includes my grandfather, grandmother, parents, brother and elder uncle & aunt and their two children. Its big family but we are all very close to each other. I am the youngest of all the children, so I get everyone’s affection and care.

  • My father and my uncle run a medical shop together. It is located near our house.
  • My mother and my aunt are both homemakers, and they take care of everything in the house.
  • My brother and the two cousin brothers are all of the same age and are elder to me. They study in the same school as me.
  • My grandparents is very old but lives a very active life. They help me in my studies also.
  • We eat dinner together at our house. My mother and aunt cook the food while we children also help them in setting up the table.
  • In our family, we share everything between us. We stand strong together during hard times.

The family is of the utmost importance in life, and I am lucky to have a caring and understanding family.

By Saket

Short Paragraph on Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and Indian cricket team captain. He is regarded as ‘the Greatest batsman of all times’ and holds the record being the highest run scorer of all times in International cricket.

  • He was born on 24th April 1973 in a humble family. His father was a poet and professor of Marathi literature.
  • Sachin took up cricket at the age of 11.
  • He made his international cricket debut on 15th November 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi.
  • He went on to represent India in cricket for 24 years, during which he became the first person in history to score one hundred centuries in international cricket.
  • He was nicknamed as ’Master Blaster’ for his playing style.
  • Tendulkar retired from all forms of cricket in October 2013.
  • He has many awards during his illustrious career including the Arjuna and Padma Vibhushana award.

A lot of enthusiasm in cricket is because of Sachin Tendulkar. He made cricket a religion in India and is known as the god of cricket.

By Saket